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What does heritage mean to you? To some, it may be memories and to others, interpersonal ties. But to most, a universal symbol of legacy would be an heirloom. As far as Property Pricetag is concern...

What does heritage mean to you? To some, it may be memories and to others, interpersonal ties. But to most, a universal symbol of legacy would be an heirloom. As far as Property Pricetag is concerned, a building is one of the most visible examples of a heirloom we have. Even as they remain in use today, they serve as enduring monuments to generations before us. We’ve decided to look at the structures still standing in Klang Valley that can help us piece together the puzzle of its rich cultural past.1. Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal GallerySource: Visit SelangorBirthed by Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, this museum was once aptly dubbed “Muzium Kenangan” or Museum of Memories. The building itself is as historical as the exhibits it houses, its story starting long before its opening in 1988. It began life as a land administration office for the British, but then took on a more ominous purpose as headquarters for the Japanese during WW2. It continued to serve in a governmental capacity up until the Eleventh Yang di-Pertuan Agong decided to take advantage of its more cultural offerings. These days, it houses objects of equivalent historical value, artifacts spanning the entire lineage of Selangor sultanate since 1799.  2. Kuan Yin TempleSource: The StarFew buildings in the Greater KL area can claim to be older than a hundred years, so the Kuan Yin Temple carries a rare sort of pedigree. Built in 1892, it’s also the oldest temple in Malaysia. How narrowly it avoided having its long life cut short. Ravaged extensively by termites, it was scheduled for a rendezvous with the wrecking ball. That is, until Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah realised what a loss its demolition would be and declared it a state heritage site. And so it remains in Klang town, serving worshipers of the Goddess of Mercy to this day3. Our Lady of Lourdes ChurchSource: WikipediaIf you’re from Lourdes, France, OLL in Klang may remind you of home. That would be exactly as its architect, Father Souhait, intended. In 1923, he was charged to take care of the flock in Klang and its surrounding districts and was dismayed to discover they had no place to worship. He looked to the French city for inspiration, borrowing its Gothic style for his own parish in the tropics. We can’t report any miraculous visions of the Virgin yet, but her likeness is ever-present throughout the church, particularly on her Annual Feast Day.4. Little IndiaSource: Ng Su Ann/Timeout“Little” India is actually the largest of its kind in Malaysia. Imagine a thoroughfare densely packed with as much cultural bounty as you can fit per square foot and you’ll have a pretty good picture of what awaits here. Spices, sweets and saris in a full spectrum of shapes and sizes make this spot something of a mecca for shopaholics. When you tire of retail therapy, there are eateries aplenty to rest your weary togs. All in all, this vibrant street is a fitting reflection of the country’s third largest racial group.  5. Klang Fire StationSource: Tourism SelangorIt’s nice when our guardian angels stick around to protect us and Klang Fire Station’s been alive and kicking since the 1890’s. It’s hardly stayed static over the years, having undergone the necessary renovations and adjustments to keep it intact. However, while it remains a fully-functioning fire station, it retains all of its original genteel Victorian elegance to this day. Now that, kids, is how to look good while taking names.6. Sri Nagara Thendayupani templeSource: Wai Kin/PanoramioSo where do all the Hindus in Malaysia’s largest Little India worship? At the oldest Hindu temple in Klang, naturally. Managed by the Nattukotai Chettiar community, the 150-year old temple’s main deity is Sree Raja Rajeswary. Aside from being a place of devotion, Sri Nagara Thendayupani is an important repository of Indian heritage, playing host to a great many cultural practices. These range from festive affairs like weddings to more everyday novelties like a palm-reading session with the resident fortune-teller.  