Is it expensive to sell your house yourself? We can tell you for sure that it’s absolutely not! It's simple and for those who are tight on cash, you may consider a DIY solution. Here’s our step-by-...

Is it expensive to sell your house yourself? We can tell you for sure that it’s absolutely not! It's simple and for those who are tight on cash, you may consider a DIY solution. Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you get started:STEP 1: RESEARCHYou need know the market value of your house. You can do that by checking house prices in your neighbourhood from the Internet, or simply check on by selecting SOLD when you search. The transacted prices of surrounding houses will give you a good idea of how to price your house.How to boost the appeal of your house to buyers so you can negotiate for better price?1) A renovated & extended house (for landed property only)2) Selling together with built-in cabinets, wardrobes, air-conditioners, etc. 3) Good condition: No leakages, good wiring work done, well kept facilities, good management, etc.4) A fresh coat of paint works wonders!You may be compelled to price the house higher as you may have lived in the house for a long time and feel attached to it. However do be REALISTIC! Make sure you do proper research before naming your price. After all, your goal is to sell your house right?STEP 2: MARKET YOUR PROPERTYIn Malaysia, there are many property listing platforms you can choose to use. Some sites may offer free or charge a minimal fee for listing your house on the sites. These sites will allow you to post images to promote your house. However, there is a limit on the number of images you can post depending on the terms and conditions of the package subscribed. Check out portals like,, and to list your house!STEP 3: KNOW THE KEY SELLING POINTS OF YOUR HOUSEYou should provide as much details as possible when describing your house. Include information like the land area, built-up size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, any renovation done, any fittings included, which direction is it facing, land title, special features, etc.. The more details you provide, the easier it will be for potential buyers to decide if it’s worth viewing. Most importantly, show your house with clear images. Potential buyer would want to see the interior of the house before proceeding with viewing.Alternatively, you can consider getting a Virtual Tour of your house filmed for just RM248. This is convenient for buyers as they can simply view your house online and only make an appointment to view in person if they are really keen. This way you can save so much time and not worry about your safety during the viewing! Check out our virtual tours here.STEP 4: SHOW YOUR HOUSEDo a thorough house cleaning before showing your house to potential buyers. You should leave them a good first impression to consider. If you’re selling the house bare, make sure you have removed all the furnitures. If you’re selling your house with the furnitures then do make sure the furnitures are in good, and appealing condition. Your junk may not be someone else’s treasure. We do advise that you should have another friend or relative with you during the house-viewing as an additional safety measure. STEP 5: NEGOTIATEIt is always good to have a bottom line price before you start the negotiation process. Check the market value of surrounding houses as well to ensure that your property is priced fairly. Did you know that you can check the transacted prices of properties for free? Simple click on SOLD when you start your search here.Make sure you factor in the Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) that you will have to pay so you don’t make a loss! To learn how you will be taxed, read this article. Once you have reached an agreement on the price with the buyer, you can engage a lawyer with experience in handling real estate cases to execute the legal documents for you.STEP 6: CLOSE THE DEALWhat comes next after haggling? For a peace of mind, the buyer can place his/her security deposit in the safe-keeping of the lawyer until the bank loan is approved. Do you know you can save up to 3% commission upon transaction? If your property is valued at RM700,000 -- that’ll be RM22,260 (GST included) you have to fork out just to sell your house! Regardless, the procedure of selling your own house may not be for everyone. It requires time and patience, a lot of phone calls and legwork -- but consider the amount you of money you could enjoy from selling your house yourself! If you really don't want to go through that experience, you can always call up your trusted real estate agent to help with the sale. However, if you're up for it to save some cash, give it a try. It's FREE!How to upload a free listing on can sell your house on Here’s how to use our free listing site.1. Sign up for an account here!2. Navigate to listings from the top right button3. Click Add New Listing.4. Key-in your condo or area name and select a suggestion from the drop menu. If your area is not available, simply hit Enter and you may use the map feature to plot your property’s location.5. Fill in the necessary details like area, price, tenure, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms.6. Describe your house with as much details as possible. For example, “New corner unit with automatic gates. Guarded community, main door facing South. With swimming pool. Owner occupied.”7. Upload 5-6 images that feature your house the most.8. And hit ‘SUBMIT’.What to expect after this?Your property will be listed on A buyer may look for your property using the search bar on the homepage by the area or building name. Once your property is selected, the buyer may contact you directly for viewing or negotiation. Congratulations, you’re on your way to selling your property!SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices in these neighbourhoods. List your property for FREE or check out our many cool 360 videos. Follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia. 



Integrated developments — a mixed offering of offices, residential and retail — seem to be the new norm in Greater KL’s property market.The concept of live, work and play in the same location is ap...

Integrated developments — a mixed offering of offices, residential and retail — seem to be the new norm in Greater KL’s property market.The concept of live, work and play in the same location is appealing, especially in a city with menacing travel times. But not all “cities within cities” are successful. Some integrated developments appear to be shining stars, while others just can’t seem to find the spark.So what do these “star developments” have that the laggards do not?We are no astronomers, but we looked into our telescopes and came up with a few possible insights into what makes star developments shine. #1 Distance from another “Star”We plotted the locations of Klang Valley’s integrated developments on a map. Upon closer examination, we noticed that supergiant stars — highly successful integrated developments — are located quite far from each other. Case in point: One Utama Enclave (comprising the interlinked 1 Utama shopping mall, office and hotel), Sunway Resort City and Mid Valley City — arguably three of the most popular retail and office integrated developments in the Klang Valley — sit at comfortable distances of more than 5 km from each other. Why? Our theory is that the distance allows them sufficient INDEPENDENT (non-overlapping) human catchment, so they are not affected or competing with the gravity of another supergiant star.In the diagram above, we can see the three undeniable star integrated developments create a triangle. We have named this the “Star Triangle”. Anything in the triangle, or within 5 km in diameter of these major integrated developments might have a hard time competing with the giants.In the red circle, which is the galaxy of 1 Utama, nearby integrated developments include Glomac Damansara, Uptown Damansara, Tropicana City and Atria. The blue circle, the Sunway Resort City constellation, includes Empire Subang, Summit City and Main Place. Finally, the green orbit, namely Mid Valley City, has Nu Sentral and upcoming developments, such as KL Gateway, KL Eco City and Pavilion Damansara. The conclusion? We advise one not to get too close to supergiant star developments or risk getting burnt!#2 Size and Variety MatterImage Source: Scified.comAre you an asteroid or a star? Here’s our theory for integrated developments. In space, objects with smaller mass are victims to the gravitational forces of bigger masses. Similarly, asteroid integrated developments tend to be crushed by the forces of the supergiant star integrated developments.Basically, the bigger and more varied the development, the more popular it is. From our research, we’ve noticed that highly successful integrated developments are built on more than 40 acres of land, have 5 or more blocks of offices and residential towers, and more than 1.5 million net lettable area (NLA) of retail space.Variety of choice seems to be a major part of the gravitational force for star integrated developments. People prefer not to travel around, and they will pick the most convenient destination that provides the most shopping, dining and entertainment options.Variety of space use, such as offices and residential towers, is also symbiotic, as it provides round-the-clock traffic for retailers and door-step conveniences for office workers and residents. The multiplier effect of the combination of spaces is important to sustain the energy of the integrated developments. Some star integrated developments even draw regional traffic by providing space for a transportation hub. For example, Sunway Resort City and the Bandar Utama development are destination points for express coach operators, who bring travellers to and fro Singapore, with their international and regional spending dollars.So the secret with integrated development seems to be go big … or get smashed into smithereens. #3 An Income EquationImage source: determining factor in the success or failure of any integrated development is the social status of its neighborhood. For example, there is no point building a large integrated city, at a sufficient distance from competitors, but in a neighborhood with no financial clout to afford the live, work and play lifestyle.We’ve noticed that star integrated developments are located in neighborhoods with recorded home prices of approximately RM600 psf and above. Assuming that home prices are a somewhat reliable gauge for disposable income, these neighborhoods supply the integrated development malls with a steady stream of business owners, shoppers and residents with higher-than-average incomes.#4 A SPACE TO CONVENESupergiant star developments have to have a place to house all that people it draws, allowing them to convene and trade in an efficient manner. We noticed that all three supergiant star developments have a sizable convention or exhibition hall within the integrated development for fairs, exhibitions and such. Mid Valley City has a 6,000 sq m exhibition hall that is the main cause of all that jam on Federal Highway (think Midvalley Baby Fair!!), Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre has a 5,600 sq m space and even One Utama has 3,100 sqm nested in its One World Hotel. The exhibitions and the various other events to draw interests year round.POSSIBLE STARS IN OUR FUTURESo with the three observations above, we tried to map out possible candidates that seem to align with the stars. We found the following developments rather interesting:POSSIBILITY 1: KL METROPOLISThe future neighbour of Hartamas Heights, Bukit Tunku and Solaris Mont’ Kiara, KL Metropolis is being developed on 75.5 acres land flanked by the DUKE Highway, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim (or Jalan Duta) and Jalan Kuching by master developer Naza TTDI. KL Metropolis is set to be KL’s International Trade and Exhibition District. The site hosts the MITEC, which is Malaysia’s largest exhibition centre with 11 exhibition halls that has a gross floor area of 1 million sqf and 22 blocks of offices, residential units and hotels in an integrated development. Closeby, there is Mont’ Kiara, where homes were transacted at RM 706 psf in 2015. This popular residential location is favoured by the young and hip, who boast ample disposable income. POSSIBILITY 2: PAVILION 2 BUKIT JALIL CITY OR PARADIGM GARDEN CITYPavilion 2 Bukit Jalil is currently taking form on 58.8 acres of prime freehold land in Bukit Jalil. The 1.8 million sq ft mall is part of an integrated development partnership between Tan Sri Desmond Lim’s Malton Bhd and Kuala Lumpur Pavilion Sdn Bhd. Besides the retail mall, there will be six blocks of serviced apartments and more than 400 units of shoplots and retails offices. Bukit Jalil City is expected to be completed in 2019. Interestingly, there is another possible supergiant development star less than 2 km away, namely Paradigm Garden City, which will also be part of Lim’s empire. Paradigm Garden City will feature an additional 2 million sq ft in retail space, 5 residential blocks, hotels and 2 corporate office towers on its 63-acre lot.So which star will emerge brighter? Pavilion 2 Bukit Jalil? Paradigm Garden City? Or both?With the average transacted price of of Bukit Jalil homes at RM501 psf, we feel it is unlikely that the neighborhood can afford TWO supergiant star developments at the same time. Nevertheless, the density of the area has increased many folds in the past five years, and Tan Sri could be smart enough to time the launch of the developments wisely.POSSIBILITY 3: OASIS IN ARA DAMANSARAAra Damansara, with an average home price of above RM 560 psf, could possibly hold another star, if the developers play their cards right. While there are no major upcoming retail space (phew!) but Sime Darby’s Oasis Ara Damansara development features 8 and 2 blocks of offices and residential on the 62 acres land.Developers could be rightly holding back any major retail development in the area as a large portion of the neighborhood still hosts the Subang Airport, and the steep terrain north of the airport doesn’t allow for much residential development yet. Human catchment is key in becoming a star and it may be awhile before the Ara Damansara neighborhood gathers more big spenders to justify growth. Nonetheless, if they time it right, this place has the geographic location and population foundations to work. So did we discover the new laws to an integrated development? Not really. These are merely some observations we made while researching on this new trend of “cities within cities”. It was a fun exercise, but don’t be too star struck lah. We advise all property enthusiasts to perform their own research before subscribing to any astronomical theories and to proceed with caution.May there be no fault in your stars!SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia. 



