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First time buying a house and have no clue where to start? Don’t understand what is the difference between Freehold or Leasehold or Service Apartment and Condominium? Well, FEAR NOT!! We have put t...

First time buying a house and have no clue where to start? Don’t understand what is the difference between Freehold or Leasehold or Service Apartment and Condominium? Well, FEAR NOT!! We have put together a step-by-step guide to buying a house and hopefully there is a happy ending where you are a proud homeowner!! Check out our step-by-step guide below right here.Step 1: How much can you pay monthly?First, you need to have a budget set aside for monthly mortgages, on top of your other monthly commitments such as car loan, personal loan, insurance, etc. The total amount should not exceed 1/3 of your take home pay (minus income tax and EPF contribution) (30% of your pay goes to your daily expenses). Sample 1:-Salary: RM4500/monthlyTake home pay: RM3,931.90Car Loan: RM785.00 (Proton Ertiga 1.4 Exec, 3.15% interest rate, 7 years repayment period)Personal Insurance: RM150.00Daily expenses (30%): RM1,180.00Balance left for housing repayment: RM1,816.00House Affordability Value: RM425,000Sample 2:Salary: RM8,000/monthlyTake home pay: RM6336.10Car Loan: RM1,073.00 (Honda City 1.5E, 3.15% interest rate, 7 years repayment period)Personal Insurance: RM150.00Daily Expenses (30%): RM1,900.00Balance left for housing repayment: RM3,213.00House Affordability Value: RM750,000Second, do you have enough savings? Can you come up with 10% of the property value for down payment? In addition, there’s GST, SPA legal fee, stamp duty, etc. which comes up to approximately 14% for down payment.To get the full picture, use our fee calculator.Not enough savings? Check out these government schemes for an easier way to own your first home.    1.    5 Affordable Housing Schemes and How To Get One    2.    5 Ways to Get That $$$ for Your New HomeStep 2: Virtual House HuntingIt’s really convenient with the internet nowadays to find countless home options. First off, you can start with an area you want to live in. Use, it’s like a search engine for properties over the internet for all available options. You can shortlist and weigh your options with just a few clicks. The website also offers home hunters an opportunity to view the properties in 360° virtually. Once you have shortlisted the properties, compare them and start making appointments to physically view the house with sellers or agents.Here are some articles to read while you shortlist the properties:    1.    Can You Afford to Stay Far Away?    2.    5 Reasons to Use VR Tour for Property Viewing    3.    5 Things You Must Check When Buying A Service ApartmentStep 3: It’s Getting Real!Once you’re ready for the physical viewing, arrange to meet with the seller or agent. An ideal time to view a house would be on a clear sunny day, because then you’ll be able to tell whether the property gets natural light and where the direction of the sun, is the neighbourhood is quiet or lively during the day or even the businesses near the area. Ask questions!***Pro-Tip: Get someone you trust to go with you so you get an extra pair of eyes to help you observe and it’s advisable for safety reasons. Download our FAQStep 4: Are you paying the right price?Found the right house and you think it’s the right price? Check again. Check if you’re paying within the properties’ sold price range in the vicinity. You will be in a better position to negotiate with the seller when you know more about the price range of that area.If it is a strata condo, request seller for the latest Joint Management Body (JMB) and Management Corporation (MC) accounts. Has there been any reports about the JMB going bankrupt or are having financial issues? An unhealthy JMB or MC account can mean poor building maintenance. (For more information about JMB or MC accounts, read Check #1 in our article “3 Must Checks Before Buying a Sub-Sale Condo.”) Moreover, if it is a leasehold property, check how many years it has left. Also, check for other land encumbrances; land tax, quit rent, etc..Read: 5 Property Taxes Every Property Owner Should KnowStep 5: Ready for the Pricetag?When everything is in order, and you are mentally prepared, then make your offer through the agent; alternatively, if it’s directly with the owner, then make it with a lawyer. Make sure you verify the agent’s Real Estate Negotiator (REN) number with the real estate agency or The Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia (BOVEA) to ensure their legibility. The lawyer or agent will then prepare a letter of offer. In the letter of offer, it will state that 2% of the offered price should be placed with the seller’s lawyer or real estate agency. We suggest the following condition precedent to secure your earnest deposit:     a.    in case you don’t get a bank loan or    b.    if the value of the property is X% significantly lower than offered price, you are able to get a refund of your 2% deposit.Step 6: Apply for a Bank LoanIf the owner has accepted your offer, you may apply for a bank loan with the Letter of Offer. Here you will have to look into which bank is going to offer you the best loan deal for your monthly repayment. Documents you will need to provide to the bank include but are not limited to:    1)     Photocopy of your IC     2)     Last 3 months’ salary slips    3)     Last 2 years EA forms/EPF Statements    4)     Letter of Offer/ Booking receipt from developerDuring this time, the bank will ask you to appoint a valuer or the bank has a panel of valuers you can use. Make sure you set cash aside for valuation. *Pro-Tip: Apply loans at a few banks (at least 3), to compare the interest rate as it differs with banks.Step 7: Signing of SPAAfter you have decided on your loan, get your lawyers to prepare the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA), make sure that all the terms and conditions you need are in there:    a.    vacant possession, including or excluding tenancy,     b.    make sure money from previous tenant's deposit is transferred to you, etc.If you need to visit the property again to reconfirm your decision, do so. There is no turning back once the deal is done!Here you will have to pay the balance of the 10% down payment. Note: Between 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2018, any SPA signed during this period by a first time home buyer, you’ll enjoy 100% exemption on stamp duty for property value up to RM300,000.Step 8: You’re almost there!After clearance from the bank to release the 90% loan to the seller/developer, your lawyer will send you their bill and stamp duty fee (if applicable) and arrange for the keys handover. When you receive the house keys, make sure you check and inspect the property thoroughly, and confirm that all the maintenance and utilities fees addressed to the previous owner are cleared. Once you are satisfied with everything, go on and sign the final paperworks. Step 9: Congratulations, you are now a homeowner!Source: planning the renovations and happy decorating your brand new home.P.S. Don’t miss out your upcoming monthly mortgage payments :PSIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. 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如今屋价在飙升,想拥有自己产业的你是否看得很无奈?再仔细想看,其实二手房屋还算是不错的选择——起码你可以拥有属于自己的产业,对吧~ 然而,我们想提醒你在付定金前务必采取预防措施以确保你的投资受保护。我们在此列出你在购买分层地契房屋之前必须检查的三件事项。分层产业包括公寓、服务式公寓 (serviced apartment)、小型家居式办公单位 (SoHo)、分层办公楼 (strata off...

如今屋价在飙升,想拥有自己产业的你是否看得很无奈?再仔细想看,其实二手房屋还算是不错的选择——起码你可以拥有属于自己的产业,对吧~ 然而,我们想提醒你在付定金前务必采取预防措施以确保你的投资受保护。我们在此列出你在购买分层地契房屋之前必须检查的三件事项。分层产业包括公寓、服务式公寓 (serviced apartment)、小型家居式办公单位 (SoHo)、分层办公楼 (strata office) 和一些有地房屋。#1 管理委员会 (JMB) 或管理机构 (MC) 账户是否有问题?购买分层地契的房屋时,你通常必须支付管理费于管理委员会 (JMB) 或管理机构 (MC)。这些费用用于保持建筑物的公共设施,如维修泳池和健身房、保持建筑的清洁、照料植物、提供24小时保安服务等。在购买梦想中的产业之前,请务必向 JMB 或 MC 索取年度审计账目的副本(通常在常年大会时分发),以检查管理费是否有拖欠,以及确保 JMB 没有债务!JMB 账户差可导致建筑物的维护和管理中断,续而影响产业价值。更糟糕的是,如果 JMB 负债并且欠建筑管理员工(甚至银行)的钱,那么作为新屋主的你可能得付这笔债。 (什么?!JMB 可以跟银行借钱么?嗯,它确实可以,请看注明1)在 JMB 审计账户中需要注意的事项包括:    1) 管理费拖欠率;    2) 支出;    3) 银行存款或资产;    4) 未偿还债务或负担;对于那些特别殷勤的买家,可考虑向您感兴趣的单位的邻居做询问,以了解 JMB 的管理素质(并认识您的未来邻居)。#2 该产业有分层地契吗?虽然之前屋主在拿到钥匙5年后没收到分层地契是很正常的事,但10年后仍没分层地契的消息是很不正常的。如果分层地契没到手,你得向屋主询问详情。 如果发展商从一开始便没申请分层地契,那么您必须自己付款并提交申请,即更耗时又花钱。如果没有分层地契,那在处理法律文件时将有潜在问题,如转卖、租赁和再融资过程。如果产业不受 HDA (Housing Development Act) 管理,那么某些交易可能会需要开发商的批准,而这个过程的费用是由卖方承担(所以你在售出该产业时必须精打算盘了)。更糟糕的情况是,有时发展商会突然破产并开始进行清算。这时可能会有更多的证件需要处理,为刚成为新房主的你添加烦恼。虽然律师会考虑类似问题以准备购房合同,如果你的合同没概括指定的条件条款,你将有可能损失之前支出的2%订金 (earnest deposit)。#3 邻近产业的市价咨询十分重要。在您交付定金之前,请查看该大厦或附近地区类似物业的卖价。为什么呢?除非您以现金购买产业,银行将需要持牌估价师 (licensed valuer) 为该产业决定估值 (bank valuation) ,续而决定你的贷款细节。如果您太心切而以高价订购,并没有获得所需的贷款,您可能会失去向业主支付的订金。 (提示:请务必在订购房屋的收据 (offer of purchase letter) 列出贷款失败或借不到90%定金时必须无条件把全额定金退还)。当然,您可以使用,点击网页上的 SOLD 按键便能查看当地的产业卖价。虽然以上事项对房屋购买者十分重要,但一个没分层地契的单位未必是坏事。只是这一类的房屋的购买过程需要比较繁冗的文书工作,买家应多注意。产业投资举足轻重,在付款之前可考虑深入了解以上3事项。想要安心的购买房屋就不要偷懒啦~ 1. 2013年分层管理法令第757号第 59 2(h) 条规定:“管理机构的权力如下:(h) 为管理机构行使其权力或履行其职所需的款项 而作贷款;”马上登入便可在 免费查看最新成交价或买卖房屋。关注我们的Facebook便能掌握大马产业市场最新走向和深度报道。

说到 Cheras(蕉赖),你会想到什么?5件蕉赖趣事


在2015年,蕉赖 (Cheras)通过舞台剧和爆红的网络广告视频成为焦点。Five Arts Centre 的“蕉赖,音乐剧”叙述一个家庭努力逃离落后、沉静的家乡,以追求更上进的社会生活。另一方面,在网络爆红的广告视频是为了宣传 IKEA Cheras 的开张。 是的,本地人最喜爱的家具店确实在蕉赖的 Jalan Cochrane 开了一家超大型分店。这俩作品凸显了蕉赖的对比和引人入胜之处...