7. Raja Mahadi FortSource: Tourism SelangorYou can’t have history without a bit of conflict. Similarly, you can’t go to war without a fort. Raja Mahadi and Raja Abdullah were in the midst of a skirmish and the former had needs to barricade his rival out of his portion of Klang. So Raja Mahadi built his eponymous citadel upon a lofty vantage point to spy on the ships sailing through Pangkalan Batu. Later on, the Sultan of Selangor sent an agent, Tengku Kudin, to oust Raja Mahadi from his home turf for failing to pay his taxes. After holding out for six months, Raja Mahadi surrendered and the fort has been retired from martial duty ever since. Be sure not to miss the grave of a warrior killed with a silver bullet.8. Klang Railway StationSource: Wikimedia CommonsMuch like the Fire Station, the Klang Railway Station is a living homage to Klang’s rich past. The busiest rail nexus in the area, this station began as a replacement for the remote Bukit Kuda station in 1890. It became such a success that a full six miles of extensions were added to it, stretching its railway all the way to Port Swettenham (Port Klang today) by 1901.9. Klang Convent SchoolSource: SunwayFounded by the same missionaries behind Our Lady of Lourdes Church, this traditional convent school had only 19 students to its name in 1924. However, demand eventually called for more supply and the school’s iconic main building was constructed from 1926-1928.  10. Alam Shah PalaceSource: Wikimedia CommonsThe Royal Malay-style Alam Shah Palace is actually the third iteration of a royal palace to be built on this site. Originally, it was Mahkota Puri Palace, built to replace Alaeddin Palace in 1903. When Tengku Alam Shah ascended to the throne in 1938, Mahkota Puri was again destroyed to make way for the palace that stands today. However, no matter how many times royal architects have hit the Restart button, the palace’s oldest legends die hard. It is said that if you should enter the palace with unclean intentions, you will be cast out by the unseen battalion that has guarded Selangor’s sultanate since its beginnings.


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As different as we all may seem, we all need a roof over our heads. We're here to make sure you don't end up sheltering under the wrong tree, a mistake as deadly as having kids with the wrong perso...

As different as we all may seem, we all need a roof over our heads. We're here to make sure you don't end up sheltering under the wrong tree, a mistake as deadly as having kids with the wrong person. If you didn't see the right dream home for your personality type in our last article, never fear. We haven't forgotten you. This time, we bring you PART 2 of our rundown on ideal abodes for each Myers-Brigg personality type.The Dutiful (ISTJ)Source: NerdistHarmony is this personality type’s byword. ISTJ’s love preserving the order of the universe and can be sticklers for rules. They have an iron-clad sense of honour and will see any task they are given to the very end. This trait makes them excellent friends who truly understand what it means to be loyal and to keep your word. Unfortunately, this can also make them rigid and unable to handle the slightest bit of chaos in their perfectly-organised world.Home type: Luxury condoSource: JMB MalaysiaThat is why they would be very comfortable living in condos, serviced residences or anywhere where living is defined by a specific set of rules. The additional security in these living compounds also allows ISTJ’s to keep their tidy retreats safe from outside interference or danger. This doesn’t mean it has to be boring. A condo with a wide array of facilities will provide ISTJ’s with plenty of options without making it necessary to sacrifice the systemised environments they thrive in. PS, you should probably elect them to guard your JMB funds.The Nurturer (ISFJ)Source: AP PhotoNurturers make the world go round. Don’t believe us? Have you heard of Mother Theresa? You won’t find a more giving, altruistic personality type around. ISFJ’s have a powerful compulsion to take care of others, using their high emotional intelligence to take note of minute personal details and hidden emotions. They are acutely aware of other people and strive to improve the lives of those around them. However, don’t expect them to revolutionise the world in the process. ISFJ’s are firm believers in tradition who prefer to bring about change through tried and true channels. They are just as sensitive to their own emotions as they are to others, but are far less likely to express themselves.Home type: Small BungalowLocated in Cameron HighlandsOne-storey bungalows are an excellent choice for a generous personality type that sometimes gives too much of itself. After giving so much of themselves, introverted nurturers urgently need to take time to recharge. Though they are only single storey, these bungalows’ typically spacious layout allows ISFJ’s to take the time for themselves that they so often neglect. With enough space to adorn to their specifications, perhaps ISFJ’s could discover and express themselves as they transform their houses into homes.The Guardian (ESTJ)Source: GiphyThis highly-organised personality type makes for a great companion