“I can’t have a dog — I live in an apartment.”This is a common myth amongst Malaysian home owners. However, it may not be entirely accurate. It is --as it turns out-- possible to live happily ever ...

“I can’t have a dog — I live in an apartment.”This is a common myth amongst Malaysian home owners. However, it may not be entirely accurate. It is --as it turns out-- possible to live happily ever after with your pet dog in certain high-rise residences. Property Pricetag breaks it down for all the dog lovers out there.STEP 1: Move to KLIf you are living in Selangor, tough luck. None of the municipal councils in Selangor allow pet dogs in high-rise residences — whether apartments, flats or condominiums.Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) guidelines, for example, state that “No licence issued for dogs kept higher than ground level at any buildings.”Terms and conditions from the Klang Municipal Council (MPK). It translates to "Dogs are prohibited to be kept in flats and apartments or higher than ground level of any buildings". STEP 2: Keep it SmallThe Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) is the only Klang Valley local authority that permits dogs in high-rise residences. However, the dog has to be a small breed, weighing less than 7 kg. Sorry Great Dane … Small breed dogs that are allowed in high-rise apartments include the Miniature Pinscher, Bichon Frise, Pekingese, Papillon, Toy Poodle, Japanese Chin, Maltese, Pomeranian and Chihuahua.STEP 3: OBTAIN WRITTEN PERMISSIONS & LICENSESImage source: smalldogplace.comDog owners are also supposed to submit a letter of permission from their condo’s management — Joint Management Body (JMB) or Management Corporation (MC) — while applying for a dog license from DBKL.However, there may not still be the case. Recent amendments to the Strata Management Act states that pets are legally allowed in high rises. The management bodies can only regulate but not prohibit the keeping of pets in stratified parcels. So as long as your local council says yes, you do not need additional consent, provided your dogs are not causing annoyance or a nuisance and posing health risks to other residents.Of course, some condos are more welcoming to furry friends than others. Here are a few pet-friendly condominiums in Kuala Lumpur:Mont’ KiaraKiara 9Kiara VilleKiara 188828 Mont’ KiaraBangsarBangsar PeakKEN BangsarSri WangsariaPark ResidenceDamansaraTwins DamansaraSunway PalazzioAzelia ResidenceDamansara City ResidencyDesa ParkCityThe BreezewayOne Central ParkNadiaBe a Responsible Pet OwnerImage source: Odditymall.comWherever you stay, if you have a pet dog, you are responsible for your dogs’ behaviour.Exercise neighbourliness by ensuring your dog does not damage public property or cause injury or harm to others, bark day and night, roam unsupervised or behave aggressively. And probably most importantly, clean up after your pets — nobody wants to live with urine-stained or landmine-spotted corridors.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia. 


Zodiac part 2

Malaysians are a superstitious bunch, aren’t we? Growing up, we’ve heard our parents lament their bad luck caused by the unlucky number 4, cemetery taboos, stories of forest spirits, warnings not...

Malaysians are a superstitious bunch, aren’t we? Growing up, we’ve heard our parents lament their bad luck caused by the unlucky number 4, cemetery taboos, stories of forest spirits, warnings not to open umbrellas in the house, etc. Some of these beliefs have been firmly ingrained in us since young, so for those who trust the stars (or are just teeny bit curious), we present Zodiac, Property and You (Part 2), where Property Pricetag explores the connection between metaphysics and property.Featuring the zodiac signs of the Goat, Monkey, Ox, Rabbit, Snake and Dog and our recommended property investment strategies for 2017. How do we interpret your zodiac readings to suggest the best property investment for you? Learn more below!#6 Goat(1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015)Relationship ★★Career ★★★★★Health ★Money ★★★★The stars for career and money are optimistic for the Goat this 2017. The Goat can look forward to a promotion or new position in their career, which will improve the Goat’s income this year. However, the relationship stars for the Goat indicates that it is possible to offend someone, so be mindful of your communication with others. The Goat might be susceptible to sicknesses this year caused by unhealthy air, and can make plans to visit destinations with natural retreats. What we recommend for the Goat?Reward yourself with a nature getawayWith career and money in tow, the Goat can consider investing in a holiday home. A sanctuary for relaxing close to nature would be a perfect long-term investment – check out this seaside property, beach destination, idyllic residence near a forest or even this picturesque hillside home. Natural destinations will soothe your mind and boost relaxation for the high-flying Goat. If your property investment plans fail to bear fruit this year, get out of town to restrategize!#5 Ox(1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009)Relationship ★★★★★Career ★★Health ★★★★Money ★★★The Ox’s relationship stars shine brightly this year, and single Oxen will find love whilst those in love will form stronger bonds together. As the Ox enjoys their blossoming relationship too much, they might not be spending sufficient time building their career and wealth. Fear not! If you work diligently, you will bear fruit in both areas. This year is overall a positive year for the Ox, so how should the Ox pursue their property strategy?A place where work and living come togetherThe Ox should look at mixed developments with a combination of commercial and residential elements. The residential aspect will bloom the flower of the Ox’s love whilst the commercial side can help the Ox to stay grounded and focus on work when needed. Where are the established hotspots that will appeal to the social-loving Ox? Check out the myriad of offerings at Mid Valley City, Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Utama, KLCC, Tropicana City and Mont Kiara!#4 Rabbit(1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)Relationship ★Career ★★Health ★★Money ★★★★Decisions, decisions, decisions! The Rabbit has many of them to make this year. An opportunity for promotion or a new role will be offered to the Rabbit – however the Rabbit should consider if they can manage the challenges that come together, otherwise it will stress the Rabbit’s health. On the other hand, the Rabbit faces challenging relationships this year, and should avoid conflicts as they will not go down well. There’s a bright side for the Rabbit as your investments will pay off, so what should you do?Enter when the market is softThe property market is expected to pick up momentum in the second half of 2017, which means that now is a good time to leverage on the buyers’ market! The decision-riddled Rabbit must decide for themselves which type of property they want to invest in. Diversification is recommended for the Rabbit, so if you already own a residential property, you might want to consider a SOHO or SOFO instead for example. For more ideas, check out our Virtual Tours to get an idea of the type of property that might suit you!#3 Snake(1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)Relationship ★★★Career ★★★★Health ★Money ★★★Single Snakes, rejoice! This year you will have increased luck at finding a life partner, so what are you waiting for? Positive career stars are on your side, which translates into wealth for the Snake. Amassing wealth will be very challenging for the Snake this year, and you should be mindful not to spend money on unnecessary items. The Snake might encounter illnesses and injury – you should cut down on extreme sports and intense physical activities. However, exercise is still important and should be a priority for the Snake during this year of poor health.Condo equipped with lifestyle facilities The Snake should focus on their health this year – keeping fit is sure to ward off illnesses! In your search, be sure to allocate a budget for lifestyle facilities. Find a condo with good lifestyle facilities such as a pool, gym and jogging track. Well maintained facilities will also help the condo’s value appreciate in the long term, so this will be a sound investment for you. Here are some suggestions to get you started: Le Yuan Residence, The Wharf, Green Terrain Prima Villa, The Zest, and more here.#2 Monkey(1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004)Relationship ★★Career ★★★★★Health ★★★Money ★★★★After a challenging year, the Monkey’s luck takes a turn for the positive. Like the Goat, the Monkey’s career outlook soars high with a more challenging role. But, relationships may falter – the Monkey straightforward nature might be misinterpreted as aggression; and Monkeys experiencing a change of environment may not blend in well. The Monkey should seek self-improvement this year and focus on building social relations which can propel their wealth further. Buy, hold, sell? Here’s our take:Conserve wealth for the right opportunityThis year, the Monkey should focus on building their relations and network to ward off the bad luck from the previous year. Whilst property is always our top pick for investment choice, the Monkey should wait for the right opportunity in 2017 – with the new PR1MA homes income eligibility increased to RM15,000 (monthly household income), the Monkey should definitely try their luck! Other affordable housing schemes that may appeal to the Monkey are Rumah Selangorku and RUMAWIP. To learn if you are eligible to purchase these affordable homes priced under RM400,000, read this article.#1 Dog(1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006)Relationship ★★★Career ★★Health ★★Money ★★★★The Dog has good relationships this year, so if you maximize your social network it can open doors to wealth for you. However, steer clear from risky ventures as this is where your luck runs thin. Stable form of investments will work in the favour of the Dog. Married Dogs have a stable relationship so you can work on improving other aspects of your life like career and wealth. In the Dog’s career, this year is not the best time for moving to a new role where your skills may not suffice to meet the job demands. Be patient and keep doing what you have been doing, and the time for career advancement will come. The Dog’s health falters with the crow of the Rooster, so take your supplements and maintain a healthy lifestyle this year. Learn about your property investment strategy below!Upgrade and add value to your home Fancy an upgrade? You have the money stars on your side this year! The Dog can look for a property better suited for your family’s future needs – perhaps a landed property to accommodate your growing family, or selling off your studio for a 3-bedroom unit? If you’re comfortable with your current abode, you can plan a renovation to improve the value of your property and make it your dream home. Gone are the days of small cramped quarters, today open living concept is the way forward – creating more moments for family bonding and enhanced fire safety. With house fires on the rise, better safe than sorry!Can’t find your zodiac sign? Read Part 1 of this article here. Whilst Property Pricetag has conducted a thorough research in metaphysics for this article, we bear no responsibility for any property investment mishaps you might encounter. Property investment requires diligent research and is very individual based on your personal and lifestyle preferences. You can check the transacted prices of properties on for free! Click SOLD when you start your search.



The stars have spoken! What to do when your zodiac sign meets property?2017 is the year we welcome the Red Fire Rooster. We’ve heard so many things about the property market this year – such as l...