在2015年,蕉赖 (Cheras)通过舞台剧和爆红的网络广告视频成为焦点。Five Arts Centre 的“蕉赖,音乐剧”叙述一个家庭努力逃离落后、沉静的家乡,以追求更上进的社会生活。另一方面,在网络爆红的广告视频是为了宣传 IKEA Cheras 的开张。 是的,本地人最喜爱的家具店确实在蕉赖的 Jalan Cochrane 开了一家超大型分店。这俩作品凸显了蕉赖的对比和引人入胜之处。蕉赖曾是个慵懒的小镇,如今却成为巴生谷最广大和成熟的郊区之一...它还可能拥有最多住宅花园呢。蕉赖弥漫着悠闲气氛,且接近吉隆坡市区,使它广受欢迎、日益拥挤。照片来源:Five Arts Centre我们和一些当地人聊聊天,以了解这蔓延的城镇。 “蕉赖没什么有趣的人事物,除了一些美食,”我的朋友这么说。但是他们一旦开始谈论食物,就说个不停 — 那里有 Taman Connaught 和 Taman Cheras 的食物摊,著名的云吞面、鸭饭、鱼丸粉和鱼头米粉、RM4.50 的鸡饭 和经济实惠的 Taman Billion 西餐(它也是个约会地点)、以及马来西亚的第二最长的夜市。(想知大马最长的夜市在哪里,请看这里。)照片来源: Kuala Lumpur by Hotels.com在这里,PropertyPricetag.com为你汇集了蕉赖的5件趣事:5.一切始于21家位于某个偏僻地带的住宅商店照片来源: Google Street View二十世纪初不断增长的锡矿和橡胶种植业吸引了许多客家华人到蕉赖地区。在1930年代,一个橡胶商人在 Pudu Ulu 建造了两排共21间的商店,作为蕉赖的市中心。 (可悲的是,2010年5月的一场大火已经摧毁了14家原有的店铺)。“Ulu” 这个名字可能是吉隆坡城市人曾经(或依旧)视蕉赖为偏僻、落后的城镇。 (另一位朋友开玩笑地说:“确保你的保险配套有涵盖蕉赖。”)Jalan Pudu Hulu 是从吉隆坡到加影 (Kajang) 的主要道路,也是通往新加坡的唯一路线。 但是,自从 Jalan Cheras 的发展,前者已经沦落为“后巷”。4.“蕉赖”名称哪里来?谁知道呢…?照片来源: pixabay蕉赖,Cheras 的名字起源有许多版本。 有人说这是来自 “Sungai Teras”,或是华人误念 “Beras”(米饭),因该地区在80年代后期盛产稻米。一个听起来有点牵强的版本将 Cheras 名称归功于一位曾经住在那里的马来武术师傅 Tok Perimbun。据说他步伐如飞,奔跑时裤子摩擦声听起来像 “cheroh cheras cheroh cheras”。3.蕉赖在吉隆坡。不对,是在雪兰莪州。其实,应该是两者皆是。蕉赖原本位于雪兰莪州的 Hulu Langat 县。在1974年2月1日,它的其中一角被附属于联邦政府,成为吉隆坡直辖区的一部分。因此,蕉赖有一半在吉隆坡,受吉隆坡市议会DBKL管理,而另一半在雪兰莪,由加影 (Kajang) 市议会管理。(因此分居两带的蕉赖邻居可以称对方的花园为“我的另一半”)。蕉赖吉隆坡区的物业在早期藉由通往市中心的良好交通而开始繁荣,但雪兰莪区的物业一点也不落后。如今发展趋向南方,一直到位于加影(Kajang) 边界的乌拉港 (Balakong),一个现在称之为 Cheras South 的地区。2. 31个新捷运(MRT)站当中,有11个是在蕉赖区内虽然蕉赖有高速公路、轻快铁(LRT)和交通交汇处,但是迅速的人口增长(逾五十万)和发展使这地区因为交通堵塞而出名。由双溪毛濡 (Sungai Buloh) 至加影的捷运 (MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang line) 的新轨道建筑工程为火上添油,我们只能期望捷运在2017年下半年开始运行后情况会改善。捷运的这一线沿着吉隆坡的 Jalan Cheras 到雪兰莪州的蕉赖-加影大道 (Cheras-Kajang Expressway) ,从 Cochrane 车站到 Taman Koperasi Cuepacs 车站。1.蕉赖房地产价格高涨,但依然实惠照片来源: The Star Online蕉赖的人口多样化,意味着各种新房屋的需求。蕉赖的初期房屋主要为建于1960年代和1970年代的排屋,或廉价及中等公寓。如今,越来越多顶级高楼大厦已加入蕉赖的市场。许多名堂响当当的发展商正为蕉赖旧区注入新生命—如 Sunway 集团的23英亩混合发展计划 Sunway Velocity,Ekovest Bhd 12英亩宽的 Ekocheras,Boustead 的 MyTown 等为 Jalan Cochrane 地区增添生气。南部则有全新的发展项目如 Livia Residence,Mahkota Residence 以及 PJ Development Holdings 的20.6英亩的 You City 提高当地的物业价值。即使如此,蕉赖的物业价格比一般在巴生谷其他市区的来得便宜。在 2014年,三分之一的高楼住宿出售价格在30万到40万令吉之间,则绝对价格最昂贵的单位是 Prima Midah Heights,平均售价为65万令吉,或每平方尺438令吉。以每平方尺的价格计算,Malton 的 Amaya Maluri 以每平方尺751令吉售价,其单位面积是由719至1,127平方尺。中等阶级的廉价公寓包括 Taman Ikhsan 的 Bukit Pandan Kondominium 1(每平方尺266令吉)、Pandan Heights(每平方尺267令吉)和 Seri Mas(每平方尺288令吉)。马上登入便可在 免费查看最新成交价或买卖房屋。关注我们的Facebook便能掌握大马产业市场最新走向和深度报道。


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Buying a house in the sub-sale (secondary) market? There are really good deals nowadays but before you sign on the dotted line (we mean the booking form), it is very important that you take all nec...

Buying a house in the sub-sale (secondary) market? There are really good deals nowadays but before you sign on the dotted line (we mean the booking form), it is very important that you take all necessary precautions to protect your investment. Here are THREE things that you MUST CHECK before committing to purchase a strata titled property (we mean condos, service apartments, SOHOs, strata offices, and sometimes landed properties as well.)CHECK #1: Is the JMB or MC accounts in TROUBLE?When you buy a strata property, you will usually have to commit to paying maintenance fees to the Joint Management Body (JMB) or Management Corporation (MC). These fees are used to maintain all the common functions of your building, such as the swimming pool and gym, keeping the grounds clean the plants watered, providing 24-hour security, etc.Before you commit to buying the property of your dreams, MAKE SURE that you ask for a copy of the JMB/MC annual audited accounts (they usually distribute this in the annual AGM) to check if the maintenance collection is healthy AND more importantly, to make sure the JMB is not in DEBT! Poor JMB accounts can cause disruptions in the maintenance and management of your building and of course, affect the property investment. Even worse, if the JMB is in debt and owes vendors (or even the bank) monies, you as the new owner could be liable for those debts. (What?! JMB can borrow money wan mer? Yes, as a matter of fact, they can. See footnote 1.)Things to look out for in the JMB audited accounts:    1) Collection of Maintenance;    2) Expenses;    3) Cash in Bank or Assets;     4) Outstanding Liabilities or Debt;From 1 January 2018, home owners can sell their properties even if they owed money to the JMB. Unaware buyers will bear the debt if the property is handed over. For those who are extra diligent, consider making enquiries with the neighbours of the unit you are interested in, to gauge the quality of the JMB maintenance (and get to know your future neighbours). CHECK #2: Does it have its Strata Title?While it was previously “normal” for condos to not have their strata titles 5 years after owners get their house keys, it is NOT normal for them to not have a strata title a decade later. If they don’t, you need to ask the owner why there is no strata title. If the developer did not apply for strata title in the beginning, then you will have to pay and submit the application yourself, which may take a longer duration (and not to mention more monies). Without the strata title, there are potential difficulties in completing legal documentations, such as transferring during re-sale, lease or re-financing. Some properties may require it from the developer if the property is not under HDA, although the cost of obtaining the consent is borne by the seller (this could be a % of the selling price, something to keep in mind when it is your turn to sell the property).Worse is if the original developer has gone kaput and is undergoing liquidation. If that’s the case, there could be even more paperwork and the hassle could be troublesome for you as a new homeowner. Lawyers would generally check these clauses for you during the transaction, but if you did not insert a get out conditional clause from your booking, you might lose the 2% earnest deposit you have paid to the previous owner.So in conclusion, ask for a strata title, and consider adding in some protective clauses in your booking form to make sure you get back your earnest deposit.CHECK #3 Sold Prices in the NeighbourhoodAgain, information is key. Before placing your earnest deposit, check the transacted prices of similar properties on that street or in the nearby vicinity. Why? Unless you are buying the property in cash, banks will require a valuation by a licensed valuer to determine the fair price of your house, and consequently, the loan you will qualify for. If you were too enthusiastic and made too high an offer and did not get the loan you required, you might lose the earnest deposit paid to the owner. (Pro Tip: Always insert conditions on minimum loan approval in your offer letter to ensure you can get your money back if you can’t secure the loan).Of course, you can use to check the last transacted property prices by clicking SOLD on our search engine.While it is important to do the checks mentioned above before you make your purchase, the absence of a strata title is not necessarily a deal breaker. However, you may want to factor in the extra efforts as a new owner in dealing with all the mundane paperwork. For an investment of your lifetime, it might be worth putting in the extra effort to do these checks before you place that earnest deposit. Happy property hunting!1. Strata Management Act 757, 2013, Section 59 2(h) states that “the power of the management corporation shall be as follows: (h) to borrow moneys required by the management corporation in the exercise of its powers or the performance of its duties;”SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


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We are sure that most property enthusiasts have heard about KL Metropolis by Naza TTDI in Mont Kiara.They recently launched their first phase, MET 1 Residences and we were curious to check out what...

We are sure that most property enthusiasts have heard about KL Metropolis by Naza TTDI in Mont Kiara.They recently launched their first phase, MET 1 Residences and we were curious to check out what they have to offer. Their show gallery is not on site but instead it is located at the 30th floor, Platinum Park in the KLCC. Here are the location markers so you dont get lost.Show Gallerywhat3words: receive.dishes.legendCoordinates: 3.154256, 101.718402 Show Gallery: Level 30, Naza Tower, Platinum Park, Kuala Lumpur City CenterActual Development LocationWhat3words: flown.helps.kindnessCoordinates: 3.175844, 101.669678Landmark: Publika, Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC), High Court MET 1 Residences is an integrated development comprising of a 55-storey residential tower, two office towers and retail mall. Its the first phase of Naza TTDIs KL Metropolis and is located next to the countrys million square feet exhibition centre, MITEC.The shiny and futuristic rubber seed looking building is definitely a landmark to the area will serve as an anchor to the sustainable growth of the integrated development. Rumour has it that MITEC is already fully booked till next year. Having a large international trade exhibition space such as MITEC will help catalyse the growth of KL Metropolis.Scale model of MET 1The Next Central ParkDry PlaygroundWet PlaygroundA Park! Finally we found a developer who will be giving up a significant part of their land area to GREEN SPACES! Hurray!! The 5-acre park in the middle of the KL Metropolis is a collaborative effort between Naza TTDI and DBKL. The park will feature plenty of space to run, clear your head and inhale much needed fresh air in our congested city. Apparently, 500 forest trees species and tropical shrubs will be planted (not sure how the landscaper would even issue the purchase order for 500 trees of various species... Lucky landscape contractor). This modern landscape park designed by LandArt Design offers water features, sculptures and nightscapes. Our analysis has shown that homes located within 500 m of a park is a big plus for Malaysians, pricing at least 3% above market neighbourhood price in 2015-- think Desa Parkcity. So yay for Metropolis Park! The park will be ready by the first quarter of 2018.Whats being offeredMET 1 Residences offers four different layouts Types A, B, C and D. Built-up size ranges from 677 sf to 1,613 sf and each floor will have 12 units, serviced by eight lifts.Floor plan of Type A & Type BFloor plan of Type C & Type DType A showroom | 677 sfType A is a 1+1 bedroom with one bathroom unit, with a built-up of 677 sf. The flexi area has its own window and could be used as a home office or extra bedroom. Type B is larger at 930 sf, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 car parks! It is very rare for developers to offer 2 carparks for a 2 bedroom unit these days, so this is definitely an incentive to choose Type B over Type A. Types C and D are corner units, both with balconies. Type C on the higher levels would have the sexy view of the MITEC building and future components of KL Metropolis. Type D showroom | Dual-key | 1,613 sfThe Type D layout is quite interesting and boasts the largest layout with a built-up of 1,613 sf and a dual-key feature (a two-in-one combo with one large and one smaller unit). This allows privacy for those who want to live close to family and yet have their own space. All Type D units faces South-East (good feng shui?), while higher units enjoy the KL City skyline. From what we can see, Type A and Type B are the most popular units among buyers.What else do they offer?Units come partially furnished with kitchen facilities, such as an electrical stove and hob, cabinets, branded washer and dryer, and an In-sink Food Waste Disposal (Wah, quite high tech!)What the In-Sink Food Waste Disposer can dispose for you. As usual, the living room and bedrooms come with air-conditioning units. However, we were impressed that the bathrooms will be installed with Germanys well-known Kohler sanitary wares and marble-like tiles. It is like having a 5 star hotel luxury bathroom in your very own apartment. Bathroom with installed with Kohler sanitary wares. (Looks like a hotel really).Since it is part of a mixed development, we were curious to how they are managing visitor and resident access and parking. They seem to have figured out the security access well and have allocated 6 levels of parking. Type A units come with one car park, Types B and C get two car parks, and Type D gets three. Heres an insider scoop, some Type C units are getting 3 carparks! This is an enticing offer as you can rent out to 3 different individuals and maximize your ROI. We know Malaysians cant part with their yay, enough car parks for all!For those not afraid of heightsCant get enough of green spaces? On top of the central park, there are also pockets of greens within the residential block. Gym enthusiasts have the option to work out in the elevated gym, aqua gym pool or dive into the infinity pool. If you are not afraid of heights (some of us are), you can also enjoy the panoramic KL City view on the Sky Garden at the 54th floor.SummaryGiven that the units come with everything except for loose furnitures, the RM 872 psf isnt bad at all for Mont Kiara. For investors, this means adding a few thousand more after handover and it is ready for your tenant. The luxury bathroom is a deal sealer we think (who doesnt like hotel bathrooms?). So what are youre looking at to invest? Type A is a good deal to gain entry to a property investment in the prime Mont Kiara area. Renting out would be a bliss for Type B with 2 bedrooms and 2 carparks (tenants need not fight over car parks). Lucky you, if you manage to snag the hidden gem of Type C from level 1 to 29! (3 bedrooms = 3 carparks = 3 tenants = high investment returns) And finally Type D with dual key, 4 bedrooms, 3 carparks and the priceless view of KL City skyline. The KL Metropolis integrated development is located far enough from Bandar Sunway and Bandar Utama that it warrants its own catchment area, independent of other giant magnets. It is also one of the largest sized integrated developments in the area with a variety of product offerings including offices, hotels and a convention center to sustain a healthy flow of population to the integrated development. MET 1 buyers stands to benefit as Naza Group continues to invest in realising the success of KL Metropolis.Also, we have to reiterate that this is one of the few developments with a large park. The only other completed integrated developments which feature a central park is KLCC and Desa Parkcity and we know how popular those are. Nonetheless, with MET 1 Residences being the first phase this means residents/tenants will expect construction noises and have to be patient about the completion of other components retail malls, office towers and MRT station. This is all part of the unrealised potential of KL Metropolis and investors will be able to benefit from first-movers advantage, as you are buying into the prestige of KL Metropolis at a discount compared to subsequent launches.In a nutshellLocation - Growth area of Mont KiaraAccessibility- Major road connectivity: Jalan Kuching, DUKE, NKVEPrice - Market AverageInvestment interest- StrongPositive Points of interest- International School, Retail malls, ParkNegative Points of Interest - Incomplete stationsOfficial Website: UP with to check the latest transacted prices in these neighbourhoods. List your property for FREE or check out our many cool 360 videos. Follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia. 