in the battle trenches, should it ever get to that. Proud citizens of the here and now, ESTJ’s are great at staying present and dealing with the situation at hand instead of losing themselves to hypotheticals. Their focus on the tangible world around them makes them excellent organisers and leaders who give every endeavour their all. Guardians are also motivated by their strong principles and by concrete facts and logic.Home type: TownhouseSource: Sunway PropertyThe ultimate joiners, ESTJ’s love to host and be part of a party. We’d recommend townhouses or superlink properties for them because they are both communal and airy, making them ideal venues for entertaining guests. Getting one with lots of rooms would be a bonus for those who don’t want the fun to end after dark. If the townhouse happens to be one with a bit of pedigree, so much the better. While ESTJ’s very much enjoy living in the present, they are lovers of tradition who won’t pass up a bit of history.The Caregiver (ESFJ)Source: GiphyESFJ’s love other people and want nothing more than to bring out the best in their peers or at least bring a smile to their face. They are staunchly orthodox, preferring security and stability over what-if’s and hypotheticals. This makes them dependable friends and workers who know exactly what needs to be done to finish a job. They tend to be people-pleasers who need affirmation to function and they can be stuck in their ways.Home type: Semi-DSource: New Launch Property @ PinterestTerraces or semi-D’s are great landed property choices for caregivers, who love opening their homes to friends and neighbours. Other than the fact that these homes make excellent places to host gatherings, they also give ESFJ’s a space of their own to organise to their heart’s content. However, landed properties also have the benefit-in-disguise of not being an entirely controlled environment, providing Caregivers with an opportunity to become comfortable with the natural chaos of living.  The Artisan (ISTP)Source: GiphyContrary to what you might assume, ISTP’s reasoning capabilities are among their strongest traits. Never ones to pass up a puzzle, they live to figure out and tinker with the world around them, making them excellent with technical pursuits. They tend not to make decisions by consensus, preferring to draw their own conclusions and act independently. However, far be it from them to be boring, unimaginative squares. Artisans tend to be cheery folk who leap before they look, making them great adventure buddies for those who aren’t too rigid about schedules.Home type: Freehold landSource: World Landscape ArchitectWe feel that buying freehold land, with or without a house attached, is a brilliant idea for Artisans. While it may not be possible for most of us to be both planners and free spirits, ISTJ’s embody these seemingly contradictory traits with great panache. You can be sure that any house an ISTJ builds will make perfect sense while managing to be a carefree haven where spontaneity is encouraged. We can imagine the Artisans crafting their own handmade furniture, drawing out a stunningly efficient layout on the drafting board and imbuing every corner with their personal touch. In this domicile, self-expression will never die.The Artist (ISFP)Source: GiphyISFP’s are conduits of sensation. There is not a sight, sound or smell that gets past this innately attuned personality type. Their sensitivity to their environment makes them masters of aesthetics who take a hands-on approach to express themselves rather than use words.They are also deeply caring individuals with an inclination to serve and an appreciation for nature’s subtle pleasures.Home type: Estate bungalowSource: Responsible TravelIn lieu of a cottage in the countryside, we’d recommend a small bungalow on a sizable bit of land away from the hustle and bustle of urban centres. ISFP’s are an easily stimulated lot and noise pollution is an absolute no-no if they are to live peacefully. Being close to nature will be a boon for artists, who will find much to inspire them in the wilds and in the gardens they could cultivate on their own plot.The Promoter (ESTP)  Source: GettyIf an ESTP had something to sell you, you’d most definitely buy it. The Promoters are confident, persuasive types who live for the thrill of the pitch. Spontaneity is their guiding principle and they are far more likely to obey their own intuition than anyone else’s dictates. Natural connoisseurs, they are refined hedonists who command all the attention at any gatherings. They tend to be practical and action-oriented, but their fun-loving natures ensure that no one who ever works with them is ever alienated.Home type: Any large homeSource: Bungalow RenovationA big home suits the Promoter’s big personality. Superlink