The stars have spoken! What to do when your zodiac sign meets property?2017 is the year we welcome the Red Fire Rooster. We’ve heard so many things about the property market this year – such as low market sentiment, more affordable properties being launched, increase in loan rejections, and so on. In times of economic slowdown, many people say that now’s the best time to snag good property buys. But are the Feng Shui gurus’ advise in tandem with your zodiac outlook for 2017?Property Pricetag has studied the zodiac readings for this year and compiled a list of property investment suggestions based on the zodiac signs of the Pig, Rat, Tiger, Horse, Rooster and Dragon. Which property investment calls should you make this year based on your zodiac sign? Read on to find out!#6 Pig (1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007)Relationship ★Career ★★★★★Health ★Money ★★★★★The Pig is in for a lonely year, however the stars for career and money shine brightly. Pigs who invest in property this year can expect positive returns on their investment. There is a high possibility of travelling overseas for work, hence the good money stars are on the Pig’s side. The Pig may experience homesickness when abroad, hence Pigs need to work on nurturing their relationships this year. The weak health star indicates general health issues or recurring sickness, and Pigs should look at revamping their lifestyle like diet and fitness to counter the readings. What should the pig invest in this year?Luxurious home close to Mother Nature The Pig should consider investing in an expensive home for their family with multi-generational living in mind. Your home will also serve as a place of gathering for friends and relatives to nurture your relationship stars. Ideally the property should be situated within a good environment with forest reserve and parks for family bonding, fresh air and exercise. The Pig should check out established neighbourhoods like Bangsar South, Desa Parkcity, Bukit Jalil and Mont Kiara.#5 Rat (1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)Relationship ★★★★Career ★★★★★Money ★The Rat has good relationship with others this year and can count on their relationship star for their business to flourish. However, the money star for the Rat is weak, and volatile investments are not recommended this year. The Rat should look at real estate investments as it is a safer form of investment. What are the investment options the rat can consider?Commercial Shop Lot/ Snazzy OfficeSince your business endeavours are poised to flourish, the Rat can invest in a commercial shop lot to conduct your business dealings. Not a businessman? Fear not! You can still buy a shop lot to rent out for side income. Our top recommendations are Sunway Damansara, Bandar Puchong Jaya, SS2, and Taman OUG.With the relationship stars on your side, the Rat can consider moving their office to a better location for the convenience of your clients. This move can bring you more business and speed up expansion plans! If money is an issue, the Rat can opt to rent first before buying the property such as this Kota Damansara shop lot.#4 Tiger (1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)Relationship ★★★Career ★★★★★Health ★Money ★★★Roar! The Tiger is in for a good year in career and business. Tigers beware, whilst your career luck is good, you should pay attention to your health and take care not to overwork and exert yourself. The money stars for the Tiger are generally favourable as it has possible increase in income, however points are deducted as the Tiger might be spending unnecessary money because of the consumer stars. Tigers should aim to invest in asset or business expansion instead of purchasing unnecessary items this year. Let’s get down to the property recommendations for the Tiger!New offices away from shopping mallsThe Tiger should consider expanding their office to new locations this year to harness the luck from their career stars. It’s a good idea to find a location such as an office tower or office lots such as Salak South, Shah Alam, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya and Putrajaya. Steer clear from locations within close proximity to shopping malls or retail zones or you might just get carried away spending money!#3 Horse (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)Relationship ★★★★Money ★★★★The Horse is blessed with good relationship stars this year, which will help your relationships and boost your likeability. A celebration is lined up for this year, so this could be the start of a relationship, a family, or a joyous occasion for you! However, the Horse should take note that arguments and conflicts may occur, and there is a chance in attracting unwanted relationships. In terms of financial luck, it is a good time to seek advice for investment as the money stars promise good investment returns.A private sanctuary for those close to heartMarried Horses can look for a landed property to settle down. A comfortable family home will bring in more occasions for celebrations and enjoyment. Starting a family? Married Horses can consider moving to concept townships such as Semenyih or Rawang for the best family lifestyle.Single Horses that have yet to dive into property investment should start checking out studio apartments or SOHO units to invest in. This property could be the perfect place to start your future family! Studio Apartments and SOHO units are generally quite affordable (under RM400,000) so you can consider applying for a mortgage without a joint name. We have shortlisted some areas for your consideration: Shah Alam, Kelana Jaya, Subang Jaya, Mont Kiara, Bangsar South, etc.#2 Rooster (1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017)Relationship ★★★★★Career ★★★★Intelligence ★★★★Money ★★★★★Well, aren’t the stars befitting of the Fire Rooster year? Roosters are in for an outstanding year! Roosters will meet helpful people and get attention of people this year. This will boost the Rooster’s chance of getting a promotion at work. The intelligence star will help the Rooster pick up a new skill to master this year. Want to dip your toes into property investment? There’s no better time than now! Investment returns and asset accumulation will be in your favour this 2017. What are you waiting for, Roosters?City living is the way to go Roosters should consider buying a Condo / Service Apartment / SOHO near to their place of work or within a central location. Locations like KLCC, Bukit Damansara and Tropicana have good accessibility, which can help you to harness the stars blessing your social network and connections this year. Mixed developments like Pan’gaea and Setiawalk that have commercial and residential elements are also good options to invest in for the Rooster.Why just limit yourself to new properties? The sub sale market is ripe for picking, and with the Rooster’s ‘ong’ money luck, you might just discover a below market deal at a great location! Check out areas with good connectivity and access like USJ, SS15 and Setia Alam – these are essential to scoring a good buy.#1 Dragon(1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)Relationship ★★★★★Career ★★★★★Money ★★★★★The Dragon and the Rooster are good friends this year. The Dragon has the greatest combination of stars this year. Even if one has the strangest idea, everything will be possible. It would be a good year to consider starting a new business. With the relationship stars in hand, Dragons will get a boost in likeability and easily connect with people. The relationship stars will help you to forge good connections to fund your new business venture. What’s our take on the Dragon’s property strategy?F&B and hospitality businesses set to thriveIf you’re considering to start a B2C business like F&B or retail, a shop lot is the perfect option for you! However, if the Dragon intends to open a shop within a shopping mall, please ensure that the foot traffic of the mall is high and the tenant mix is good. Many malls are underperforming, so given the option of a low foot traffic mall, you might consider a commercial shop lot in a bustling area like Puchong, SS2, Sunway Damansara, OUG, etc. Whilst the stars are on your side, Dragons are urged take calculated investment strategies to maximize the potential from their lucky stars.Fancy venturing into the hospitality sector? With Airbnb’s popularity on the rise, Dragons can start a niche hotel business which could turn out to be a great investment opportunity! Container hotels, tube hotels, homestays…it’s entirely up to your imagination! Remember, even the strangest idea will thrive with the blessing of the stars for the Dragon this year.Can't find your zodiac sign? Read Part 2 of Zodiac, Property & You here.So, what’s your property investment strategy this 2017? Like we say, it’s always a good time to invest in property! Whilst we have conducted a thorough research in metaphysics for this article, Property Pricetag bears no responsibility for any property investment mishaps you might encounter. Property investment requires diligent research and is very individual based on your personal and lifestyle preferences. You can check the transacted prices of properties on for free! Click SOLD when you start your search.


Cool features

It’s always fun to let your imagination run wild sometimes. Thanks to creative filmmakers like Tim Burton (Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands) and John Favreau (Zathura, Iron Man 1 & 2), ...

It’s always fun to let your imagination run wild sometimes. Thanks to creative filmmakers like Tim Burton (Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands) and John Favreau (Zathura, Iron Man 1 & 2), we get to watch them on screen. Which invention do you think would be cool is it was real?Here’s a list of some amazing inventions Property Pricetag wish came with our houses.#5 The Great Glass Elevator from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)Charlie: 'Up and Out'? What kind of room is that?Willy Wonka: Hold on. | Image source: YouTubeRemember when Charlie was announced the winner for the competition and Willy Wonka (played by Johnny Depp) offered Charlie and his grandfather a lift home. They were transported in the ‘Great Glass Elevator’ that could travel to every room in the factory and out in all directions.#4 The Breakfast Machine from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (1985)Herman: Good morning, Speck! Hehehe, me too. Let's get some breakfast. Come on! | Images source: YouTubeThe famous Rube Goldberg’s breakfast machine was exciting to watch how one thing lead to the next. Herman had so much time to laugh and brush his teeth. Few minutes later, his ‘Big Breakfast’ is done. Pancakes, bacon and eggs. :D#3 JARVIS from Iron ManJARVIS and it's holograms communication. | Images source: YouTubeJARVIS is a very intelligent AI that Tony Stark created. He knows everything about Tony Stark. He has connection to global information networks and communicates with Tony Stark using holograms. He controls everything technology in Tony Stark’s house.J.A.R.V.I.S. is an acronym for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System. #2 Secret Door to the Batcave (1966)“Robin: To the Batpoles” | Image source: YouTubeDon’t ya wish you live in the Wayne Manor. Every time when Bruce Wayne receives a call from the Bat Phone, he and Robin will reveal a hidden access to the Bat Cave. There are two designated poles for them to slide down into the Bat Cave. On the way down, they also get their costumes change.#1 The Snoozatron from Wallace and GromitImage source: YouTubeStill not asleep by 3 AM? The Snoozatron from Wallace and Gromit should be able to tuck you into bed. Activate the snoozer and mechanical will fluff up your bed and pillow, soft music, provides a teddy and a mock sheep to help you sleep. SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia. 


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Malaysians love shopping. But even they can’t keep up with the ever increasing number of shopping malls.According to Savills Malaysia, Klang Valley will have more than 60 million sq ft of retail sp...