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图片来源: Frank Maiorana房地产是马来西亚最受欢迎的投资选择之一,许多人因为房地产投资而受骗,这并不新奇。从低于市场的“连接”物业购买到“零成本”的房地产投资,这是本地五大令人震惊的房地产骗局。图片来源:Kristi Siedow-Thompson#5 PR1MA房屋骗局您的收入可能过高所以不符合申请购买廉价屋,但是有广阔人脉关系的代理商可为您搜得优惠的价格。您签了支票给代理商...

图片来源: Frank Maiorana房地产是马来西亚最受欢迎的投资选择之一,许多人因为房地产投资而受骗,这并不新奇。从低于市场的“连接”物业购买到“零成本”的房地产投资,这是本地五大令人震惊的房地产骗局。图片来源:Kristi Siedow-Thompson#5 PR1MA房屋骗局您的收入可能过高所以不符合申请购买廉价屋,但是有广阔人脉关系的代理商可为您搜得优惠的价格。您签了支票给代理商后…转身就再也见不到您的钱了。曾经就有四名女性声称是政府PR1MA房屋计划的代理人。这计划适合收入低于1万5千令吉的首次购房者(当时只是限给收入低于1万令吉的家庭)。这些代理人对几位“贵宾”客户透露,她们通过私人公司销售“开发商保留配额”单位,甚至展示吉隆坡市政府发出的相关文件。她们成功骗取超过15万令吉。当政府宣布没委任代理人出售PR1MA房屋时,受害者才心生怀疑。受害者前访项目地点时才发现所有单位都已有住户了。主要启示:任何人都可以声称有“捷径”和“人脉关系”。别让贪婪误了身家。资料来源: 广西南宁投资计划图片来源: Wikipedia2014年,有至少100名大马人民被引诱投资于中国南宁的“纯资本运作”房地产计划。南宁靠近越南边境,是一个快速增长的城市。然而,这项投资竟然是一个庞氏骗局。受害者参与免费的旅行团到中国南方做“现场考察”。他们在那儿被洗脑,相信自己可以在短时间内成为百万富翁。他们只需要投资69,800人民币(38,474令吉),就能在两年内获得100倍的回报 - 780万人民币(约合430万令吉)。条件是,他们必须找到至少三个下线(新投资者)才能获得资金。然而,大多数投资者都获得空虚的承诺。资料来源:主要启示:如果您想投资海外物业,请尽可能直接与开发商合作。如果公司或代理商提供超好的回报保证,那就得提高警惕。#3 预订低价房屋诈骗2014年,一名声称是房地产代理的女子从欲购买甲洞某低价公寓单位的18名受害者骗取了54万令吉。受害者被告知能以4万令吉购买市价15万令吉的单位。他们前访公寓,但不允许进入考察,因为单位还没准备好供参观。欲订购者需缴付2万令吉作为“预定费”以预定相关单位。当一个月后仍没消息,受害者向开发商询问,但开发商表示不认识该代理人。资料来源:主要启示:购买未完成的物业时,请务必直接从开发商处购买。若对低价房屋有兴趣,请通过正式管道作询问,如政府机构或您的地方议会(DBKL或MBPJ等)。#2 Asean Paradize庞氏骗局计划图片来源:HinesSight.blogs另外一个物业投资庞氏骗局计划在2014年由Asean Paradize管理。这个营销投资组织旨在为Asean Paradize Savan City物色投资者。这项目听起来可信—它是由寮国政府和来自大马及泰国的公司的合资项目。Asean Paradize提供3个不同的投资配套,由1,000美元到6,000美元的单位,保证0.3%至0.9%的月度股息。如果投资者招募其他人加入计划,则另有额外的奖金。一名注资10万令吉的投资者被承诺在一年内能返还85万令吉。经过多次投诉和调查,Asean Paradize Incorporation 于2015年被马来西亚安全委员会列入黑名单,没有执照向公众收取存款或款项。资料来源:主要启示:具有强大增长潜力发展的国家,可以从该地区各开发银行获得低成本资本。他们一般不会选择高利息的私人资本投资。此外,如果你不知道投资的城市在地球的哪个角落,别在那里投资。#1房屋拍卖诈骗图片来源: Dreamtimes.com一对夫妻在柔佛、槟城和吉隆坡地区以房地产骗局谋得近50万令吉,终于在2016年5月被捕。这对夫妻党于2014年10月起开始诱骗受害者投资一个虚构的房屋拍卖计划。投资者被承诺能获得良好的回酬。为了制造信誉,他们合法注册了自己的生意,并在新山开设了一个投资办事处。资料来源:主要启示:不可否认的是拍卖市场提供很多优惠。然而,由于集团恐吓或偿付真正的买家和耍肮脏手段,骗子们随时准备“帮助”诚恳的买家。记住,赚钱是没有捷径。房地产诈骗的征兆1.回报比您遇过的任何金融产品都好2.它涉及一个非常吸引的快速致富的研讨会(你必须懂得是唯一能快速致富的是主办者本身)3.推销广告包括“人脉关系”或“捷径”等关键词4.酬报取决于你在这个计划中招募更多的家人和朋友成为会员房地产对马来西亚人来说是一个很好的投资选择,但要警惕提防这些骗局。如果您或您的家人最近遇到类似的可疑计划,请务必向以下警方或当局报案:马来西亚通讯与多媒体委员会马来西亚证券委员会马上登入便可在 免费查看最新成交价或买卖房屋。关注我们的Facebook便能掌握大马产业市场最新走向和深度报道。


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11 APRIL 2017KUALA LUMPUR – Planners, developers and homebuyers alike can now make more informed decisions when they are seeking their next project or home. The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur...

11 APRIL 2017KUALA LUMPUR – Planners, developers and homebuyers alike can now make more informed decisions when they are seeking their next project or home. The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur offers unique insights into the city landscape through big data.The coffee-table book showcases ways to spot business trends and track KL citizens preferences. Using maps, it reveals the level of influence cafes, universities, hospitals, parks, public transport lines and traffic jams have on property prices in the area. During the launch yesterday, The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur author and CEO of Cha Ly Koh said, “This book hopes to verify assumptions and debunk myths in residential buying preferences and patterns in a fun and easy to capture manner through the use of maps.”The analytics presented in the book were earlier commissioned by Think City, an urban regeneration organisation wholly-owned by Khazanah Nasional Berhad, as part of their efforts to understand the city better and support local talent. “Our mission is to not only invest in making cities better, but more importantly to invest in ideas and people that can help make the city more liveable and resilient. Analysing the city through the lens of big data reveals the many layers of needs that must be catered to in a city,” said Hamdan Abdul Majeed, Executive Director of Think City.Here’s what happened during the launch:-On Sale: The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur @ RM98Author and CEO of, Koh Cha-Ly and Executive Director of Think City, Hamdan Abdul MajeedCha-Ly during the CTO, Zee elaborating the maps to guestsWinners of the Lucky DrawGuests at the book is a data company that harvests, cleans and analyses large amounts of city data through its proprietary algorithms to extracts trends and patterns in the built environment. Think City is a community focused urban rejuvenation outfit that seeks to create more liveable and sustainable cities in Malaysia.The exhibition of maps from the book will continue until April 21, 2017, Friday. Ruang by Think City is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 5pm. If you would like a guided tour, kindly drop us a message on Facebook.For more information on the book or, please contact Stephanie Chin at [email protected] For more information on Think City, please contact Delima Khalid at [email protected] Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur is available in all major bookstores at a retail price of RM118. It can also be purchased online at this link, including shipping throughout Malaysia and worldwide.


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结婚之外,在哪里买房子是生活中最伟大的决定之一。随着近几年房价走高,马来西亚许多人尤其是在吉隆坡居住的会被这个问题困扰。有些人选择住在城市中心面积小的房子,而其他人可能选择迁移到郊外比较大面积的房子,但房价还是可以负担的起的。离巴生谷越远的地方房价往往会下降。一些比较繁荣的地区例如 Mont' Kiara,Bangsar Baru 和 Taman Tun Dr Ismail 等的房子的平...