terraces, large semi-D’s or bungalows will all fit the bill. ESTP’s are not sticklers for rules, by any means, so having a living space where they may exercise free reign would be the ideal. However, we’d recommend that ESTP’s not put too much space between themselves and their neighbours. Their strongest skills happen to be interpersonal, so it would be a shame if they were too far away from a friendly community they could entertain or rope into home-decorating projects.The Performer (ESFP)Source: Hello MagazineNew friends and experiences are the spice of life for performers, who thrive off the attention of an audience. But don’t mistake them for high-maintenance divas. ESFP’s are actually easy-going sorts who excel at dispelling conflict and creating a joyous working environment for all. They’re not going to be the masterminds behind projects, as they don’t tend to be detail-oriented strategists. They’d rather just find creative ways to improvise as they go along and enjoy themselves while they’re at it.Home type: Swanky penthouseSource: Luxury InsiderA spacious, striking penthouse in a busy metropolitan area will suit the ESFP’s flair for drama and love of stimulation. Gazing out at a buzzing streetscape would be an invigorating experience for performers and a central location would allow them to maintain an equally hectic social life.



Neighbourhoods and homes lie atop countless layers of history, not all of which is sunshine and roses. In light of Halloween being just around the corner, Property Pricetag has decided to delve int...

Neighbourhoods and homes lie atop countless layers of history, not all of which is sunshine and roses. In light of Halloween being just around the corner, Property Pricetag has decided to delve into their dark pasts and have come of with some sinister stories of dastardly deeds.Disclaimer: We are NOT responsible for any skeletons you may dig up in your community’s closet.1. Mona Fandey Witchcraft Murder in RaubSource: Azim The TravelerOne of the oldest towns in Pahang state, sleepy Raub was founded as a gold mining town towards the close of the 19th century. These days, it’s better known for waterfalls, jungle, fresh river fish and a gruesome new chapter to its long history: the Mona Fandey ritual murder, one of the most bizarre crime stories on Malaysian soil.Source: @iAppleMustache / TwitterWith knife-like cheekbones and a court jester smile, Mona Fandey looked every inch the deranged murderess she was. She made no effort to appear contrite when she was found guilty of the horrific butchering of Mazlan Idris, a state assemblyman of Batu Talam. The local politician had sought supernatural help from the former pop star, who now was offering her services as a witch doctor or bomoh. On July 18, 1993, he’d met her in her home in Raub for some cleansing rituals. Mona Fandey told Mazlan to lie down on her floor, close his eyes and envision money “falling from the sky”. What fell instead were three strokes of an axe wielded by her assistant, Juraimi Hassan. After killing him, she, Juraimi and her husband Mohamad Nor Affandi Abdul Rahman went on a wild shopping spree, Fandey even managing to treat herself to a facelift. This probably explains her strong resemblance to an evil clown.Source: GiphyWhen police responded to a missing person’s report and raided her home, they discovered Mazlan buried in her store room and placed the devilish trio under arrest. After a long, dramatic trial, all three were sentenced to the hangman’s noose on November 21, 2001. None of them appeared to feel any remorse on the day of their reckoning. Instead, as a closing act, Fandey left us all with some chilling last words: “Aku takkan mati” or “I won’t die”.2. The offing of a debt collector in Taman OUGSource: The StarTaman OUG’s a fairly typical KL neighbourhood. Located off busy Jalan Klang Lama and close to Taman Desa, it’s within easy proximity to Mid Valley, Gardens and the rest of the city, provided there’s no congestion on the way. However, it does provide pretty well for itself with its own night market and neighbourhood malls like Plaza OUG. On July 22, 2016, the usual hum of activity was disrupted by the last thing anyone would have expected to hear; gunshots. When the smoke cleared, it was apparent that the bullets had been true to their aim, ending the life of real estate agent, Datin Renyce Wong Siew Ling.Source: The StarWong was out with her daughter in her car when two assailants on a motorbike shot through her windows, claiming her life and grievously injuring her child. The bullet shells were found to be from a Glock 19 pistol and they matched those found at three other shootings in Perak. These telling clues to two hitmen and the man who hired them, Chin Kok Leung, a businessman in serious debt to