Malaysians love shopping. But even they can’t keep up with the ever increasing number of shopping malls.According to Savills Malaysia, Klang Valley will have more than 60 million sq ft of retail space in 2017. Average occupancy rate is expected to drop from 90% to around 85% with increasing competition, hesitant tenants and low retail sentiments.Some malls, such as SS2 Mall and Bukit Bintang Plaza, have already closed their doors pending redevelopment, while many others, such as Jaya Shopping Center, Citta Mall, The Strand, and Sunway Nexis, are struggling to fill their space. Shuttered shops are an increasingly common sight at malls such as Amcorp Mall and Quill City Mall.We went mall-hopping recently to check out the state of some Klang Valley malls.Da Men Shopping Centre in USJ opened in January 2015 and is managed by Pavilion. The main anchors are Jaya Grocer and Parkson. It has a block of service suites linked to it. On a regular weekday, we observed only a handful of customers on each floor.Da Men Shopping Centre on a regular weekday afternoon.Summit USJ had an exterior makeover, which is bright and inviting. However, the interior is in dire need of refurbishment. The main anchors are Giant supermarket and Golden Screen Cinema.Shiny new facadeInside still needs revivingWe also visited SetiaWalk Mall, Puchong. There are many food outlets along the waterfront. The main atrium of the mall houses anchor tenants, such as TGV cinema, Celebrity Fitness and a supermarket. There’s a residential block and hotel linked to the commercial area. But inside, the upper floors are still struggling to find tenants.Empty lots with wide walkwaysProperty Pricetag did an autopsy and came up with some reasons malls could be suffocating.Malls, malls everywhere ...Honestly, we have just too many malls. Let’s look at Subang Jaya area for example. There are eight shopping malls in a 5km radius — namely, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Parade Shopping Centre, Summit USJ, Da Men Mall, Sunway Pyramid, USJ19 City Mall, One City Shopping Centre and Main Place. Eight!Not just too many malls, but they all sorta have the same tenants. For example, in Kuala Lumpur city, fashion retailer H&M has outlets in Quill City Mall, Lot 10, and Avenue K, all of which are less than 5 km from each other. Similarly, Uniqlo, the Japan-originated fashion brand, has six stores within 10 km of each other in the city centre.One solution? Put a freeze on new malls! The Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) has called for a freeze on new shopping mall developments. But is that too little, too late?The Threat of Online ShoppingGlobally, shopping centres are facing a real threat from online shopping. Big department stores in the US, such as Macy’s, are closing their outlets after six straight quarters of losses due to consumers’ preferences for online shopping.The growing popularity of online shopping in Malaysia has also affected the mall shopping experience. Top online shopping websites such as Lazada, 11Street, Lelong, Zalora and GemFive received more than 24,000,000 visits in 2015.Online shopping can be more convenient and easier on the pocket — no need to pay RM5 an hour for parking. Shoppers can effortlessly compare prices with a click, and one-day shipping makes those last-minute gift searches a breeze. However (or thankfully), online retail sales only account for less than 2% of total retail sales in Malaysia, which means there is still hope for shopping malls.Too much lettable spaceRetail occupancy rate has been falling by 2-3% every year since 2014, and developers are on their way to create another 17 million sq ft of shopping space in Klang Valley alone from now until 2019.Retail tenants are the one who will either break or make a mall. Shopping malls are very competitive with their rental rates to attract retailers. And the more retailers there are, the more shoppers you get.Mall operators are advised to conduct independent and feasibility studies before opening for business. Are you sure you’re targeting the right consumer group with the tenant mix? The position of the mall plays a very important role too.Image source: CNNFor example, New South China Mall in Dongguan, China, was completed in 2005 and touted as the largest mall in the world, but it only had a 1% occupancy for its 7 million sq ft retail space. Some reasons for its death is its remote location and lack of public transport access.In 2015, the mall was refurbished and given a new lease of life under new management. The new focus was to cater to medium-income consumers, as Dongguan is mainly an industrial state.Tight WalletsWith the Goods and Services Tax, increased toll rates, weakened ringgit and general sluggish consumer sentiments, shoppers are more prone to visit malls for the free air-con rather than to spend money.Customers tend to also wait for sales periods before making their purchases. This has resulted in some retailers having almost year-round sales and promotions to grab their share of the diminishing pie.Starting 2017, shoppers would have less one mega sale a year. The ministry has announced to reduce the number of sale from five to four a year to ensure sales are conducted in a more efficient and effective manner. Retailers are not very happy with the move because it may further curb consumer spending.ConclusionLet’s look forward to 2017. May the crow of the Rooster herald a brighter year ahead. May developers and mall managements do better this year. May malls succeed in getting the right tenant mixes. May the new MRT lines and upcoming residential projects be in their favour.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia. 



Virtual reality (VR) brings the virtual and real world together by meeting real world needs with innovative digital solutions.Ever since Google started showing every lane and highway with its Googl...

Virtual reality (VR) brings the virtual and real world together by meeting real world needs with innovative digital solutions.Ever since Google started showing every lane and highway with its Google Street View, technology has improved so much in recent years that the world has become smaller and more accessible.Today, with VR Home Tours, we can view properties without needing to be physically on site. Property owners can also use VR as a tool to show and sell their shows you why VR Home Tour is the way to go for both homeowners and house buyers alike.#5 Save CostImage credit: StockUnlimitedPeople like saving time and money, and so do we. House shopping is a time-consuming affair, and going from house to house means a higher fuel tab. With VR Home Tours, you can explore properties that are far away with just a click, wherever you are, whatever time of the day.#4 Safety FirstThere are many spine-chilling reports about rapes and robberies that occur during house viewing sessions. It is important to always be alert and avoid showing or viewing a house by yourself for safetys sake. One advantage of VR house tours is that you will be able to list your property for sale without dealing with too many strangers entering your house. Similarly, buyers can also view properties in peace, knowing that the listings are verified, and not just a picture taken from the Internet.#3 Wider AudienceThere were 21 million and counting internet users in Malaysia in 2016. When you post your VR Home Listing online, you can target a national, if not international, audience. It is an easy way to mass market your home instead of waiting for someone to spot your For Sale sign on your gate.#2 Easy to UseTired of attending open house after open house? Imagine viewing 10 houses of your choice in less than hour without budging from your couch. You can actually feel as if you were inside the house when you put on the VR goggles* and move from room to room at your own pace. For sellers, its a 24-hour open house!*VR tours can be seen without goggles too.#1 Tech ReadyLeading property portals around the world are offering services to help sellers market their properties virtually. You can enlist their help to do a virtual tour of your home and market it online.Here are some websites that have done it around the world.The United Kingdom: www.zipmatch.comIndia: www.proptiger.comMalaysia: www.propertypricetag.comSIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia. 



Image source: Tun Dr Ismail aka TTDI is a well known upper middle-class residential area at the border of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Named after the second deputy Prime ...

Image source: Tun Dr Ismail aka TTDI is a well known upper middle-class residential area at the border of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Named after the second deputy Prime Minister, Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, after the township development began in 1973. Today we see many upcoming high-rise residential buildings in the area as TTDI is the most sought after residential area with the KL postcode but away from the hustle-bustle of the city centre.Property Pricetag has sorted out some landmarks that have been there or will be gone in TTDI.#5 ROADS NAMED AFTER FAMOUS PEOPLE Image credit: all the roads in TTDI are named after prominent Malaysian figures who contributed to Malaysia one way or another.Dato’ Aminuddin Baki - He was named the ‘Father of Education’ (Tokoh Pendidikan) and the former Education Director.Tun Muhammad Fuad Stephens - He was the first and fifth Chief Minister of Sabah. He founded the political party United National Kadazan Organisation (UNKO) in 1961.Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Openg Abang Sapiee - He was the first Governor of Sarawak when the post was created in 1963.Tun Leong Yew Koh - The first and only Chinese Yang Dipertua Negeri of Malacca. He founded Malayan Chinese Association (MCA) with Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Colonel HS Lee.Dr Burharuddin Al-Helmy - He founded Parti Kebangsaan Melayu Malaya (PKMM) who was strongly against the British colonial ruling and demanded Malaya's full independence.Abdul Rahim Kajai - Real name Abdul Rahim Haji Salim. He was known as the ‘Father of Malay Journalism’. He served many newspaper and publishing establishments since 1925 until World War II in 1943.Tan Sri & Puan Sri Athi Nahappan - Both husband and wife contributed in different ways but for the same goal in Malaya. Tan Sri Athi Nahappan was a deputy minister in law at the Prime Minister’s (Tun Abdul Razak) office. He wrote the “Athi Nahappan Report” which is now stored in the Harvard library as a basis for how local governments should function. Puan Sri Athi Nahappan was a figure of the Malaysian Independence movement and a co-founder of Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC). She was one of the first women who fought for Malaya’s independence.Za’aba - His full name is Zainal Abidin Ahmad. He was a Malaysian writer who modernised the Malay language that we use today. He was also involved in the formation of United Malay Nation Organisation (UMNO).Source: Wikipedia#4 LOCATION OF JAYA JUSCO PILOT STOREPhoto credit:, Malaxi.comTTDI was the second location for Jaya Jusco to open their pilot store in 1985. Business was at this location for ten years before it relocated the brand new premise in One Utama.Source: TAMAN TUN DR ISMAIL WET MARKETPhoto credit: The Star Online, fotokl2012.blogspot.myBack in 2012, the TTDI market was in line for demolition to make way for new development and later on the location was picked for the new MRT station. However, the residents protested, the government reviewed the proposal and called it off.TTDI market has been around for over 30 years. It is said to be one of the cleaner and dryer wet markets in town. Over 200 stalls for fresh produce and everything you possibly need for your next dish. On the second floor, it’s a food haven for foodies. You could get mouthwatering delights from nasi lemak to satay at the food court. Bonus fact, TTDI Wet Market is part of a triplet design, they are including the Gombak Wet Market, Jalan Gombak and Cheras Wet Market at Jalan Siakap, Cheras. #2 SOARING HOME PRICESImage source: www.aoweibang.comCan you believe that a single-storey link house in TTDI was priced at RM34,000 back in the 1970’s can now fetch around RM1 million or more if it is renovated or extended. That’s almost 3000% jump in 40 years. Among the factors that may have affected the jump would be the development in the surrounding like offices and mega shopping malls like One Utama and IKEA, close accessibility to major expressways such as LDP, NKVE and Penchala Link. One other major factor is the new MRT station which has begun its’ service December 16th. This would be a major factor for property prices to increase in TTDI.Source: TAMAN RIMBA KIARAImage source: Lowyat.netRimba Kiara Park has received a lot of attention this year as there was massive media coverage regarding the new high-rise development by Tan Sri Desmond Lim Siew Choon’s Memang Perkasa Sdn Bhd. There will be a 29-storey affordable housing block and eight blocks of service apartments from 42 to 54 levels. The total units were said to be more than 2000 units. They said the forest is not going to be affected but the current residents say otherwise. The density of people per acre in TTDI increased from 60 to 979.The initial plan was to build affordable houses for the residents of the 100 longhouses. They were promised proper housing more than three decades ago after the rubber estate was being developed. Longhouses were just a temporary solution but the matter dragged on until some of them have lived there for four generations.Source: Bonus Fact:Image source: WikipediaMalaysian-based petroleum company, PETRONAS opened its first petrol station in Taman Tun Dr Ismail in 1981. The station has two food fast food outlets (KFC and Subway) and a post office attached to it. It is located along Pinggir Zaaba.*Additional information are contributed by those who commented on our Facebook page. We will update the article periodically as we gather more information. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.*SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia. 