结婚之外,在哪里买房子是生活中最伟大的决定之一。随着近几年房价走高,马来西亚许多人尤其是在吉隆坡居住的会被这个问题困扰。有些人选择住在城市中心面积小的房子,而其他人可能选择迁移到郊外比较大面积的房子,但房价还是可以负担的起的。离巴生谷越远的地方房价往往会下降。一些比较繁荣的地区例如 Mont' Kiara,Bangsar Baru 和 Taman Tun Dr Ismail 等的房子的平均价格一般都超过一百万令吉,而在 Balakong,Rawang 和 Shah Alam 等地区,房子的平均价格低于RM500,000。 (当然,也有相当便宜的房子是靠近城市的,只是通常那些房子比较陈旧或也许法律上有一些限制而不能那么容易的转卖)。你必须牺牲什么呢?大多数人是在吉隆坡市中心工作,这意味着很多时间在上下班的路程上。除了汽油,昂贵的过路费和上下班的时间 — 这些消费加起来也许是个很大的负担。根据世界银行2015年“马来西亚经济监测报告”,去年吉隆坡的乘客在交通堵塞中浪费了2亿到5亿的工作时间。若把这些时间都换成工时,那平均每人在交通阻塞里浪费了3千令吉 — 那就是达到224亿令吉,或 2014 年 GDP 的2.2%!所以除了物业的价格,你应该考虑所有其他的费用再决定在哪里购买房子。到达工作场所所需的距离和时间是你不应该忽视的一个重要因素。 在吉隆坡南部的几个地方比较了六个相似大小的公寓,并且做出一些数字预测。一些基本假设:住房贷款偿还按30年90%贷款的4.75%计算根据Google地图计算的距离和时间汽油成本按每公里RM0.13计算一个月20天工作日他们如何堆积价格趋势:吉隆坡东南部的房子价格看起来相当平淡,所以越远的距离似乎没有特别明显的节省。可是,当你向西部关注时,吉隆坡西南的地区房子价格会逐渐下降。最便宜的物业:Serdang 的 Seri Pulai 公寓是这次调查中最便宜的物业,但是距离城市最远的地方,每天的收费和汽油费用相当多。最昂贵的财产:在 Taman Desa 的 Faber Ria 是第二个离城市最近的地方,在这个调查中是房价最昂贵的。所以房子贷款加上汽油和过路费总额是最高的。最靠近的:Casa Ria 公寓在吉隆坡 Maluri,距离城市约7公里。价格方面,这是排榜中的第四名,但是当你增加日常交通费用时,它的总花费竟然跳到了第二名。最高和最低的月度成本:Puchong 的 Casa Tropika 位置距离 KLCC 最远,但房子价格低廉,即使加上过路费和汽油后还是最低的每月成本。但你必须有心理准备每天在路上来回花费一小时半的时间。时间啊时间~如前所述,您不能单单看数据而忽略考虑时间因素。其实人们不再需要在上下班的路程花更多的时间 — 按照世界平均来说,上班人族平均花40分钟在上下班的车程中,虽然在许多城市,上班人族可能在车程多花三倍的时间。我们的近邻在泰国曼谷每天在车程花的时间是最久的,长达两小时!但如果我们工作30年,我们每天在车程中花越少时间越好。一寸光阴一寸金,不是吗?在车程花越短的时间也会帮助我们降低血压和现代生活的压力(而且你可能还有更多的时间约会哦!)。对于这次调查,我们假设每月 RM5,000 的工资;并使用世界银行的计算,我们每个月将工作时间分成20天工作日,每天8小时,以了解一小时的价值 - 每小时值RM31.25。虽然在城市内堵车是个不可否认的事实,靠近城市意味着更短的交通时间。因此,即使住在 Casa Tropika 每月费用成本最低,你可能白白在交通堵塞里浪费了上千马币的时间费用。实际上,你每月的时间费用往往超越距离城市12公里的Taman Desa的68万令吉房子每月贷款。 Bukit Jalil 的 Jalil Damai 的成本则最高,因为房子价格更贵(约51.5万马币),离城市相当远,每天还需要一个小时来回的车程。对我们而言,位于 Maluri 的 Casa Ria 是大赢家 — 它最接近城市,但成本最低。即使不包括时间上可以省下的花费,它也是第二个最便宜的选择。PROPERTYPRICETAG.COM 的见解正如你所看到的,较低的房价和交通费用是没有设定的方式来衡量。但是只要你做了一点功课,你可以决定是否有更远的距离。 当然,还有其他一些要考虑的因素,例如公共交通工具的可用性 — 你可以使用同样的方法来计算靠近轻快铁站购买的房子是否值得 ,毕竟许多马来西亚人仍然倾向于开车驾驶。马上登入便可在 免费查看最新成交价或买卖房屋。 关注我们的 Facebook 便能掌握大马产业市场最新走向和深度报道。

满家乐的10间新公寓 (Mont Kiara)

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在吉隆坡市中心外最受欢迎的地区之一是满家乐(Mont' Kiara)。这个热门地区的邮政编码是 50480。为什么满家乐时常被关注呢?那里设备齐全,如有国际学校,方便的交通系统和热闹的购物区是其繁荣的主要原因。虽然它以往通过提供大面积单位吸引外籍家庭,最近发展商瞄准升级生活品质的本地二十多岁人民推出较小的单位。若你对这里的公寓有兴趣,我们准备了一个列表排名新的住宅建筑项目。#1 KIARA...

在吉隆坡市中心外最受欢迎的地区之一是满家乐(Mont' Kiara)。这个热门地区的邮政编码是 50480。为什么满家乐时常被关注呢?那里设备齐全,如有国际学校,方便的交通系统和热闹的购物区是其繁荣的主要原因。虽然它以往通过提供大面积单位吸引外籍家庭,最近发展商瞄准升级生活品质的本地二十多岁人民推出较小的单位。若你对这里的公寓有兴趣,我们准备了一个列表排名新的住宅建筑项目。#1 KIARA 163发展商:YNH Property栋:2楼层:42单位:584土地面积(英亩):6建筑面积(平方尺):658 - 2,058平方尺价:RM908起Swiss Belhotel 酒店被委托为管理 Kiara 163 的服务式公寓。这是 YNH Property 的综合发展项目。有2栋服务式公寓,共584个单位。目前计划在2019年完成。网站: TWY发展商:Symphony Life栋:2楼层:51单位:484土地面积(英亩):1.69建筑面积(平方尺):662 - 1385平方尺价:RM1,180起TWY 是由 Symphony Life 发展,这个项目是两栋51楼层的公寓。 TWY 提供484个单位的跃层套房 (duplexes)。该项目位于1.69英亩的永久地契土地上,将于2019年完成。网站: MET 1 RESIDENCES发展商:Naza TTDI栋:1楼层:55单位:616土地面积(英亩):4.3建筑面积(平方尺):677 - 1,613平方尺价:RM870起Naza TTDI 作为 KL Metropolis 的主要发展商正在开发他们的第一阶段,其中包括一栋55层的服务式公寓。他们提供616单位,建筑面积从677到1,613平方尺。这是第一个在75.5英亩混合发展项目中推出的发展,预计将于2020年完成。网站: TRINITY MONT’ KIARA发展商:Trinity Group栋:1楼层:34单位:330土地面积(英亩):3建筑面积(平方尺):1,100 - 4,000起价:RM1,000,000 - RM1,500,000起发展商 Trinity Mont'Kiara 已经提交了计划开发一个330套单位的公寓。它将在2.93英亩的永久地契土地上开发,该土地于2012年从韩国发展商 Daemyung 集团购买。它仍处于规划阶段。网站: SUNWAY MONT RESIDENCE发展商:Sunway Kiara Sdn Bhd栋:1楼层:37单位:288土地面积(英亩):2.88建筑面积(平方尺):1,122 - 1,906平方尺价:RM780起Sunway 集团正在建设288个单位的低密度住宅项目。 Sunway Resort City 的主发展商提供5种不同的房子规模,包括2个跃层套房的建筑布局。这个项目将在2020年建好。网站: AGILE MONT’ KIARA发展商:雅居乐地产控股有限公司(中国的 Agile Property Holding Ltd和马来西亚的 PJ Development Holdings 合作计划)栋:11楼层:7, 17, 43单位:813土地面积(英亩):10.16建筑面积(平方尺):1,162 - 5,037平方尺价:RM1,015从建筑家具到地产,这是来自中国的雅居乐地产控股有限公司第一个海外项目。这是与当地发展商 PJD Holdings Berhad 的合作,Agile Mont'Kiara 的11个住宅楼栋包括813个单位。它坐落在10英亩的永久地契土地,预计将于2019年完成。网站: PAVILION HILLTOP发展商:Permata Cermat Sdn Bhd栋:3楼层:30,31单位:621土地面积(英亩):6建筑面积(平方尺):1,200 - 3,907平方尺价:RM950Pavilion Group 和 Kuwait Finance House 是合作开发 Pavilion Hilltop 的合作伙伴。这个度假村式的项目有3栋30及31楼层的公寓。完成后,Pavilion Mont'Kiara将为住户提供柜台和司机服务以方便他们。网站: RESIDENSI SEFINA发展商:UEM Sunrise栋:1楼层:34单位:245土地面积(英亩):3建筑面积(平方尺):1,333 - 1,771平方尺价:RM795Residensi Sefina 是由 UEM Sunrise 开发的一个单独的公寓。这是只有245单位的低密度发展。只有34层,他们提供3种不同的布局设计,从1,333平方尺到1,771平方尺。这个永久地契住宅发展计划预在2019年年中完成。网站: RESIDENSI 22发展商:UEM Sunrise栋:4楼层:38&39单位:534土地面积(英亩):6.6建筑面积(平方尺):1,878 - 2,973平方尺价:RM940RESIDENSI 22 是 Mont Kiara 的大发展商 UEM Sunrise 的住宅开发项目。它坐落在6.6英亩的永久地契土地,在两个塔中有534单位。前2栋塔是4塔计划的第一阶段。该项目预计将于2017年10月完成。网站: SAVILLE @ MONT’ KIARA发展商:MKH Berhad栋:2楼层:40单位:640土地面积(英亩):3另一个 Saville 品牌,位于吉隆坡的满家乐。 Saville @ Mont'Kiara 由两栋40楼层的公寓组成。 MKH Berhad 建筑640个单位,据说于2022年建好。网站: TWY II发展商:Symphony Life栋:2楼层:42单位:477土地面积(英亩):1.8建筑面积(平方尺):600Symphony Life 刚刚提交了TWY之后,已经在筹备另一个477单位 TWY 2 了。这个新项目的地点沿NKVE,正在 TWY 对面。 TWY 2 的计划中提到2栋楼建立在1.8英亩的土地,十分类似刚推出的 TWY 的土地面积。由于高度,单位数量和土地面积的相似性,我们预期 TWY 2 会有类似的小型布局,在600平方尺左右。设施也位于最高楼层,应该在 2022 年之前完成。#12 UEM SUNRISE AFFORDABLE HOMES (RUMAWIP)发展商:Lembah Suria Sdn Bhd栋:1楼层:41单位:719土地面积(英亩):3Lembah Suria (UEM Sunrise 的子公司) 已经计划在 TWY II 旁边建造一座41层的实惠住宅 (RUMAWIP)。它将容纳719个单位。#13 ANOTHER KIARAMAS DEVELOPMENT发展商:Asia Quest Holdings Sdn Bhd栋:3楼层:40单位:667土地面积(英亩):7Asia Quest Holdings 以其大部分开发项目的名称拥有 “Kiaramas”。 Mont'Kiara 以后可能会有多一个发展项目了。目前我们还没挖掘很多关于这个发展的细节。#14 AN IBARAT DUTA DEVELOPMENT发展商:Ibarat Duta Sdn Bhd栋:2楼层:43单位:548土地面积(英亩):18.85Ibarat Duta (Sunrise Bhd 的公司) 提交了一份建议建造两栋服务式公寓。第一栋有43层而第二栋有37层。在 Jalan Changkat Hartamas 的土地上将有548个服务式公寓单位。这位于 Publika 对面,看起来就像 Hartamas Heights 的入口旁边。最初的建议有5栋楼,包括680个单位的服务式公寓和一个办公楼。但由于 Hartamas Heights 居民的反对意见,该建议在2014年被拒绝。#15 A WEKAJAYA DEVELOPMENT发展商:Wekajaya Sdn Bhd栋:2楼层:51单位:420土地面积(英亩):2.5一家来自砂拉越的发展商 Wekajaya 私人有限公司提交了3栋存有420个单位的建筑项目,计划建立在约2.5英亩的土地上。基于这些资讯,我们推测这些单位的面积应该是比较大的,每层应该只有4个单位。这个公寓总共将达到51楼层。你现在是不是知道很多满家乐新的项目了?如果要购买房子,记得要做好功课哦!除了要仔细了解该地区,你也应该查看附近有什么新项目或未来可能会发展的土地。如果有兴趣收到最新咨询,请多关注。希望这些资料对你有帮助~图片来源:所有项目的图像来自各自的发展商的正式网站马上登入便可在 免费查看最新成交价或买卖房屋。 关注我们的 Facebook 便能掌握大马产业市场最新走向和深度报道。


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KL Metropolis, Kuala Lumpur – 3 April 2017: With the latest adoption of Metropolis Park, Naza TTDI is now part of the Greener KL initiative. The 5-acre park at KL Metropolis is part of Naza TTDI’s ...