Wong. Apparently, she had lent him RM 13 Mil to invest in a ceramics business. No one knows where she may have gotten the financing to do this, but it is strongly suspected that her husband was involved in a Ponzi scheme. Unfortunately, the enterprise ended up going nowhere. She hired a private investigator to tail him, making the dangerous move to corner a desperate man. Chin paid the hitmen RM 60,000 to rid him of his debtor once and for all.3. The Mysterious Murder of Datuk Norjan Khan in Kota KinabaluKota Kinabalu has become a rising Malaysian tourist hotspot and it’s easy to see why. It’s got the multicultural charms of larger cities mixed with a laid-back attitude and paradisiacal natural landscapes. It is in this idyllic part of our country that Datuk Norjan Khan Bahadar met her end under some rather unusual circumstances.Source: Asia Web DirectThe last day of Norjan’s life couldn’t have been more ordinary. On 11 February 2004, the personable politician enjoyed an amiable chat with friends in the coffeehouse in the lobby of the Shangri-la in Bandaran Berjaya. She decided to call it a night and return to her room at 11pm. It was the last time anyone saw her alive. When cleaning staff entered her room with a master key the next morning, they found her lifeless body. At first, burglary was suspected, but it was quickly ruled out as a motive after they found all her belongings intact. Further investigation yielded a potential suspect in Azman Khan, a young Indonesian waiter who’d gone up to deliver milk to her room. He was accused of having relations with Norjan and killing her in a jealous rage after finding her with another man. He vehemently denied these charges and he was released when the court failed to prove his ties with Norjan. The case became ever more complicated when a Pakistani businessman stepped forward. Amir Khan claimed than Norjan was having money troubles. It was difficult to take his statement at face value when his DNA traces were all over the room. Unable to pin the murder on a single individual, the frustrated authorities had to place this one on the shelf, where it remains to this day.4. Kim Jong-Nam’s Assassination started on Jalan Klang LamaSource: Google ScreenshotSometimes, the world’s strangest crimes have the most unlikely beginnings. The most recent example to happen on our home soil is Kim Jong-Nam’s assassination. While this peculiar episode had undeniable repercussions worldwide, it all started on the Verve Suites on Jalan Klang Lama. The oldest road in Klang Valley, OKR is now better-known for delicious eateries than top-secret operations. Perhaps this why the killers chose this as their manufacturing spot for the deadly poison that ended Kim’s life.  Source: AFPOn February 13 this year, the estranged elder half-brother of Kim Jong-Il, North Korea’s current ruler, was waiting for a flight home to Macau when two strange women approached him and swabbed his face with a soaked cotton pad. He went to complain about their odd behaviour to airport staff but promptly collapsed mid-sentence. He was dead within 20 minutes. In his bloodstream, forensics specialists found copious amounts of VX nerve agent, a substance so deadly the UN has branded it a weapon of mass destruction.Source: TenorHis brazen assassins were suspiciously easy to find and bring into custody. Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Huong insisted that they were innocent of any intent to murder. After all, they’d been told they were merely playing pranks on strangers for a hidden camera! They claimed two Chinese men had hired them as participants on Chinese reality tv shows. Of course, when police came for the “Chinese” producers, they found that they were in reality North Korean agents who had already fled the country. All they left in their wake were two ladies to take the fall for the regime.5. Norita Samsuddin’s Untimely End in Sri HartamasSri Hartamas is quite the melting pot. Thanks to the presence of Garden International School, one of Malaysia’s most renowned international institutions, it’s home to a large number of expats and moneyed households. At the same time, maybe thanks to its students, it’s got plenty of bars, clubs and other nighttime venues. With some of KL’s richest people letting off steam in after dark, anything goes. Perhaps that’s why Norita Samsuddin’s encounters with her lover went so horribly wrong.Source: UtusanNorita’s looks drew offers from modeling agencies, but she wanted to build a more stable career as a marketing executive. However, she was nowhere near as risk-averse in her personal life. She'd been meeting with a man, Hanif Basree, for liaisons every week in her home in the Puncak Premium Galleria Condominiums. On December the 5th, 2003, she was found dead. At first, suspicion fell on