Are you living alone in your snazzy studio apartment and wondering why your water bill is higher than your sister and her family of 4 who lives in the condo next door?It could be because you are pa...

Are you living alone in your snazzy studio apartment and wondering why your water bill is higher than your sister and her family of 4 who lives in the condo next door?It could be because you are paying commercial rates.Apartments that come with commercial titles pay much higher rates than those with residential titles.For example, the minimum monthly bill for a residential Syabas bill is RM6, while commercial bills start at RM36. Thats right. Even if you are away most of the month, you still have to pay that minimum amount.Not just that. You also pay commercial rates for electricity, assessment tax and quit rent. For example, DBKLs annual assessment rates for serviced apartments are 7%, while condo owners only pay 4%.Source: Tenaga National BerhadSometimes, service providers may allow you to convert to a residential contract if you ask nicely and can provide proof that you are not running a business at the premises.Developers may also apply for the title to include residential apartments to qualify for a mixed rate, which is in between commercial shops and residential homes. But many still prefer to sell apartments with commercial titles as they can build smaller units with higher plot ratios.Doesnt seem very fair that homeowners have to pay so much more just because their home is built on a different type of land, does it? And often, many buyers are unaware of the differences when they buy a new apartment.There is a push for new guidelines and regulations so that owners of service apartments can enjoy residential property benefits.But until then, make sure you ask the right questions, read the fine print and count the cost before signing the SPA.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia. 


House trap

The National House Buyers Association (HBA)  recently published an article titled, “House buyers’ trap” — how some house buyers were losing their homes because of unscrupulous developers. While man...

The National House Buyers Association (HBA)  recently published an article titled, “House buyers’ trap” — how some house buyers were losing their homes because of unscrupulous developers. While many were interested to know what the article covered, they found it a bit tough wading through the entire piece (how to vet through Sales & Purchase Agreements (SPA), like that?!)Anyway, pulled out the key facts from the HBA article ... so you know how to avoid losing your home.Who actually (almost) lost their home?HBA highlighted a case in Taiping, which made the news a few years ago.In 2002, six buyers paid cash for their houses in Taman Suria Permai to the developer, KS Properties Sdn Bhd.However, the developer didn't pay their own loan to their bank, which held the house titles.Oblivious, the buyers moved into the houses and lived there for 10 years.Then in 2008, the owner of KS Properties passed away, and the debt collection agency (which had taken over the bad debt) began to foreclose on the properties and evict the owners. After some legal tussles and sleepless nights, some of the owners ended up at the auction house to bid for their own house and pay off the developer’s debt.The only bright part of the story was the touching moment when other bidders refused to bid so that the owners could buy back their homes. How did that happen?Under the Housing Ministry’s prescribed SPA (what many buyers never read through):Buyers pay for the building of the house from day one.Developers can borrow from their banks using the buyer’s property as security.Essentially, there is no risk for the developer. And if it defaults, as in the Taiping case, the banks can go after the buyers’ properties. Legally.Who was to blame in the Taiping (and other similar) case?Apart from the obvious (ie the Developer), the HBA cites:a. The Housing MinistryThe standard SPA then had no control over how much the developer should be allowed to borrow, for what purpose and by when it should be settled.The developer takes a bridging loan on the property before it's sold to you. And after it's sold, the developer can keep borrowing … on the property that you are paying for. Needless to say, each developer loan increases your risks, as a buyer.Developers should be liable for their own bridging loans, not the purchasers. The Housing Ministry should ensure that buyers are given an absolute undertaking — by the developer and their bank — that they will not face foreclosure if they have paid for their purchase.b. The BankThe bank did not insist on prompt repayments by the developer. Interest on the loan ballooned, and when it became clear that the developer was unable to pay, then only did the creditors sprang into action to get back its money … from the home buyers.What has been done about it?In 2015, amendments to the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Act 1966 (HDA) give some added protection to house buyers, especially cash purchasers.a. Cash Buyers to pay straight to BankA new rule requires cash buyers to pay directly to the bridging financier the instalments for the redemption sum — to redeem the unit from being charged to the bank.b. Developers to pay off their loans earlierAmendments to the SPA also now require developers to settle the redemption sum within the earlier stages of development. That way, when the property is handed over, it is free from the developer’s encumbrances and safe from foreclosure (by the developer’s bank).        Whether or not these amendments are adequate enough to prevent the Taiping case from happening again, it is good for house buyers to be aware of the possible pitfalls and put in your own legal safeguards in your SPAs, especially if you are paying with cash. (So yes, do read through your SPAs!)SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia. 


Affordable housing

Are you a first-time home buyer? Perhaps you need a boost in owning your first home.**Update: (18/01/2017) Monthly household income for PR1MA Housing Scheme has increased to RM15,000.**We noticed t...

Are you a first-time home buyer? Perhaps you need a boost in owning your first home.**Update: (18/01/2017) Monthly household income for PR1MA Housing Scheme has increased to RM15,000.**We noticed that many Malaysians were vulnerable to property scams (as noted in our 5 PROPERTY SCAMS article) because they are not aware of the PROPER procedures to obtain housing under the various government schemes. Capitalising on buyers’ inexperience, con artists guide them down the wrong path, with empty promises leading to empty would like to shed some light on these schemes by presenting 5 Affordable Housing Schemes and how to get your hands on one.#5 PR1MA HOUSING SCHEME PR1MA Bandar Bukit Mahkota, KajangImage source: PR1MA HousesThe PR1MA Housing Scheme is a popular and well marketing scheme established under the PR1MA Act in 2012. The PR1MA housing agency is tasked to plan, develop construct and maintain high-quality housing for the middle-income group in key urban cities. Launch and construction on these homes have begun in various key urban areas in the country.PR1MA homes come in various sizes and are priced between RM100,000 and RM400,000. PR1MA also offers financial schemes through their panel banks and an option to rent-to-own, if homebuyers are unable to secure a loan with the panel banks.How to qualify?Be a Malaysian citizenBe aged 21 years and aboveHave individual or combined household income (both applicant and spouse) between RM2,500 and RM15,000 per monthOwn no more than one property between you and your spouseHow to apply?Only apply via the PR1MA’s official websiteApplicants will be notified of new PR1MA development launches in preferred areaApplicants will have to register for a balloting process when the development is open for applicationSuccessful applicants can then choose their preferred unit based on a first come, first serve basisChoose your financing schemeNote:PR1MA has NOT appointed any agents or representatives to sell or make bookings, and they do not request any deposit or advance payment for registration.Read our 5 PROPERTY SCAMS MALAYSIANS FELL FOR, and don’t be a victim.#4 PROJEK PERUMAHAN RAKYAT (PPR)   Image credit: Malaysia EditionProjek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR), or People’s Housing Project, is a Federal Government initiative to provide housing to squatters and low-income group and have been active since 2002. The program is implemented by the National Housing Department (JPN) under the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government,across the country.Basically, there are three types of PPR units namely Highrise apartments, 5-storey walk-up flats, and terrace houses. All units have a minimum area of 700sf, with 3bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen.Those who qualify for PPR Housing have the option to rent the houses at a monthly rate of RM124, or own it at RM35,000.How to qualify?Be a Malaysian citizen aged 18 years and aboveBe a first time home buyerHave a total Household income below RM3,000Adhere to the other terms and conditions set by each local state governmentHow to apply?All applications must be done at the local state governments’ offices in every state.For more information: National Housing Department#3 RUMAH TRANSIT 1MALAYSIA KUALA LUMPUR (RT1M)Rumah Transit 1Malaysia, Bukit JalilImage credit: Harian MetroInitiated in 2014, 1Malaysia Transit Home Program initiated (RT1M) is a programme designed to provide temporary housing to newly married couples for two years. The aim is to give couples enough time to stabilise their financial status and save enough money to buy their own house. The first project is in Bukit Jalil, with a monthly rental of RM250. A notice to vacate will be issued 6 months before the contract expires.How to qualify?Must be Malaysian citizens (applicant and spouse) and married within a yearBe aged 30 years and belowNot own any properties in Kuala LumpurBe working in Kuala LumpurHousehold income must be RM3,000 or lessMust not have any criminal recordNot allowed to sublet the houseHow to apply?Download application and statutory declaration form from the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government website and complete the formsPost completed forms to            Bahagian Perancangan Dan Pembangunan Projek PPR            Jabatan Kementerian Bandar, Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan            Aras 35, No 51, Persiaran Perdana Presint 4            61200, Putrajaya#2 RUMAH MAMPU MILIK WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN (RUMAWIP)Residensi DesamasImage credit: accetera from Lowyat ForumRUMAWIP provides affordable houses in the Federal Territories, based on the applicant’s repayment ability. There will be a total of 50,000 units in Kuala Lumpur, 20,000 units in Putrajaya and 10,000 units in Labuan. RUMAWIP offers 3 types of strata-titled houses, that is, studio, 1-bedded, 2-bedded and 3-bedded units.How to qualify?Be a Malaysian citizen aged 18 and above;Have a gross monthly household income not exceeding RM10,000 for individuals, and RM15,000 for couples;Priority if you are working or living in the Federal Territories during application and do not own any property in the Federal Territories;Must live in the house and not rent it out (a 10-year moratorium on the property prohibits name transfer or selling without the permission of the government, except to the next of kin)Can only own one RUMAWIP houseMust not be declared bankruptedUpon successful application, have to pay 10% deposit of the property’s selling priceHow to apply?Register online at the official RUMAWIP website and create a profileSubmit an application online when there’s an open application for new developmentIf successful, submit supporting documents according to the checklist and the statutory declaration formIf eligible for balloting, an invitation email will be sent with information on the balloting process. (You may appoint a proxy on your behalf, with the submission of the ‘Surat Perlantikan Proksi’)If balloting is successful, a letter of verification will be emailed to the applicantThe developer will issue an offer letter for purchase to successful applicants and deal with the buyers from then on#1 RUMAH SELANGORKURumah Selangorku Jenis C 900-999 kp, Ukay Indah, Sg. SeringImage source: Lembaga Perumahan dan Hartanah SelangorRumah Selangorku is a housing scheme offered by the Selangor State Government to supply low-cost, low-medium-cost and medium cost houses for the low and medium income group in the state.The state government aims to build 20,000 units of Rumah Selangorku houses. There are 4 types of houses available (Types A, B, C and D), with sizes from 700 to 1,200 sf.. The price range from RM42,000 to RM250,000.Selangor State Government also provides some financing with Dana-Sel, for those who are unable to secure a bank loan.How to qualify?Be a Malaysian citizen, aged 18 years old and aboveMinimum monthly household income not more than RM3,000 (for Type A), and not more than RM10,000 for Types B, C and DOnly apply for one typeMust not own any property in any government or private housing projects in Selangor (both applicant and spouse)Ownership transfer can only be done after five years from the date of Sale and Purchase agreement signedProperty must be owner-occupied and cannot be rented outApplicants to note:Applicants must create an account in the Sistem Pendaftaran Permohonan Rumah Selangorku (SPPRS) and Sistem Pendaftaran Permohonan Kedai/Industri Mampu Milik (SPPKI).Each account is valid for two (2) years. Accounts with waiting list application will be remove after 2 years. If applicant is still interested, another application must be submitted.If an applicant rejects any offer, the account will be inactive for 2 years. New application can be submitted after the 2 years.Any applicant who is not eligible may update their account and submit necessary documents as proof to be eligible to apply through the scheme.Since January 1, 2015, all applications for Rumah Selangorku Type B, C and D must be submitted online.Only Rumah Selangorku Type A application forms can be submit by hand personally to the Pejabat Lembaga Perumahan Dan Hartanah Selangor (Kaunter Bahagian Perumahan, Podium Selatan) at Level 5, Podium Selatan, Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, 40503 Shah Alam, Selangor.Source: reading:5 WAYS TO GET $$$ FOR YOUR NEW HOME SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices in these neighbourhoods. List your property for FREE or check out our many cool 360 videos. Follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia. 