KL Metropolis, Kuala Lumpur – 3 April 2017: With the latest adoption of Metropolis Park, Naza TTDI is now part of the Greener KL initiative. The 5-acre park at KL Metropolis is part of Naza TTDI’s proactive corporate social responsibility (CSR) program to help enhance and maintain green spaces in Klang Valley. Naza TTDI will manage the RM20 million park over a duration of 15 years under the adoption program.Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan bin Tengku Mansor, Naza TTDI Deputy Executive Chairman and Group Managing Director SM Faliq SM Nasimuddin, and Kuala Lumpur Mayor, Datuk Seri Mohd Amin Nordin Abdul Aziz attended the ground-breaking ceremony of Metropolis Park at KL Metropolis today.Dry PlaygroundNaza TTDI has entered into an agreement with Kuala Lumpur City Hall or DBKL (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur) under the Government’s Greener Kuala Lumpur programme, which falls under the Greater Kuala Lumpur initiative.Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan said, “This initiative is a mutually beneficial way to significantly reduce Kuala Lumpur’s carbon emission. In doing so, we continue our journey towards a greener lifestyle for current and future generations, which is in line with the Greener KL initiative.” He included hopes that Kuala Lumpur will be the top 5 most visited cities in the world by 2020. Currently, Kuala Lumpur is #7. “The Metropolis Park is Naza TTDI’s proactive support for the Greener KL Initiative. This urban park will be the green lung of KL Metropolis as it serves as a transition and connects MITEC with MET 3,” explained SM Faliq. He continued that Naza TTDI will be planting about 500 trees and 10 different species of flowers in Metropolis Park. The park is expected to be completed by first quarter of 2018.AmphitheaterMetropolis Park will be a place where visitors can enjoy lunch or read under a canopy of trees much like other famous parks around the world. This natural lush area has a 27,000 sq. ft. information centre and community hall with rooftop lawn. Residents and visitors can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. The amphitheatre, sculpture park, kinetic fitness stations, jogging path, dry and wet playground, picnic mound, terrace garden, and event lawn make Metropolis Park a unique al fresco location in Kuala Lumpur.Metropolis Park is situated next to the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC), the first component of the total 75.5-acre KL Metropolis and Malaysia’s largest exhibition space. Apart from MITEC, KL Metropolis is divided into 8 precincts namely MET 1, MET 2, MET 3, MET 5, MET 6, MET 7, MET 8 and MET 9. MET 3 is a 15-acre component of mixed development. With a GDV of RM8.5 billion, MET 3 has been slated to include a 5-star hotel, grade A office towers, luxury residences, a two million sq. ft. lifestyle mall and a 100-storey Naza signature tower.(Images are courtesy from NAZA TTDI)SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia. For press and publicity related matters, kindly contact our Editor at [email protected]


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2017年4月5日是清明节,在这几个星期会有许多人到公墓祭拜祖先。于是我们关注了墓地附近的房屋市场,以及参考这些靠近公墓的房子的地产价值有没有间接受到影响。当你的房子位于公墓附近时,有什么缺点或优点呢?让PropertyPricetag.com来帮你分析~缺点#1 降低转售价值听好,公墓附近的大部分房屋无法超越市价。大多数人认为这是运气不好或风水不良。这使得该物业在市场上更长时间,所以会比较...

2017年4月5日是清明节,在这几个星期会有许多人到公墓祭拜祖先。于是我们关注了墓地附近的房屋市场,以及参考这些靠近公墓的房子的地产价值有没有间接受到影响。当你的房子位于公墓附近时,有什么缺点或优点呢?让PropertyPricetag.com来帮你分析~缺点#1 降低转售价值听好,公墓附近的大部分房屋无法超越市价。大多数人认为这是运气不好或风水不良。这使得该物业在市场上更长时间,所以会比较难找到买家。我们会认为在公墓附近的居住率比较低,因为人们会觉得不安心,并且如果有什么不吉利的事情发生,住户难免会想到是“某某”因素影响的。公墓时时刻刻都在提醒你这是一个死亡的地方。但是,我们的分析显示在公墓500米以内物业的租金收益率只是低于邻近市场的1%,所以这个数额是微不足道的,而打翻了我们的推断。所以,房子不会因为附近有公墓而租金价格被影响了哦~#2 污染棺材埋葬已经进行了很多世纪。公墓土地是被涂漆棺材和防腐液体 Formalin污染。如果你的房子靠近火葬场,燃烧会产生mercury和温室气体而造成空气污染。不过现在,火葬场都会安装了一些空气过滤器,所以没有那么糟糕。污染也是由花卉和公墓地面维护中的农药和化学物质所造成的。#3 道路堵塞在殡葬服务和清明节期间,要祭拜祖先的人们会把车停在公墓周围,导致道路堵塞。也许一些不负责任的车主可能会堵塞你的车道或把车停在挡着你出门的位置。但一旦节日结束,这一切将会解决。优点#1 新发展几乎是不可能的在公墓附近看到新发展的机会将接近0%。要移植或处理遗骸需要很多钱,而且也可能会引起死者亲属的许多投诉。所以别担心,如果你居住在高层,你的城市景观就不会被新的发展项目阻挡。#2 较低的物业价格和良好的租金收益率根据我们的分析,距离墓地不到500米的房屋的价格低于该地区的平均市场价8%。例如,距离Bukit Kiara Muslim Cemetery不到500米的1,380平方英尺的公寓在2015年以458令吉每平方尺价格售出,而距离公墓660米的另一个1,440平方尺的公寓却在同一年以636令吉每平方尺的价格售出。正如缺点里所强调的那样,物业价格可能会低于市场,但租金收益率并非如此!所以如果你在公墓附近买了一个房子(并且比平均市场价低8%),你仍然可以收取与你居住在同一个地方的邻居相同的租金,从而从租金回报中获益。我们可以推断什么?这是绝对值得研究的投资机会!#3 安静和平公墓通常是安静的,除非有葬礼游行(通常是道教仪式)才会相当嘈杂。但是现在大多数葬礼都是以火葬而不是埋葬的,所以人们偏向高层公墓(这些高层公墓的成本明显低于埋葬地块)。坟场附近的房屋现在更平静,因为几乎没有更多的土地用于埋葬。也很多人会因为迷信而很少到公墓去;他们也许担心看到不吉利的东西等,因此道路安静得多。#4 历史傍晚在公墓散散步感觉如何?马来西亚有历史公墓,如 Cheras Road Commonwealth War Cemetery 和 Old Protestant Cemetery,George Town,Penang。在第二次世界大战期间(1941年)和日本占领时为国家牺牲的军人被安置在那里,也包括马来亚已故的 British High Commissioner of Malaya, Sir Henry Gurney。记得“国王与我”的童年电影?这个故事是基于Anna Leonowens(nee Edwards)的现实生活故事。她的丈夫托马斯·莱昂文斯(Thomas Leonowens)是槟城的一名酒店经理,于1859年被葬在老新教公墓(Old Protestant Cemetery)。这些历史悠久的墓地对游客开放。分析好以上讨论的重点,如果所提到的缺点你都可以接受的,而你也找到理想的房屋的价格和位置,那么你可能已经决定购买你心目中的房子。其实,住在公墓附近并不是那么可怕啦~想更深入了解我们的分析结果吗?Property Pricetag 新出版的书《The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur》现在售价是118令吉(包邮)。这本书叙述更多关于吉隆坡地产事故的新咨询,所以尽管你是刚出道的地产学徒或经验丰富的投资者都可以从这里挖掘新的知识!马上登入便可在 免费查看最新成交价或买卖房屋。 关注我们的 Facebook 便能掌握大马产业市场最新走向和深度报道。


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马来西亚人喜欢购物,这事实不可否认。只要有大减价,大马人都会涌过来凑热闹。但再喜欢购物的他们也跟不上逐渐增加的新商场了。根据 Savills Malaysia,巴生谷将在2017年有超过6000万平方尺的销售空间。随着竞争日益激烈,租户和商家表态不乐观;平均销售空间率预计将从90%下降到85%左右。有些购物中心,如 SS2购物中心和 Bukit Bintang 广场已经关闭了大门等着更新后...

马来西亚人喜欢购物,这事实不可否认。只要有大减价,大马人都会涌过来凑热闹。但再喜欢购物的他们也跟不上逐渐增加的新商场了。根据 Savills Malaysia,巴生谷将在2017年有超过6000万平方尺的销售空间。随着竞争日益激烈,租户和商家表态不乐观;平均销售空间率预计将从90%下降到85%左右。有些购物中心,如 SS2购物中心和 Bukit Bintang 广场已经关闭了大门等着更新后再重新开放。而 Jaya 购物中心、Citta Mall、The Strand 和Sunway Nexis等其他商场正在努力填补空间。在 Amcorp Mall 和 Quill City Mall 等商场店铺关闭的现象却越来越普遍。我们最近去探望一些购物中心查看它们的真实状况。由Pavilion 团经营的大门购物中心 (Da Men Shopping Centre) 位于USJ在2015年1月正式开放。那里的主要商家是 Jaya Grocer 和 Parkson。它直接通往一座服务式公寓。我们选了平日下午去观看大门购物中心,观察到每个楼层都只有少数客户。大门购物中心在平日下午。Summit USJ 改造了后,如今有一个非常吸引的外观。然而,里面却是急需翻新的。这里主要的商家是 Giant 超市和 GSC 电影院。耀眼的新门面里面还需要翻新我们也参观了 Puchong SetiaWalk 购物中心。那里的人造水池边有许多餐厅。商场的主要租户有 TGV 电影院、Celebrity Fitness 和 Jaya Grocer。Setiawalk 商业区连接一座住宅和酒店。但在里面,楼上放空的单位仍然在努力寻找租户。Setiawalk Mall里空空的走道 Property Pricetag进行仔细的挑擦后,并提出了一些可能导致购物中心不繁华的原因。满街都是购物中心...实话说,我们有太多的购物中心。我们来看看 Subang Jaya 地区这个例子。仅仅5公里的半径就有8间购物中心!是8间!它们是 Empire Shopping Gallery、Subang Parade、Summit USJ、Da Men 购物中心、Sunway Pyramid、USJ19 City 购物中心,One City 购物中心和 Main Place。太多的商场之外,他们还存有同样的商家。例如,在吉隆坡市,时尚零售商H&M在Quill City Mall、Lot 10 和 Avenue K 都有商店,而这几个地方的距离都不到5公里。同样,来自日本的时尚品牌Uniqlo在市中心10公里内也有6家商店。其中一个解决方案?停止建立新购物中心!马来西亚零售连锁协会(MRCA)呼吁停止新购物中心的发展。但会不会太晚了?网上购物造成的威胁全球的购物中心正面对网上购物的威胁。美国的大型百货公司,如Macy’s连续六个季度经历亏损收入,由于消费者选择在线购物。马来西亚网上购物日益普及也影响了购物中心的体验。马来西亚最流行的购物网站如Lazada、11Street、Lelong、Zalora 和 GemFive 在2015年记录了超过24,000,000次浏览。网上购物更方便及便宜 — 你无需支付RM5一小时的停车费。购物者可以毫不费力地比较价格,一天的发货时间让你来得及购买最后一分钟的礼品。但是(或者是幸运的是),网上销售仅占马来西亚零售总额的2%,这意味着购物中心仍然有希望。太多购物空间购物空间入住率自2014年以来每年都在下降2-3%,而开发商从现在开始直到 2019 年,在巴生谷再创造1700万平方米的购物空间。购物中心的租户能定断购物中心的成功或失败。为了吸引租户,购物中心会调整租金。商家越多,购物者就越多。购物中心经营商在开业前都提议进行仔细研究。您是否确定您的租户组合是针对正确的消费群体吗?商场的位置也起着非常重要的作用。图片来源:CNN例如,中国东莞新华南MALL于2005年完成,被誉为世界最大的商场,但占地700万平方米的零售空间只占1%。其死因的一些原因是其偏远的地点和缺乏公共交通工具。2015年,商场经过翻新,在新管理下重新开始。新的经营主要是针对中等收入消费者,因为东莞主要是工业化区。消费能力降低随着商品和服务税 (GST),收费率增加,令吉下降、消费者心情低迷,购物者到购物中心重点是享受免费空调,而不是花钱。现在,客户在购买之前也倾向于等待销售期的大减价。这现象导致一些商家全年都在进行大减价和促销活动来增长其份额。政府该部门已宣布将销售数量从五年减少到四年,以确保更有效的方式进行销售。从2017年开始,购物者每年的销量将减少一次。商家对这一举措并不满意,因为这可能进一步遏制消费。结论希望今年发展商和购物中心管理部门的表现会更好,也希望购物中心可以成功获得正确的租户混合。新开发的 MRT火车站也许会带旺附近的住宅项目和商业区。只要发展商做好规划和仔细的地点调查和不要到处建立新的购物中心,销售业和各位商家都有机会脱离这个难关并走向一片光明。马上登入便可在 免费查看最新成交价或买卖房屋。 关注我们的 Facebook 便能掌握大马产业市场最新走向和深度报道。


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In the coming weeks, the Chinese cemeteries will be filled with people in observing the Qing Ming (Chinese All Souls’ Day) festival which falls on 5th April 2017. We decided to look at the propert...