Hanif, who was promptly arrested. However, while the DNA samples showed that he had indeed been at the apartment, there were traces of an another man present as well. It seems someone else had visited Norita just after he left. Furthermore, one of her roommates claimed to have seen a man fleeing the scene the night she was killed, a man with bad body odour. Comparatively, Hanif smelled fresh as a daisy. Due to lack of evidence, he was eventually acquitted.6. Xu Jian Huang’s drowning off Jalan AmpangSource: Wikimedia CommonsThough it’s been eclipsed in popularity by the likes of Bangsar, Mont Kiara and Hartamas,  Ampang still holds a certain draw for those with a higher income bracket. Close to the draws of the city centre, the many embassies clustered in this posh residential enclave make for a very international, educated community. However, Chinese student Xu Jian Huang’s time in this expat haven ended up costing him his life.Source: LinkedIn14-year old Xu Jian Huang was a student at Mutiara International Grammar School. Sent to Malaysia for better opportunities, he’d been living with his uncle, businessman and Datuk Seri Koh since his arrival in April 2002. It seemed nothing could be going better until September 24th 2014, when he said something very worrying on the phone to his father: “Papa, I’m very frightened. They’re going to beat me”. Two days later, he was found drowned in his uncle’s swimming pool. His uncle was immediately arrested with two of his bodyguards and stripped of his titles. All three suspects were charged with murder but were eventually acquitted of their charges. When prosecution appealed his acquittal, the former Datuk Seri mysteriously disappeared. He was supposed to have been hospitalised in China, but there was no record of him checking into a hospital and there was no known medical certificate issued for him. In the absence of this highly suspect character, there was no point in appealing the acquittal verdict and the hearing was canceled.7. Rashidi Ismail’s Butchering of His Family in Historical GemenchehSource: WikipediaRural Gemencheh in Negeri Sembilan is best known for being the battleground of a skirmish between Australian and Japanese soldiers in WW2. Joining its violent past is a recent episode that would chill the blood of even the most battle-hardened veteran: Rashidi Ismail’s senseless slaughter of his grandparents, father and sister on January 5th 2010.Source: Kosmo!Killing your family is a pretty inauspicious way to start the year, but for Rashidi Ismail, the writing was already on the wall. Literally. Rashidi claimed to have seen a divine message spelled out for him on the walls of his house, urging him to do the deed. Armed with a parang, he set about carrying out his grim mission to the letter. Perhaps because he offered this supernatural vision as a motive for his crimes, the High Court determined that he was not guilty and was instead of unsound mind. A closer look into his past revealed that he was an intelligent individual who had been suffering from untreated schizophrenia. He was sent to Kajang Prison, where he remains to this day.  8. The deal gone deadly for Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya in BantingSource: WikipediaRashid Sidek is Banting’s most famous son, but the rest of its homegrown produce is nothing to sniff at. The seat of Kuala Langat known for its betel leaves, poultry and palm plantations and its proximity to the Morib beaches and Payah Indah Wetlands. Its remoteness from urban centres made it a great meeting place for Sosilawati Lawiya and her three aides to make a land deal on August 30, 2010. Unfortunately, the four ended up drawing the short end of the stick.Source: The Malay MailThe ex-wife of rock star Nash was coming into her own as a cosmetics mogul. She was going to meet with her lawyer N. Pathmanabhan to negotiate the sale of her land and was accompanied by her driver, other lawyer and bank officer. One would think that in the company of three men, she would have few safety concerns. Alas, it was not so, as Pathmanabhan had come prepared. He and two farm hands slaughtered the four, cremated them and scattered their ashes in a river near Tanjung Sepat. During the trial, one of Pathmanabhan’s accomplices admitted that he only participated in the murder to avoid having his life ended by his boss. Regardless of the metaphorical gun held to his head, he was doomed to the same fate as his boss and the other killers at the gallows.To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


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What does a dream home look like to you? Maybe you already have a clear image in your mind, maybe you’re barely sketching out the details. Regardless of where you are in your quest, we’re here to h...