10 star performing condos 5

Looking to double your money? Well, if you are a lucky owner of one of these condos, you might have already done that. Check out how much these star performing condos have appreciated from 2014 to ...

Looking to double your money? Well, if you are a lucky owner of one of these condos, you might have already done that. Check out how much these star performing condos have appreciated from 2014 to 2015, and maybe you can do the same. (Hint: Most of these condos are priced under RM500,000.)#10 Bukit Mas Apartment, MelawatiCapital Gain from 2014 to 201521%2015 Price PsfRM230 psfAverage Price in 2015RM220,000Bukit Mas apartment is a low density low-rise development in the established township of Bukit Mas, Kuala Lumpur. Units are sized at 945 sq ft, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and a balcony. There are ample parking bays. The apartment is surrounded by greenery, creating a fresh and serene environment, which keeps the homes cool. The average transacted prices in 2015 was RM230 psf, a 21% increase from the RM190 psf in 2014. A 945 sf unit was last sold at RM280,000 in Jan 2016. #9 Vista Angkasa, Bangsar SouthCapital Gain from 2014 to 201521%2015 Price PsfRM402 psfAverage Price in 2015RM235,000Located at the entrance of Kerinchi from the Federal Highway, Vista Angkasa is in close proximity to the KL Gateway development and Universiti LRT station. It has studio units with built-ups from 581 sf to 1,900 sf. Residents typically include students from University Malaya and working professionals. The price of studio units increased 21%, from an average of RM331 psf in 2014 to RM402 psf in 2015. The highest recent transaction was at RM440,000 for a 936 sf unit in Feb 2016, pushing the price psf even higher to RM470.#8 Villa Tropika @ Pudu Impian IICapital Gain from 2014 to 201521%2015 Price PsfRM454 psfAverage Price in 2015RM425,000Villa Tropika @ Pudu Impian II offers four massive 20-storey blocks. Each unit come with 936 sf built-up, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Facilities include parking bays, gymnasium, playground, swimming pool and 24-hour security surveillance. This is a leasehold development.Transacted prices rose 22%, from RM374 psf in 2014 to RM454 psf. One unit would be valued at RM425,000 in 2015. The highest transaction in 2015 is at RM460,000 for the 963 sf unit.#7 Menara Pelangi, BrickfieldsCapital Gain from 2014 to 201522%2015 Price PsfRM557 psfAverage Price in 2015RM440,000Menara Pelangi is a low-density residence at Lorong Ang Seng 2, Brickfields, sandwiched between other high-rise apartments, such as Sri Impian Condominium and Pearl Court. It is about 1km away from KL Sentral transportation hub. Built-ups of units are from 790 sf. Average transacted prices rose 22%, from RM456 psf in 2014 to RM557 psf in 2015. In fact, the highest transaction for the 797 sf unit in 2015 was RM490,000, or RM615 psf.#6 Pelangi Indah Condominium, Jalan IpohCapital Gain from 2014 to 201524%2015 Price PsfRM335 psfAverage Price in 2015RM291,000Pelangi Indah is the a modern condominium found at 4 mile, Jalan Ipoh. This freehold property comprises two 20-storey blocks with 290 units. The built-up size of each apartment ranges from 870 sf to 2084 sf. The entire floor plan is similar with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, except for the duplex penthouses, which have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.The 883 sf units were transacted at an average of RM270 psf in 2014, increasing 26% to RM335 psf in 2015. Current asking prices in 2016 start at RM 340,000 for the 883 sf units.#5 Pangsa Murni, SetapakCapital Gain from 2014 to 201526%2015 Price PsfRM402 psfAverage Price in 2015RM395,000Pangsa Murni is an apartment complex at Wangsa Maju,Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. There are a total of 14 blocks, with each walk-up block having 3, 4 or 5 floors. Nearby developments include Wangsa Jaya, Sri Kenangan and Section 6. Units were transacted at an average of RM319 psf in 2014 and rose 26% to RM402 psf by 2015. #4 Suria Jelatek Residence, Ampang HilirCapital Gain from 2014 to 201526%2015 Price PsfRM494 psfAverage Price in 2015RM425,000Suria Jelatek is a luxury condominium development located in the upmarket area of Ampang Hilir, Kuala Lumpur. It consists of a 21-storey block with 340 apartment units. The built-ups for each apartment ranges from 858 sf to 1,420 sf.

BANGSAR SOUTH—你可能不知道的5件事

Bangsar south

Kerinchi 由麻雀变凤凰转变的故事俨然是城中话题,如今这里已是城中其中一个房地产热卖的地点。早在 2005 年,UOA 集团即已收购这片声名狼藉,随处都是违章建筑、非法摊贩和廉价屋的 60 亩土地 。从此,Kerinchi 渐渐脱胎换骨,其主要入口处有了个人造瀑布横空出世,马路和人行道拓宽了,巴士车站和轻快铁车站全面翻新,甚至多了一座焕然一新的美食及购物中心......这里形成了一个崭...

Kerinchi 由麻雀变凤凰转变的故事俨然是城中话题,如今这里已是城中其中一个房地产热卖的地点。早在 2005 年,UOA 集团即已收购这片声名狼藉,随处都是违章建筑、非法摊贩和廉价屋的 60 亩土地 。从此,Kerinchi 渐渐脱胎换骨,其主要入口处有了个人造瀑布横空出世,马路和人行道拓宽了,巴士车站和轻快铁车站全面翻新,甚至多了一座焕然一新的美食及购物中心......这里形成了一个崭新的综合“城市”开发计划,项目包括了摩登的办公楼,豪华共管公寓 以及零售和商业单位。这座新“城市”有了一个新名字 “Bangsar South” —— 因为她和极富美誉的Bangsar高档区域毗邻并享同一组邮递区号。 然而,她的崛起并不全然归功于一个精明的品牌重塑运动。反之,是她和吉隆坡市中心策略性的位置,令她展现独得天厚的潜力。今天,她仍然是许多新晋发展计划的温床,其中包括 Suez Domain Sdn Bhd 集所有高级共管公寓,办公大厦,零售中心集于一体的 KL Gateway,以及 Bon Estates 即将推出的崭新豪华公寓 — The Estate 。PropertyPricetag.com带你巡视 Bangsar South,发掘5个你可能不知道关于 Bangsar South 的事。1. 你仍可在城市中央占一席之地没有人不想在 Bangsar 優越的地理位置拥有一间房子;这里够氣派、超時髦,生活便利,唯一令人却步的是向天看涨的房价。幸好,跨过一座桥至 Bangsar South,你即可获得类似和相仿房子的替代选择,这些选项的可行性和可信度都高,最重要的是高贵而不贵(当然房价会因市场需求增加而逐渐看涨)。让我们来比较一下:在 Bangsar,一间 2809平方尺的 Araville 公寓售价为 260万令吉,即每平方尺 925令吉。而 Bangsar Peak 公寓则每平方尺叫价 1235令吉,一间2982 的单位必须以 369万令吉的房价售出。但在 Bangsar South,Park Residence 一间面积 1911 平方尺的非永久地契物业售价约为 150万令吉,意即每平方尺 803令吉,那是2014年的市价。 以新登场的 The Estate 为例,据闻一间面积宽达 2500平方尺的公寓,每平方尺的价格是 750令吉,房价为 170万令吉,而且是永久地契 。2. 生活机能超便利Bangsar South 公共交通四通八达,轻快站在步行距離之內.几步之遥就是轻快铁车站,不只一座,而是两座。两条轻快铁直达 KL Sentral ——这是通往巴生谷各定点的交通枢纽 , 也包括了双子塔。跨过人行天桥先来到 Kerinchi 站,步行大约12分钟便能到达 Universiti 站。(自从Suez Capital 新发展计划启动之后,后者已在 “Station Naming Rights” 测试计划下易名为 KL Gateway-Universiti。)这里的购物中心包括了——五层楼的 Nexus 和三层楼的 Sphere;不久之后,KL Gateway 将会多出一座面积达50万平方尺的大型购物商场。其他生活机能选项不一而足,餐馆、咖啡馆、商店、宴会厅等等,多元选择应有尽有,琳琅满目不胜枚举。位于 The Sphere 的 Aeon Big 更是采购日常用品的最佳场所,你再也不必为了买一罐火腿而去 Mid Valley Megamall 人挤人。3. 秘密通道带你直达 SPRINT 大道Bangsar South 紧靠三条主要大道,即联邦大道、SPRINT 大道以及 New Pantai 高速大道。如今,还多出一条直通 SPRINT 的秘密捷径。这也许不算什么秘密,不过这条道路的确很新,如果不是因为 Waze,我们不可能发现这一条令人喜出望外的小路。 这条长达800公尺新道路由 DBKL 及区内数个发展商集资完成,它从已扩充的 Jalan Kerinchi Kiri 连接到 SPRINT 大道上的 Kerinchi Link,甚至连接到联邦大道。 所以,你可以选择避开 Jalan Kerinchi 和 Jalan Pantai Baru 路口,绕道而行。4. 这里办公大楼群聚 — 目前至少已有24栋 …UOA 的发展计划中有一半是商业区,光是受 MSC 认证的 Bangsar South City 便矗立了 22栋 Horizon 精品办公大楼和 21座 Vertical 精品办公大楼(另外两栋已在施工中,尚有两座正在筹建)。至于KL Gateway,也将迎来另外两栋A级企业办公大楼。乍听之下,高楼大厦仿佛很多,但实际上已比原先计划减少许多。原本的计划是打算在 Horizon 兴建 39栋办公大楼,然而发展商最后决定以少换大——兴建更少的大型建筑来换取更宽广的户外大自然绿意,从而吸引规模更大的集团和跨国公司进驻。Dagang Net、F-Secure、Takaful Ikhlas Berhad、MEPS、Melilea International、British Telecoms、 SWIFT 以及总部设在阿联酋的 Al Bath Group 仅仅是部份在此驻扎的大公司。在可以预见的将来,这里持续成长的上班族将跃升 2至 3万名,其中相当大的比例会是外籍人士。5. 大片森林做后盾Bangsar South 的邻居其实是一片巨大的绿肺 —— 占地 200 英亩的 Bukit Gasing 森林保护区。清新宜人、心旷神怡。当你一时厌倦钢筋水泥,转个身即可接收大自然为你准备好的另一道丰盛飨宴。沐浴在步道小径上,穿越丛林享受一趟洗涤人心的晨间散步。Bangsar South 及其周边地区日益受欢迎,难免衍生出随之而来一些令人担忧的问题,例如会不会导致更多的环境破坏甚至森林保护区受侵占的范围会不会扩大。虽然我们乐见改变和重建,但也不忘祈求今后这里一切的发展项目,都能在环保永续的前提下进行。马上登入便可在 免费查看最新成交价或买卖房屋。 关注我们的 Facebook 便能掌握大马产业市场最新走向和深度报道。