In the coming weeks, the Chinese cemeteries will be filled with people in observing the Qing Ming (Chinese All Souls’ Day) festival which falls on 5th April 2017. We decided to look at the property market of houses which are situated near cemeteries and how the value is affected. shares some obstacles and opportunities when a house is situated near the cemetery.Obstacles#1 Lower resale valueMost houses near the cemetery will not be able to fetch above market price. Most people see it as bad luck or bad ‘feng shui’. This results in the property being on the market for a longer period. However this may not be entirely bad if you read on to the second point in the opportunities!Tenancy rate would be presumed to be lower as people might feel uneasy living next to a cemetery, which is a constant reminder of death. However, this is only an assumption. Our analysis showed that the rental yields for properties within 500 m are priced 1% below market in the neighbourhood, which is a negligible amount.#2 Contamination and PollutionCoffin burials have been practiced for many, many centuries. The cemetery ground is polluted and contaminated by the lacquered-coffin and embalming liquid, formalin which is broken down after many years. If the property is near a crematorium, the burning will create air pollution by releasing mercury and greenhouse gases. However nowadays, crematories are installed with air filters so it is not so bad. Contamination and pollution is also contributed by pesticides and chemicals from flowers and cemetery ground maintenance.#3 Road CongestionDuring funeral services and festive seasons, the roads will be jammed with vehicles and people going to pay their respects. The will be double parkings and maybe irresponsible vehicle owners who might block your driveway. But it will be resolved once the festival is over.Opportunities#1 Little Chances for New DevelopmentYou will have close to 0% of seeing a new development on a cemetery. It’s would cost a lot of money to exhume remains and could raise many complaints from the deceased’s living relatives. So no worries, your city view won’t be blocked if you’re living in a high-rise.#2 Lower Property Prices & Good Rental YieldsAccording to our analysis, houses that are within 500 m of a cemetery are priced 8% below market average within that neighbourhood. For example, a 1,380 sf condo which is situated less than 500 m from Bukit Kiara Muslim Cemetery was sold for RM458 psf in 2015 compared to another 1,440 sf located 660 m away that was sold for RM636 psf in the same year. As highlighted in the obstacles, property prices may be lower than market but that is not the case for rental yields! So if you have bought a property near to a cemetery (and paid 8% below market average), you will still be able to charge the same rent as your neighbours living a little further away and hence benefit from the rental returns. What can we deduce? It’s an investment opportunity that is definitely worth exploring!#3 Quiet & PeacefulCemeteries are usually quiet unless there’s a funeral procession (usually the Taoist rites) which can be quite noisy. But nowadays most funerals end with cremations than burials so people are moving towards high-rise cemeteries (which also costs significantly lesser than burial plots). Houses near cemeteries are now quieter and more peaceful as there’s almost no more land for burials. Cemeteries are rarely frequented due to superstitious beliefs like fear of seeing unwelcomed “things”, therefore roads are much quieter. #4 HistoryWhat about having an evening walk down memory lane? There are historical cemeteries in Malaysia like the Cheras Road Commonwealth War Cemetery and Old Protestant Cemetery, George Town, Penang. Bodies of those who served during World War II (1941) and Japanese occupation were laid there including the late British High Commissioner of Malaya, Sir Henry Gurney. Remember the childhood film of ‘The King and I’? The story is based on a real life story of Anna Leonowens (nee Edwards). Her husband, Thomas Leonowens was a hotel manager in Penang and was buried at the Old Protestant Cemetery in 1859. These historic cemeteries are open to visitors.Do weigh your obstacles and opportunities well. If the obstacles don’t bother you, the price and location is right then you may have decided to purchase a house that will be yours for a long, long time.Want more insights? Find out what other factors affect property prices in The Secret Atlas of Greater KL! Buy a copy now at RM118 (with free shipping).


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The Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project is one of the most anticipated public transportation infrastructure works in more than a decade. (header image source: MRT Corp)Such major projects...

The Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project is one of the most anticipated public transportation infrastructure works in more than a decade. (header image source: MRT Corp)Such major projects bring a number of benefits in its train.“In general, existing or upcoming property developments that are located within 500-metre radius from the rail station are anticipated to benefit the most with price appreciation of about 20% to 30% as a result of increased connectivity and accessibility,” Previndran Singhe, CEO of Zerin Properties, tells such beneficiary is Kota Damansara, Selangor. The average transacted prices of high-rise residences in this area has appreciated by some 60% over the past five years, while new developments have been raising the bar even higher.Back in 2006, Kota Damansara was supposed to be home to a new 30-odd-km LRT line that connects to Cheras. However, nothing happened for a few years.Finally in June 2010, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak announced a RM36 billion Klang Valley MRT proposal that included an extended Kota Damansara-Cheras line. This became the Sungai Buloh-Kajang (SBK) Line — the first of 3 MRT lines in this project. Construction began in mid-2012, and the SBK line has started operations of 12 stations. It runs for 51km and with a total of 31 stations.Image credit: RapidKLOf these, the Kota Damansara postcode has not one but five stations within or bordering it. They are Surian (near Sunway Giza mall); Kota Damansara (PJU 5); Kwasa Sentral and Kwasa Damansara (in the north-east); and Kampung Selamat (in the north). The more centrally located Surian and Kota Damansara stations have been the main drivers for growth in the township.Since then, many new serviced residence and integrated commercial developments have been launched — and sold out — at high and higher prices.At a time when the average price for existing high-rise residential properties was RM250 psf, new developments were being launched at an upwards of RM650 psf. Now that existing properties are valued at an average of RM650 psf, you have Dijaya’s Tropicana Gardens breaching the RM1,100 psf threshold!As someone mentioned in an online forum, “The 2015 oversupply might happen lah … I think properties heavily relying on the MRT to hold the value might be hit when they realise the MRT is ‘not that big of a deal.’”So is all the buzz in Kota Damansara for rail real? Will property buyers be able to ride the gravy train with their investments or are they set for a train wreck? Is it too late for slow coaches to get a piece of the action? Will we be able to fit in more lame train puns before we run out of steam? Please chug along with us.The Kota Damansara StoryFormerly a forest reserve, Kota Damansara was known as Pusat Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh in the 1990s. Land owner Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) began developing the leasehold land in 1992, with mostly low and medium-cost apartments and terrace houses. In the early 2000s, the area was “rebranded” as Kota Damansara and included under the Petaling Jaya council. Through joint ventures or privatisations, developers such as Sunway City, Paramount Corporation, Dijaya Corporation, Encorp, Sunsuria Group, See Hoy Chan and many others entered the scene by building condominiums, houses and landmark commercial centres in PJU 5, such as Sunway Giza, The Strand Damansara and Dataran Sunway. From a single entry via Jalan Sungai Buloh-Shah Alam, more access routes were added via the NKVE, a Tropicana link and Persiaran Surian, making it closer to established neighbourhoods such as Bandar Utama and Mutiara Damansara.All these definitely fast-tracked Kota Damansara’s transformation into a bustling residential, commercial and industrial township, with its own remnant 800-acre Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve. This once-sleepy hollow home is now home to a growing and diverse population of more than 500,000. Unfortunately, with increasing popularity comes horrendous jams and congestions especially along the main Persiaran Surian road … which is why the MRT project is so welcomed.A look at the New EntrantsWith so many new high-rise residential developments popping up in Kota Damansara, it may be hard to keep track of them. Let’s take a look at a few:Completed in end-2012, the 34-storey Casa Residenza, located near the Kota Damansara station, was launched from RM400 psf with an optional 8% Guaranteed Rental Return scheme. Developer and property manager Andaman Group trained its eyes on the student market, having signed lease agreements with nearby universities, namely SEGI University College and the International University College of Arts and Science (IUCAS).KLIA Properties’ I Residence serviced apartments comprises 3 towers with 348 units, from 579sf to 1,240sf. Launched from RM380 psf in 2010, it was completed in 2014. It boasts a commercial podium and a golf course view.Mitragroup’s Cascades Residences was also completed last year. Launched from RM570 psf, the 20-storey serviced apartment is part of an integrated development near Giant hypermarket and Sunway Giza Mall. It has 266 units measuring 561 to 1,138sf. As its name suggests, expect lots of cascading water features.Encorp Strand Residence, priced from RM700 psf, completed end of 2015. This 35-storey tower is located above a rather quiet 3-storey mall, about 750m away from the Surian MRT station. It has 278 units, from 734 sf studios to 1,452 sf 3-bedroom apartments, equipped with smart-home features. Sunway Nexis SOHO upped the platform with its RM919 psf starting price tag. With just 8 units per floor, each of the 147 simplex or duplex units is a “corner Semi D-inspired”. The upmarket residence offers club facilities and is literally a stone’s throw from the Surian MRT station.The massive 17-acre Tropicana Gardens mixed development by Dijaya Group includes four residential towers, shopping mall, hotel, office tower as well as direct access to the Surian MRT station! The first two residential phases, Arnica and Bayberry, were sold to overwhelming response. Arnica was priced from RM700 psf, while Bayberry broke the record with RM1,000 psf!However, phase 3, Cyperus, was launched in end-2014 to rather lukewarm response, despite offering fully-furnished units at RM1,100 psf. This signals consumer sentiments in the light of a slowdown in the property market, especially for the high-end sector.So has the train left the station?Image credit: New Straits TimesTruth be told, at the moment, Kota Damansara is not a very nice place to live in. It’s crowded, messy and noisy. There’s construction at every turn! It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel!And with all the new mixed developments, there’ll also be many, many more shopping malls in that area, which may either be half empty or add to the congestion.What if nobody takes the MRT when it’s completed? What if it becomes even noisier when each train pulls into the station? Can the MRT project really justify prices going full steam ahead? “The skyrocket prices are indication that there’s demand,” says a property consultant who declined to be named. The higher-end developments come with all the bells and whistles (in terms of facilities, finishings and concepts) and are targeted at a different niche market with holding power, she adds. With the new developments, buyers and tenants will be spoilt for choice, especially in the current slowdown. “Sales may not be as brisk, but prices will not go down much.”Previndran shares the same train of thought. “When the station is built and operational, the prices (of existing properties) will shoot up, and the price gap between the old and new properties will become smaller.”And for those who want to get onboard, there are still buying opportunities, especially among the existing condos, such as Casa Indah Condominium and D’Shire Villa, which are a short walk away from the Surian station.Previndran is confident that things are going on the right track. “Kota Damansara will continue to be one of the property hotspots, particularly for investors,” he says. “The completion of the MRT stations will drive the property market due to increase in human traffic.”So if you’re in the market for a good growth story, Kota Damansara may be just the ticket for you.Listings in the area:-Kota Square

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Setia Alam 在2004年推出的时候,有谁预料到它竟在成立后短短的13年就那么发达昌盛?这个永久业权的住宅和商业镇现在开放了约60%,地产销售超过16,000套。茂盛的绿色空间和“环保概念”是被公认的卖点,它的安全和智能房子系统也是如此被受欢迎。其在2015年最新推出的产业包括在第11区的三层排屋和半独立式房子; Setia City Residences(本地区第一间服务公寓);...