::UPDATED::“We all know that this deal is as certain as Death and TAXES”Anthony Hopkins to Brad Pitt, Meet Joe BlackTAXES. No one is free from it (unless you are Donald Trump … haha). But seriously...

::UPDATED::“We all know that this deal is as certain as Death and TAXES”Anthony Hopkins to Brad Pitt, Meet Joe BlackTAXES. No one is free from it (unless you are Donald Trump … haha). But seriously, there are some key property taxes that all property owners should know by heart, and if you don’t, read on for a gentle reminder.#1    STAMP DUTYStamp duty is a tax that is levied on documents involved in the purchase of a property.A buyer would have to pay stamp duty on the instrument of transfer (ie. the Sales and Purchase Agreement or the Memorandum of Transfer).The amount of stamp duty depends on the value of the property’s selling price or market value (as determined by the Inland Revenue Board), whichever is higher. How to calculate Stamp Duty?For example:-Assuming you buy a RM700,000 property.If you are taking a loan on your property, you also need to pay stamp duty on your loan documents. For a typical first time homebuyer taking a 90% loan, the stamp duty is 0.5% of the loan amount, ie RM3,150 for the RM700,000 home in the example above.Calculate stamp duty here.#2    GST FOR COMMERCIAL PROPERTYThe Goods and Service Tax (GST) was implemented on April 1, 2015 at a fixed rate of 6%.Malaysian Custom has decided that individuals are considered carrying out a business if they have more than two commercial properties; or land exceeding 1 acre; or if the commercial property/land is worth more than RM2 million at market price; or if your total annual taxable supply is more than RM 500,000.If you have more 3 commercial properties or annual rental income of more than RM 500,000, read more about GST registrationhere.If you are renting or buying a commercial property from a GST-registered landlord or seller, you will have to pay 6% GST.Take, for example, Billy, who is GST registered and has 3 commercial properties; Shop A, Shop B, Shop C.If Shop A was sold to Company X for RM 2 million. Company X would have to pay 6% GST, or RM120,000, for the purchase of Shop A.If Shop B was rented out to Jack at an annual rate of RM 600,000. Jack would have to pay 6% GST on his rent, that is, an additional RM36,000 a year. #3    PROPERTY ASSESSMENT TAX (CUKAI TAKSIRAN/CUKAI PINTU)Now that you have bought a property, what next? Well, you will start paying your local council for property assessment tax (cukai pintu/cukai taksiran) of course! Each household is taxed to fund the construction and maintenance of the surrounding infrastructure, ie your longkang cleaning, road repairs, park maintenance and street lights in your local Taman. That’s why most people lodge their complaints on their clogged drains to DBKL, MBPJ and other local councils.This tax is calculated based on the estimated annual rental value of your property. The rates is determined by local authorities or state governments. The annual rental value of a property varies according to property type (service apartment, residential, office, low-cost flats, etc.), market rate, location and condition of the property. For example,A service apartment in Kuala Lumpur (DBKL)Another example, a residential in Selangor (MBSA):-The assessment tax is payable in two installments annually, on or before 28 or 29 February (for January to June) and on or before 31 August (for July to December).#4    QUIT RENT (CUKAI TANAH)Quit Rent or Cukai Tanah is charged by the State Governments to landowners. It is payable once a year to the land office on or before May 31. The amount of quit rent payable varies from state to state and within each state. Take for example a 40’ x 80’ house,a)    In Kuala Lumpur, the quit rent rate is about RM 0.035 per sq ft/annum, or RM112 a year;b)   In Petaling, Selangor the quit rent is RM 0.325 per sq m/annum, or RM96.50 a year.You can pay your quit rent online at the Department of Director General of Lands and Mines website or via your online banking facilities.For strata title properties, such as condominiums and service apartments, quit rent is paid to the Joint Management Body (JMB) and Management Corporation (MC), who will then forward it to the land office cumulatively. There has been cases where quit rent payment is delayed or neglected by the JMB or MC, which in turn jeopardises the application strata titles (as reportedhere).  So keep an eye on your JMB’s accounts to make sure all taxes are paid. #5    REAL PROPERTY GAIN TAX (RPGT)And of course, if you sell your property within 5 years of ownership, you need to pay RPGT (Real Property Gain Tax). This tax is charged on the profit, or net chargeable gains, from the sale of the property. The chargeable gains in net gains after deduction of certain allowable incidental costs, such as legal fees, estate agency fees, repairs and renovation costs.For instance, if you bought a property on June1, 2012, forRM500,000 and sells it on May 1, 2016, at RM700,000, you’ll have to pay RPGT on your gain of RM200,000 (less approved deductions).Here’s how you calculate:-RPGT is only chargeable if there is a profit gained from the disposal of the property. As such, you don't have to pay RPGT if the property is sold at the same or lower than your purchase price.Each individual is also entitled to a one-time RPGT exemption when selling their "private residence", which is certified for occupation as a residene. This exemption does not apply to commercial properties for commercial use.Transfer of property between family members by way of love and affection (at no gain or loss) is also exempted fro RPGT. This includes transfer between spouses, parent and child, and grandparents and grandchildren. (Note: Transfer between siblings are not exempted.)If you are not entitled to these exemption, then hold on to your property for at least 5 years to avoid paying RPGT, and be sure to keep all your receipts for your allowable deductions.Now that we have taxed your brain, make sure you take these property taxes into account the next time you want to buy or sell a property! =)Sources: The Sun Daily, Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala LumpurSIGN UP with, you can check the latest transacted prices or list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


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Found a swanky new condo but just learned that it is a service apartment ? Not sure what that means and how it affects you? Read on!They come by various fancy labels, but generally SOHOs (small off...

Found a swanky new condo but just learned that it is a service apartment ? Not sure what that means and how it affects you? Read on!They come by various fancy labels, but generally SOHOs (small office, home office), SOVOs (small office, versatile office), SOFOs (small office, flexible office), SOLOs (small office, lifestyle office), serviced suites, lifestyle suites fall under the service apartment category.In the past, service residences referred to professionally managed properties for short-term or long-term stays with housekeeping services and business facilities, such as those run by Ascott, Frasers, Dorsett, etc.However, most of the “service apartments” that we see today don’t offer such services but are basically apartments built on commercial land or as part of a mixed development.So are apartments by any other name just the same?Or is there more to it than meets the eye? shares 5 things you should know when buying a service apartment.#5 Check if the property is covered by the Housing Development Act (HDA)The HDA protects buyers of residential properties from developers who abandon projects and abscond with all their monies. Service apartments that have been classified as residential properties also fall under the HDA, and offer the same protection to buyers.However, other commercial-titled properties, which may include SOFOs, SOVOs, Serviced Suites, may not come under the HDA.Developers of non-HDA projects do not need to get a Housing Developer’s Licence or apply for an Advertising Permit and Housing Development Account before launching and collecting deposits and payments. That means you may need to pay up to 80% of your property price long before its completion! Tip: Check with the developer if they are following the HDA — if they are, you are in safer hands!#4 Check if you can afford to stay in oneServiced apartments are built on land with commercial status, so be aware of the hidden costs. These may include higher deposits, higher utility bills (electricity, water and sewerage bills will cost more), higher quit rent and higher assessment fees. For example, apartments built on commercial land are charged a minimum of RM36 a month for their Syabas water bill, regardless of whether you turn on the tap or not. Those living in apartments with residential titles can apply for individual meters to enjoy the same rates as owners of landed residential properties. However, service apartments are not eligible for those rate. Some developers try to negotiate for lower rates with utility companies or to reclassify the apartments, but this is usually on a case to case basis.Tip: Before you sign on the dotted line, check whether the developer has obtained any concessions on lower rates. If not, make sure you calculate how the additional costs will affect you and if you are able to afford them. #3 Check how many neighbours you’ll haveCommercial developments usually qualify for a higher density compared to residential developments. This means that the same piece of land can have more than double the number of apartments if it had a commercial title instead of a residential one. For example, for a 4-acre residential land, assuming the developer gets approval to build 120 units per acre, you are looking at a maximum of 480 condominium units. A 4-acre piece of commercial land, with a plot ratio of 5, can house about 930 units of 700sf service apartments (more if the units are smaller) — talk about high density living!Tip: Find out how many units there are in the development before deciding to buy! You may also want to check if there are enough car parks for everybody.#2 Check if you are subsidising your neighbors!Many service apartments are now built together with other components such as hotels, shopping mall and car parks on the same piece of land. But some of these components are wholly owned by developers or sold to other parties. Shopping malls and hotels clock up much higher utilities bills. Are these parties contributing their fair share to the maintenance fund? Or are you subsidising their operations?In 2015, the new Strata Management Act has allowed for separation of Joint Management Bodies depending on the component on building to form Sub-Management Committees that could charge different maintenance fees for different areas that are clearly separated and solely used for that component to prevent unfair usage of the maintenance funds. However, older service apartments that were formed before the act came into place might not have restructured and have maintained the previous one fee for all structures.Tip: Before your purchase, check with the Management Corporation or JMB if the maintenance fees are being shared by all parties equally or if the service apartment component is clearly separated.#1 Check if you have ownership of the facilitiesMany people choose to live in a condo because of the swanky facilities that come with it. However, some mixed developments and service apartments may actually not include car parks or the use of facilities with the apartment. You may have to end up renting a car park or paying a monthly membership subscription to use the pool or tennis courts.Tip: Make sure you check what sort of access you have to the facilities and if there are any fees involved. Better safe than sorry ;)The convenience of living above a shopping mall or right next to your office may be a big draw for you. However, before you commit to a booking fee or downpayment, be sure to ask the right questions, read the fine prints, and weigh the pros and cons. Check out our service apartment listings below!THE GRAND SOFO | RM488,000 (FOR SALE)AVENUE CREST | RM300,000 (FOR SALE)SIGN UP with, you can check the latest transacted prices or list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


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The working culture has evolved through the years. Inspirational spaces and coffee is a must have to get through a day’s work. Many start-up companies demand for spaces but does not have the budg...

The working culture has evolved through the years. Inspirational spaces and coffee is a must have to get through a day’s work. Many start-up companies demand for spaces but does not have the budget for it. Property Pricetag took a look around town for some eye candy workspaces that left us drooling to work in.Looking for a space yourself? Fill up our buyers’ concierge form here and we can help.1) THE CO. - BANGSAREver wanted to work in a Co-Working space?Singapore based The Co. has two established two co-working offices in Kuala Lumpur’s prime areas, namely, Bangsar and The Row, Jalan Doraisamy.The [email protected] is a converted bungalow located in the entrepreneurial neighbourhood of Bangsar. With a massive 6,000 square feet of floor space, it features private suites, meeting spaces and event venues.This location attracts many freelancers and entrepreneurs as it’s about 5 minutes away from the Bangsar LRT station. Don’t worry about running low on caffeine, there a café attached.2) APW - BANGSARWhat about working in a … factory?Check out APW (A Place Where), the latest go to event spaces for fashion shows, weekend bazaars and exhibitions. This 70,000 square feet ex-printing factory was repurposed into a campus for co-workspace, F&B outlets, event venues and even a pocket park for you to soak up some sun!The co-workspace, Uppercase, is located in the 6,000 square feet loft of the factory. It has a high ceiling and plenty of natural light.  Also, you won’t go hungry while working here. APW houses two F&B outlets currently, namely PULP and Breakfast Thieves, so coffee fiends and food Instagrammers shall not be disappointed.  3) KFIT - BANGSAR SOUTHThere is a rumor about a pretty FIT startup in town.KFit-lah!  Being one of the fastest growing fitness start-up in town, KFit bumped up their office game at The Vertical, Bangsar South. Designed to be the ‘fittest’ office in town, they have table tennis, mini basketball court and a dancing pole! Talk about showing off!4) FERUNI - PETALING JAYATalent Centre - Express your creativityDon’t work for a startup? Fear not! There are plenty of innovative and forward thinking companies that have reinvented their working spaces. Like Feruni, who have revamped their entire space with showroom and workspaces open for tour. The building has a gym, pool table, foosball table, a library, cozy corner, talent corner, audition room, auditorium and not forgetting Happiness Café where staff get free coffee. 5) DiGi - SHAH ALAMAnd then, there’s DiGI!I mean, which other company has their own waterfall besides DiGi’s D’House? Located in Subang Hi Tech Industrial Park, Shah Alam. Digizens can have the meetings and discussion at The Courtyard overlooking the waterfall. The building is fitted with glass walls making offices open and transparent for natural light. The Work Zone is open concept with cluster tables. With no fixed desk, Digizens just plug and play anywhere. At Digi, they play as hard as they work. The Townhall which hold training and event doubles as a basketball court. There’s a gym for Digizens to work out and food area to replenish their energy.Now that you are all drooling, try nudging your bosses to motivate everyone by moving to an inspirational workspaces. We have shortlisted some rare gems for you. Good luck!AVAILABLE NOWSEKEPING JUGRA – OFF OLD KLANG ROAD – FOR RENTPLAZA AZALEA – SEKSYEN 14, SHAH ALAM – FOR SALENot what you're looking for? Drop us a Buyers Concierge inquiry and we will find it for you!SIGN UP with, you can check the latest transacted prices or list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


Smallest homes

How small can a house be in Malaysia? Do you think that cabinet space living only exists in high density countries like Hong Kong and Singapore? With house prices outstripping affordability, Mal...

How small can a house be in Malaysia? Do you think that cabinet space living only exists in high density countries like Hong Kong and Singapore? With house prices outstripping affordability, Malaysians simply cannot afford big spaces when they are just starting out. The trend of small homes isn’t just in Hong Kong and Singapore – they are also in Malaysia! Check out our list of 10 smallest homes we found in KL & Klang Valley.10) Zeva @ Equine SouthBuilt-up: 455 sf Completion: 2015 Approximate Price: RM188,000 Indicated price psf: RM555 Developer: Trinity GroupStarting at 455 sq ft, Zeva is the biggest in our list. The 766 units apartments is located in the bustling town of Serdang and spread over 3.71 acres. The main reason for the Mickey Mouse size is to fit into the tight budget of the young people in the area. Nonetheless, with many universities nearby, there is good rental demand for this well located development. 9) Garden Plaza, CyberjayaBuilt-up: 450 sf Completion: 2015 Approximate Price: RM280,000 Indicated price psf: RM658 Developer: Mah Sing GroupAnother student focused development is Garden Plaza, which is within walking distance and directly linked to Limkokwing University. Mah Sing has planned Garden Plaza to  specifically cater for the student lifestyle with a retail plaza called Garden Boulevard. The retail stores, supermarket, convenience stores and service stores are absolute plus points for students who live there most of the week.8) Metropolitan Square, Damansara PerdanaBuilt-up: 450 sf Completion: 2013 Approximate Price: RM400,000 Indicated price psf: RM599 Developer: MK Land HoldingsFor young office workers and outstation execs, there is Metropolitan Square. The development has a good yield from tenants working in surrounding offices in Mutiara Damansara and Damansara Perdana such as PJ Trade Centre & Menara UAC, Menara KLK and many more. The building has many facilities, including 6 pools, 2 badminton courts, 2 playgrounds and even a reflexology path. has several units available in VR. Check out Metropolitan Square HERE.7) Solstice @ Pan’gaea, CyberjayaBuilt-up: 450 sf Completion: 2016 Approximate Price: RM340,000 Indicated price psf: RM759 Developer: OSK PropertySolstice is only completing this year and has a slightly higher pricetag than similar properties in the area. However, being within close proximity to the many higher education institutions at Cyberjaya, there is a constant stream of ready student tenants, which is attractive to investors. 6) Main Place Residence, Subang JayaBuilt-up: 418 sf Completion: 2014 Approximate Price: RM300,000 Indicated price psf: RM620 Developer: Bina Puri PropertiesInvestors of Main Place Residence are assured of high rental yield due to many expats and students in this area. This development is a serviced apartment built on an upscale retail mall, and comprises of facilities such as an infinity-edged pool, gym, lounge, sauna, launderette, 3-tier security system and 24-hour CCTV surveillance. Residents can enjoy free parking for the first 4 years, but will be charged on a rental basis after the initial period. Rentals are close to 4.8% for the current pricetag.5) Menara Rajawali, Subang JayaBuilt-up: 400 sf Completion: 2013 Approximate Price: from RM175,000 Indicated price psf: RM679 Developer: Link VenturesOne of the older small units in Subang Jaya is Menara Rajawali. Capitalising on its location on the same row as INTI College, Metropolitan College and Taylor's College, it is clear that it is built for college students from out of town. 4) Ritze Perdana 1, Damansara PerdanaBuilt-up: 382 sf Completion: 2006 Approximate Price: RM260,000 Indicated price psf: RM745 Developer: Usaha Hartamas Hitting the 3XX sq ft is Rite Perdana in Damansara Perdana. The units are so small that its open-concept bathrooms can be seen from the living area. Having guests and friends over will certainly add some excitement!3) Empire Damansara, Damansara PerdanaBuilt-up: 363 sf Completion: 2013 Approximate Price: RM268,000 Indicated price psf: RM737 Developer: Mammoth Empire GroupEveryone has heard of the compact units of Empire Damansara. Surprisingly, it only sits at No. 3 on our list. Empire's studio units were launched at about RM172,800 for 363 sf — lower than neighbouring Ritze Perdana 1 (RM180,000) and Neo Damansara (RM240,000), to appeal to investors. Car parks are not provided but can be rented on a monthly basis, as part of its pricing strategy.2) Maytower, Dang WangiBuilt-up: 351 sf Completion: 2007 Approximate Price: RM370,000 Indicated price psf: RM955 Developer: MaylandSurprisingly, this is the ONLY entry on our list with a Kuala Lumpur address. Built a long time ago, in 2007, the development escapes the local council's (DBKL) recent restriction on service apartments minimum sizing. Maytower is situated in the centre of the commercial and trading hub in Dang Wangi. Savvy owners can profit from renting their units out on a short-term basis. Maytower remains a solid investment choice as it is only a few kilometres away from KLCC. Type A has the smallest built-up size (351 sf), which is ideal for renting out and can bring up to 5% in gross rental yield.1) centreSTAGE Designer Suites @ PJ Section 13Built-up: 301 sf (Type A) Completion: 2014 Approximate Price: RM 295,000 Indicated price psf: RM980 Developer: Cherish Springs (a subsidiary of Leadmont Group)Topping our smallest homes in KL & Klang Valley is none other than... TADA... centreSTAGE. centreSTAGE is also the most expensive small unit on our list, hitting almost RM1,000 psf for a PJ address. centreSTAGE consists of miniature designer office suites for individual living, with built-up sizes starting at 301 sf. To give an illusion of larger space, the bathroom is fully cladded in glass – just like Ritze Perdana – so having guests over would be (ahem …) interesting! This integrated leasehold development has more than 30 units per floor. Without doubt, centreSTAGE takes the crown for having the smallest residential unit in Klang Valley (and would probably remain so due to new minimum size restrictions in Selangor)!CONCLUSIONFrom our compilation, it seems like these units are mainly built for investment returns from student rental as they are located close to universities;Generally, the price psf is quite steep even for Cyberjaya, making the absolute price near to RM400,000. For a similar price you can get a landed property in Sungai Buloh;If you are thinking of buying something this small, you might only find them in the sub-sale market from now on as  DBKL has restricted the construction of any service apartments under 650 sq ft;Selangor has also placed a restriction on SOHO/SOVO to no less than 450 sqft and for Service Apartments, no less than 550 sq ft (as of Sept 2016);Price pressure is shrinking our units but there are always good deals in the sub-sale market. Drop us a Buyers Concierge inquiry and we will find it for you!SIGN UP with, you can check the latest transacted prices or list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.