Setia Alam 在2004年推出的时候,有谁预料到它竟在成立后短短的13年就那么发达昌盛?这个永久业权的住宅和商业镇现在开放了约60%,地产销售超过16,000套。茂盛的绿色空间和“环保概念”是被公认的卖点,它的安全和智能房子系统也是如此被受欢迎。其在2015年最新推出的产业包括在第11区的三层排屋和半独立式房子; Setia City Residences(本地区第一间服务公寓);和 Rumah Selangorku 价格实惠的公寓。它的商业中心 Setia City 是 SP Setia 的新公司总部,Setia 城市购物中心 (Setia City Mall),Setia 城市会议中心 (Setia City Convention Centre),以及未来的1国家卫生综合研究所 (1 National Institute of Health Complex),以及许多其他大公司和品牌的所在地。 Tenby 国际学校将由 SEGi 国际学校和一个医疗中心将很快加入排行。这十年内 Setia Alam 在巴生谷西方建立了响亮的名誉,我们还可以从这里参考什么呢?第五项:它被指为北方田地这个4000英亩的原油棕榈种植园原本属于 See Hoy Chan 家族,SP Setia 在2002年以6亿令吉的价格收购。这笔交易是在愚人节那天公布的,那时许多人认为这是一个笑话。当时的CEO丹斯里刘启盛被大众认定他雄心过大,然而今天的他被公认为一个有非凡远见的领导。在这4,000英亩,大约2,550英亩被发展成 Setia Alam 和 Setia City, 791英亩的发展成豪华住宅 Setia Eco Park(与 Great Eastern Life 保险和EPF的合资企业)。其余的地主要是被出售给雪兰莪国家发展公司(PKNS)以帮助缓解现金流资。第四项:它属于巴生的一部分图片来源:www.mastersoon.com该土地位于巴生区,可通过一条称为 Jalan Meru 的小路来到。实际上还有另外五个买家在SP Setia收购此区之前对这片土地感兴趣,但他们并不认为巴生市场可以吸收这么大的发展。虽然很多人对这片地的发展没抱很大的希望,SP Setia 并没因此放弃。它也设法获得批准建设7.5公里六车道通过陆地,链接 Jalan Meru 直接到 NKVE。 建筑价格值RM150万的Setia Alam 高速公路在2006年开通,给了该镇 Shah Alam 地址,并打开了通往全巴生谷的大门。第三项:SP SETIA 不是 SETIA ALAM 的唯一开发商图片来源:youngneighbourhood.blogspot.my其他发展商与PKNS合资企业进入Setia Alam市场,比如 Mentari集团, Tanjong Wahyu私人有限公司及Sunsuria。Mentari集团在其土地建立了住宅和洋房、Tanjong Wahyu私人有限公司发展了221个单位的四层商店办公室Seria 88、则Sunsuria开发了Sunsuria第七大道商业中心 (Sunsuria Seventh Avenue),其第二阶段包括The Forum,一个拥有25,000平方英尺的3层的购物中心、61家零售店和172间办公室。第二项:它拥有 SHAH ALAM 第二个戏院图片来源于2012年6月在Setia City Mall开设了一个9屏幕的戏院。这是于MBO戏院在Space U8, Shah Alam打开Shah Alam的第一个电影院后的仅仅七个月。由于莎阿南市议会(MBSA)对娱乐场所有严格的规定,之前沙亚南区都不批准建立电影院。第一项:SETIA ALAM 夜市是全马最长的夜市图片来源:www.blogspot.my这条2.4公里长的夜市已经进入2011年马来西亚记录册。Setia Alam 夜市在每个星期六晚上营业,这里有各种各样的食物,如马来餐、华人餐、甚至台湾、泰国、日本和其他异国小吃—来到这个夜市后你绝对不会饿着肚子回家。除此之外,你可以在这里得到你的汽车配件、也甚至可以购买可爱的宠物兔子!如今的 Setia Alam 发展到十分兴旺,不如来见识下这个繁荣地区。马上登入便可在 免费查看最新成交价或买卖房屋。 关注我们的 Facebook 便能掌握大马产业市场最新走向和深度报道。


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One of the most sought after area just outside Kuala Lumpur City Centre is the Mont’ Kiara postcode - 50480. International schools, road connectivity and lifestyle retail are core reasons to it’s b...

One of the most sought after area just outside Kuala Lumpur City Centre is the Mont’ Kiara postcode - 50480. International schools, road connectivity and lifestyle retail are core reasons to it’s boom. While it has attracted expat families in the past by offering big units, recent launches offer smaller units to target local twenties looking for a lifestyle upgrade. Here’s a list of upcoming and new launches in the area by size, just in case you’re looking.#1 KIARA 163Developer: YNH PropertyBlocks: 2Storeys: 42Units: 584Land area (acres): 6Built-up size (sqf): 658 - 2,058Starting price psf: RM908Swiss Belhotel Hotel has been appointed to manage the service apartments of Kiara 163. It’s an integrated development by YNH Property. There are 2 towers of service apartments with a total of 584 units. Due to see completion in 2019.Website: TWYDeveloper: Symphony Life Blocks: 2Storeys: 51Units: 484Land area (acres): 1.69Built-up size (sqf): 662 - 1,385Starting price psf: RM1,180TWY is development by Symphony Life. There will be two blocks of 51-storey. TWY offer 484 units of duplexes. The project sits on 1.69 acres of freehold land. This project will be completed by 2019. Website: MET 1 RESIDENCESDeveloper: Naza TTDIBlock: 1Storeys: 55Units: 616Land area (acres): 4.3Build-up size (sqf): 677 - 1,613 Starting price psf: RM870Naza TTDI as the main developer of KL Metropolis is developing their first phase which includes a block of 55-storey serviced apartment. They are offering 616 units with build-up size from 677 to 1,613 sqf. It’s the first project to be launched in the massive 75.5 acres mixed development. This development is expected to be completed by 2020.Website: TRINITY MONT’ KIARADeveloper: Trinity GroupBlocks: 1Storeys: 34Units: 330Land area (acres): 3Built-up size (sqf): 1,100 - 4,000 Starting price: RM1,000,000 - RM1,500,000 onwardsBoutique developer, Trinity Mont’ Kiara has submitted plans to develop a block condominium with 330 units. It will be developed on 2.93 acres of freehold land which was bought over from Korean developer, Daemyung Group back in 2012. It is still in it’s planning stages. Website: SUNWAY MONT RESIDENCEDeveloper: Sunway Kiara Sdn BhdBlocks: 1Storeys: 37Units: 288Land area (acres): 2.88Built-up size (sqf): 1,122 - 1,906Starting price psf: RM780Sunway Group is building a low-density development of 288 units. The Sunway Resort City’s master developer offers 5 different layouts including 2 dual-key layouts. This project would be ready by 2020. Website: AGILE MONT’ KIARADeveloper: Agile Real Estate Development (JV between Agile Property Holding Ltd (China and PJ Development Holdings Bhd (Malaysia)Blocks: 11Storeys: 7, 17, 43Units: 813Land area (acres): 10.16Built-up size (sqf): 1,162 - 5,037 Starting price psf: RM1,015From building furniture to property development. This is Agile Property Holding Ltd (China) first oversea project. It is a collaboration with local developer, PJD Holding Bhd. Agile Mont’ Kiara comprises of 11 residential blocks with 813 units. It sits on 10 acres of freehold land. It is expected to be completed by 2019.Website: PAVILION TOPHILLDeveloper: Permata Cermat Sdn Bhd Blocks: 3Storeys: 30, 31Units: 621Land area (acres): 6Built-up size (sqf): 1,200 - 3,907Starting price psf: RM950Pavilion Group and Kuwait Finance House are partners to develop Pavilion Hilltop. This resort-like development has 3 blocks for 30- and 31-storey condominiums. Upon completion, Pavilion Mont’ Kiara offers it’s residents with concierge and chauffeur services for their convenience. Website: RESIDENSI SEFINADeveloper: UEM SunriseBlocks: 1Storeys: 34Units: 245Land area (acres): 3Built-up size (sqf): 1,333 - 1,771Starting price psf: RM795Residensi Sefina is a single block of condominium that is developed by none other, UEM Sunrise. It’s is a low-density development with only 245 units. With 34 levels, they offer 3 different layouts ranging from 1,333 sqf to 1,771 sqf. This freehold residential development is bound to be completed by mid of 2019.Website: RESIDENSI 22Developer: UEM SunriseBlocks: 4Storeys: 38 & 39Units: 534Land area (acres): 6.6Built-up size (sqf): 1,878 - 2,973Starting price psf: RM940RESIDENSI 22 is a residential development by Mont’ Kiara’s big brother developer UEM Sunrise. It sits on 6.6 acres of freehold land with 534 units in two towers. The first 2 towers are the first phase of the 4 towers plan. The project expects to see completion by October 2017.Website: SAVILLE @ MONT’ KIARADeveloper: MKH BerhadBlock: 2Storey: 40Units: 640Land area (acres): 3Another Saville brand for Kuala Lumpur in Mont’ Kiara. Saville @ Mont’ Kiara consists of two blocks of 40-storey condominium. MKH Berhad is supplying 640 units. It’s rumoured to be ready by 2022.Website: TWY IIDeveloper: Symphony LifeBlocks: 2Storeys: 42Units: 477Land area (acres): 1.8Built--up size (sqf): 600 sqf onwardsWell, fresh off their Duplex launch, they have just submitted for another 477 units of TWY 2 along NKVE, just opposite TWY. TWY 2 would have 2 blocks and spread across the similar land area to TWY at 1.8 acres. Due to the similarity in height, number of units and land size, we are expecting TWY 2 to have similar layouts and small sizes of circa 600 sq ft. Facilities again, are also located on the highest floor. Most likely to be completed by 2022.#12 UEM SUNRISE AFFORDABLE HOMES (RUMAWIP)Developer: Lembah Suria Sdn BhdBlocks: 1Storeys: 41Units: 719Land area (acres): 3Lembah Suria (a subsidiary of UEM Sunrise) has sbmitted plans to construct a block of 41-storey affordable home (RUMAWIP) next to TWY II. It will house 719 homes. #13 ANOTHER KIARAMAS DEVELOPMENTDeveloper: Asia Quest Holdings Sdn BhdBlocks: 3Storeys: 40Units: 667Land area (acres): 7Asia Quest Holdings has the ‘Kiaramas’ in the name of most of its developments. Mont’ Kiara may just receive an additional to the family. Not much details about this development at the moment. #14 AN IBARAT DUTA DEVELOPMENTDeveloper: Ibarat Duta Sdn BhdBlocks: 2Storeys: 43Units: 548Land area (acres): 18.85Ibarat Duta (a company of Sunrise Bhd) has submitted a proposal to build two blocks of service apartments here. The first block has 43 storeys and the second block has 37 storeys. There will be a total of 548 units of service apartments on this land along Jalan Changkat Hartamas. This is opposite Publika and looks like next to the entrance of Hartamas Heights. The initial proposal had 5 blocks including 680 units of serviced residences and an office tower. But the proposal was rejected in 2014 as a result of objection from the Hartamas Heights residents. #15 A WEKAJAYA DEVELOPMENTDeveloper: Wekajaya Sdn BhdBlocks: 2Storeys: 51Units: 420Land area (acres): 2.5Little known Sarawak based developer Wekajaya Sdn Bhd is submitted plans for 420 units across 3 blocks on an approximately 2.5 acres piece of land. Based on the information, these units should be larger units with approximately only 4 units a floor. This condominium will total to 51 stories at its peak.There you go. Happy home-shopping!Image sources: All images of the developments were sourced from the original websites of the respective development or developer.


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Our team was invited to preview The Estate, and boy did we get a treat! From the outside, BON Estates stylish new sales gallery captures the eye with its modern looking louvers and glass facade. W...

Our team was invited to preview The Estate, and boy did we get a treat! From the outside, BON Estates stylish new sales gallery captures the eye with its modern looking louvers and glass facade. We were greeted with a modern luxurious lobby, warm smiles and friendly sales staff. We were then escorted to start a unique four-station tour to learn about The Estate, South Bangsar development. Even if you are not in the market for a property right now, the sales gallery tour is a real treat for anyone interested in property or architectural design. Pick up something healthy from the cafe, The Good Co. which is enclosed within the sales gallery while appreciating its concept.Entrance to the Sales GalleryInterior decor of the Type C showroomIn a NutshellThe Estate is a freehold residential development located in the South Bangsar neighborhood. The development offers 328 luxurious condominium units spread across two towers. It is a low-density development with only 89 units per acre, compared to Southview by UOA and Novum by EUPE which have 565 and 240 units per acre respectively. Designed for privacy, there are only four units on each floor, with private lift lobbies. There are five lifts in each block, with two lifts servicing each unit. Unit sizes range from 2,346 sq ft to 7,057 sq ft, with option of dual-key.Where its at?What3words: hillside.speaks.sodaCoordinates: 3.111161, 101.660874Landmark: Bangsar South WaterfallIt is a 5-minute walking distance to the University LRT (even if you dont brisk walk), The Village, Nexus F&B mall, Life Care Center and the recently opened KL Gateway Mall. It is also walking distance to the MSC-status, tax-free Vertical and the Horizon office towers, rumoured to be popular amongst hippie tech start-ups who apparently also live in their offices (or nearby).Other than that, South Bangsar is just 5-minute drive to Mid Valley City, Bangsar Village and Jaya One on a good traffic day.The Estates what3words locationWhat Caught Our EyeView of Gasing Hill forest reserveThe GreeneryNature is a big deal nowadays. The Estate offers a majestic view over the 200-acre Bukit Gasing forest. According to our analysis, properties next to a park or green lung has a 3% above market neighbourhood price. Sales staff said there might be a trail entrance next to the forest, plus points for nature enthusiasts.The Estate is comparatively much bigger than other condos in the area. According to the developers market research, there is an overwhelming supply of units in the area that are under 1,000 sq ft, with a vacuum in the 2,000 sq ft and above segment. Thus, the Estate offers homes starting at 2,346 sq ft for a 4+1 bedroom unit to cater for families and buyers from neighbouring areas, such as Taman Desa, Seputeh, Bangsar and Petaling Jaya, who are looking to upgrade. Each unit also comes with four car parks each (penthouses get five to six lots each).Shady pool with private cabanasSexy Landscape DesignWe are drooling over the landscape designs, as suspected, designed by the renowned firm Seksan Designs (now known as SD2). The landscaping includes a shady pool with private cabanas, a two-storey herb pavilion and a private pet-friendly lakewalk. In addition, each tower is also equipped with a private entertainment sky terrace, equipped with dipping pool, a BBQ area and a sauna on the highest floor (Yey to parties!). **Note this KL condo is pet dog-friendly.Green TechThe Estate is also green in a sustainable sense.The developer collaborated with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Public Works Department to design energy saving homes that are passively cool. Our sales gallery tour included a section where we could feel the difference of temperature between regular glass and low-E glass. Units will be installed with low-E glass for the windows to allow the natural daylight to pass through while keeping the heat out. The rain and wastewater harvested in a water retention pond, bio-filtration system is carried out and water will be reused for the featured waterfall and watering plant within the project. SD2 has also designed kids playground, lawn and lake with plenty of greenery. The Estate, South Bangsar mainly targets homeowners. Units are completed with reputable finishings such as TOTO sanitary wares, Niro Granite homogenous tiles, PP-R pipings and full brass taps to last for many generations. Now LayoutsAll The Estate units start with a minimum of four bedrooms. The smallest configuration, Type A, is 2,346 sqf (interestingly, this has the widest balcony and largest storeroom). However, if you prefer the forest view, you will need to choose between Types B, C, D and E.Type B comes with ensuite bathrooms for every room, and a decent storeroom, but the living room is deep rather than wide, even though it still offers a 7.4 m wide balcony.The Estate also offers dual key units (a two-in-one combo with one large and one smaller unit) to cater for multigenerational living. This is based on the Japaneses 100-year home concept, where families live in their homes for their whole life, despite varying space requirements. Our favorite (and the largest of the typical units) is Type E a dual key unit, with the second key being a loft. The loft key features a 2-storey and 10-foot wide balcony, which is perfect for a sky garden.Type I is called The Skyhouse (or as the sales staff calls the ironman house), which features a 270-degree view of both the forest and city view. The unit comes with a full fledged garden right in the middle of the skyhouse, fed by round-the-clock daylight. Unfortunately, Skyhouses are all sold out (and the project hasnt even been launched yet!) Type A | 2,346 sqfType E | 3,474 sqf | Dual-key, DuplexHow Much $$$?The Estate is priced from an average of RM750 psf, with units on the lower floors priced from RM1.5 million. (OMG!)Quick checks on revealed that the 2,100 sqf units at the neighbouring leasehold The Park Residence by UOA transacted recently at above RM820 psf. Other similar nearby developments, such as Sky Seputeh and Aira Residence, are launching at way above RM1,100 psf. At 20% discount to its competitors, The Estates price tag seems to have resonated with buyers (see the sales chart below).Maintenance is kept at RM0.25 psf, including sinking fund. The sales staff also mentioned that the sinking fund will be supplemented from the rental of the resident-owned cafe building. Sales ChartSummaryProsThe Estate seems to offer well thought out units for an underserved market segment that is looking for a larger high-rise family units (most probably moving up from landed properties) with space and luxury. Its location and product offering are also a point of attraction. We see its sustainability with eco-friendly concept throughout the development. It is low-density development with 4 units per floor and 89 units per acre. The price psf is considered below market value even though absolute price is not exactly affordable.ConsTraffic congestion might be an issue, especially with government housing on Jalan Kerinchi. The Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) needs to step up to manage the problem of cars parking all along the main road. However, a newly opened slip road from the Federal highway allows direct access to The Estate, bypassing the congested section. The developer also shared plans to upgrade the walkway from The Estate to the University LRT station for the comfort of residents who rely on public transport.We would say the affordability rate is low as the entrance fee is quite high but nevertheless the sales chart shows otherwise. In our opinion, The Estate, South Bangsar would be a good buy if you can afford it. Its an environment-conscious development in a strategic location with plenty of amenities nearby. The grand launch will be held this Sunday, 19th March 2017 at 7 PM. The BON Estate Sales Gallery is located in Bangsar (opposite Bangsar Shopping Centre). Drop by to have a look for yourself. The unit prices may be revised on Sunday.What3words: Coordinates: 3.142234, 101.666952


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“我不能养狗 - 我住在公寓。“这是马来西亚业主常见的一个话题。但是,它可能不完全准确。我们挖掘了真相后发掘到其实你可以与你的宠物在某些高层住得愉快。Property Pricetag 在此帮你分析。第1步:迁移到KL如果你住在雪兰莪,那难度就高了。雪兰莪没有任何市政会允许宠物狗在高层住宅 。例如,安邦再也市议会(MPAJ)指定 “不会颁发任何养狗证书给住在在建筑物地面以上的屋主。”巴生市议...

“我不能养狗 - 我住在公寓。“这是马来西亚业主常见的一个话题。但是,它可能不完全准确。我们挖掘了真相后发掘到其实你可以与你的宠物在某些高层住得愉快。Property Pricetag 在此帮你分析。第1步:迁移到KL如果你住在雪兰莪,那难度就高了。雪兰莪没有任何市政会允许宠物狗在高层住宅 。例如,安邦再也市议会(MPAJ)指定 “不会颁发任何养狗证书给住在在建筑物地面以上的屋主。”巴生市议会(MPK)的条款翻译为“狗禁止在公寓或高于任何建筑物的地面以上”。第2步:小狗之外,其他狗类都不受欢迎吉隆坡市政府(DBKL)是唯一在 Klang Valley 允许狗在高层住宅的地方当局。然而,狗必须是一个小品种,重量少于7公斤。对不起大丹犬……在高层公寓允许的小品种狗包括微型 Miniature Pinscher, Bichon Frise, Pekingese, Papillon, Toy Poodle, Japanese Chin, Maltese, Pomeranian 和 Chihuahua。第3步:获得正式狗牌照证明图片来源:smalldogplace.com狗主应该申请来自DBKL的狗牌照时向公寓管理部门(Joint Management Body,JMB)或管理公司(Management Corporation)提交许可证。然而,现在狗主不一定需要申请这个证明了。最近对“阶层管理法” (Strata Management Act) 的修正案规定,法律允许宠物在高层。管理机构只能规范但不能禁止在分层周围中养宠物。所以只要你的地方议会批准,你就不需要额外的同意,总之你的狗不打扰他人的安宁,并对其他居民不造成健康危害。当然,有些公寓比其他人更欢迎毛毛的朋友。这里是一些在吉隆坡不排测宠物的公寓:Mont’ KiaraKiara 9Kiara VilleKiara 188828 Mont’ KiaraBangsarBangsar PeakKEN BangsarSri WangsariaPark ResidenceDamansaraTwins DamansaraSunway PalazzioAzelia ResidenceDamansara City ResidencyDesa ParkCityThe BreezewayOne Central ParkNadia成为一个负责任的宠物主人图片来源:Odditymall.com无论你住在哪里,如果你有一只宠物狗,你就必须为你的狗狗的行为负起责任。记得常确保您的狗不会损害公共财产或对他人造成伤害,早晚在吠叫,在无人监督的情况下擅自跑动,或者拥有凶猛表现。也许最重要的是,清理你的宠物的排便 — 毕竟没有人想要住在尿沾污或充满地雷的走廊。马上登入便可在 免费查看最新成交价或买卖房屋。 关注我们的 Facebook 便能掌握大马产业市场最新走向和深度报道。



Is it expensive to sell your house yourself? We can tell you for sure that it’s absolutely not! It's simple and for those who are tight on cash, you may consider a DIY solution. Here’s our step-by-...

Is it expensive to sell your house yourself? We can tell you for sure that it’s absolutely not! It's simple and for those who are tight on cash, you may consider a DIY solution. Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you get started:STEP 1: RESEARCHYou need know the market value of your house. You can do that by checking house prices in your neighbourhood from the Internet, or simply check on by selecting SOLD when you search. The transacted prices of surrounding houses will give you a good idea of how to price your house.How to boost the appeal of your house to buyers so you can negotiate for better price?1) A renovated & extended house (for landed property only)2) Selling together with built-in cabinets, wardrobes, air-conditioners, etc. 3) Good condition: No leakages, good wiring work done, well kept facilities, good management, etc.4) A fresh coat of paint works wonders!You may be compelled to price the house higher as you may have lived in the house for a long time and feel attached to it. However do be REALISTIC! Make sure you do proper research before naming your price. After all, your goal is to sell your house right?STEP 2: MARKET YOUR PROPERTYIn Malaysia, there are many property listing platforms you can choose to use. Some sites may offer free or charge a minimal fee for listing your house on the sites. These sites will allow you to post images to promote your house. However, there is a limit on the number of images you can post depending on the terms and conditions of the package subscribed. Check out portals like,, and to list your house!STEP 3: KNOW THE KEY SELLING POINTS OF YOUR HOUSEYou should provide as much details as possible when describing your house. Include information like the land area, built-up size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, any renovation done, any fittings included, which direction is it facing, land title, special features, etc.. The more details you provide, the easier it will be for potential buyers to decide if it’s worth viewing. Most importantly, show your house with clear images. Potential buyer would want to see the interior of the house before proceeding with viewing.Alternatively, you can consider getting a Virtual Tour of your house filmed for just RM248. This is convenient for buyers as they can simply view your house online and only make an appointment to view in person if they are really keen. This way you can save so much time and not worry about your safety during the viewing! Check out our virtual tours here.STEP 4: SHOW YOUR HOUSEDo a thorough house cleaning before showing your house to potential buyers. You should leave them a good first impression to consider. If you’re selling the house bare, make sure you have removed all the furnitures. If you’re selling your house with the furnitures then do make sure the furnitures are in good, and appealing condition. Your junk may not be someone else’s treasure. We do advise that you should have another friend or relative with you during the house-viewing as an additional safety measure. STEP 5: NEGOTIATEIt is always good to have a bottom line price before you start the negotiation process. Check the market value of surrounding houses as well to ensure that your property is priced fairly. Did you know that you can check the transacted prices of properties for free? Simple click on SOLD when you start your search here.Make sure you factor in the Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) that you will have to pay so you don’t make a loss! To learn how you will be taxed, read this article. Once you have reached an agreement on the price with the buyer, you can engage a lawyer with experience in handling real estate cases to execute the legal documents for you.STEP 6: CLOSE THE DEALWhat comes next after haggling? For a peace of mind, the buyer can place his/her security deposit in the safe-keeping of the lawyer until the bank loan is approved. Do you know you can save up to 3% commission upon transaction? If your property is valued at RM700,000 -- that’ll be RM22,260 (GST included) you have to fork out just to sell your house! Regardless, the procedure of selling your own house may not be for everyone. It requires time and patience, a lot of phone calls and legwork -- but consider the amount you of money you could enjoy from selling your house yourself! If you really don't want to go through that experience, you can always call up your trusted real estate agent to help with the sale. However, if you're up for it to save some cash, give it a try. It's FREE!How to upload a free listing on can sell your house on Here’s how to use our free listing site.1. Sign up for an account here!2. Navigate to listings from the top right button3. Click Add New Listing.4. Key-in your condo or area name and select a suggestion from the drop menu. If your area is not available, simply hit Enter and you may use the map feature to plot your property’s location.5. Fill in the necessary details like area, price, tenure, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms.6. Describe your house with as much details as possible. For example, “New corner unit with automatic gates. Guarded community, main door facing South. With swimming pool. Owner occupied.”7. Upload 5-6 images that feature your house the most.8. And hit ‘SUBMIT’.What to expect after this?Your property will be listed on A buyer may look for your property using the search bar on the homepage by the area or building name. Once your property is selected, the buyer may contact you directly for viewing or negotiation. Congratulations, you’re on your way to selling your property!SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices in these neighbourhoods. List your property for FREE or check out our many cool 360 videos. Follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.