What does a dream home look like to you? Maybe you already have a clear image in your mind, maybe you’re barely sketching out the details. Regardless of where you are in your quest, we’re here to help you get closer to your personal ideal. As with anything else, one man’s paradise is another man’s inferno. Also, what you may think you want may not actually be what works for you. What better way to avoid buyer’s remorse than to make a decision based on your personality type? Property Pricetag presents PART 1 of our guide to buying the best property for your Myers Brigg personality, which you can find out with this quiz.The Giver (ENFJ)Source: GiphyThis is a people-oriented personality type that is highly attuned to the needs of others. Their days are centred around bringing others together and making someone else’s day. ENFJ’s tend to be straightforward types who express themselves with confidence and warmth. However, they do tend to keep their beliefs to themselves, no matter how strongly they stand by them in private. This is because they prefer not to be drawn into needless conflict and would rather not be a source of tension in their personal relationships Home typeSource: Natasha for AirbnbENFJ’s require a spacious home with open spaces with plenty of room for entertaining. We’d recommend a semi-D, bungalow or corner lot with lots of windows. ENFJ’s should consider a kitchen with an island plan or a large outdoor space with a pool for parties/BBQ's. Even better if it’s situated in a friendly neighbourhood where community is prized. However, the bedroom must be a sanctuary from the bustle of the common areas. If ENFJ’S have a fault, it’s that they are too giving and often forget to take care of their own needs. Their home should encourage that as much as possible.The Idealist (INFP)Joan of Arc by John Everett MillaisINFP’S are characterised by their rich internal lives and dreamy natures. While they tend to get lost in their own thoughts, never let it be said that they have no care for the world around them. They have an overriding compulsion to make the world a better place and are far more motivated than their principles than by material gain. They are thoughtful, empathetic listeners who take note of subtleties that slip under everyone else’s noses and can express themselves with great eloquence. However, their sensitive natures make it easy for them to personalise slights and they hold lofty standards for others and for themselves. The good thing is that they are self-aware and are always on the path to improvement.Home TypeSource: PinterestWe like to recommend properties with lots of space for this personality type. INFP’s should live a bungalow or a penthouse, if they absolutely have to live in a high-rise. It isn’t that the INFP’s are unsociable loners. Rather, they are prone to taking on the troubles of the world and need a soothing place to retreat when it gets to be too much. The idealists can even give back to society as they hide away from it all by investing in an eco-friendly property. For city-dwellers, a roomy serviced residence with extensive landscaping is also a good option. INFP’s tend not to fuss over the nitty-gritty details of everyday life and would be grateful if someone else took care of upkeep. The Inspirer (ENFP)Source: GiphyIf there was ever a personality type that could convince you to part with your life savings, the ENFP would be it. They are persuasive articulate speakers whose enthusiasm can be very infectious. If an ENFP is excited, others probably would be too. This makes them excellent motivators who know just the right thing to say to spur everyone else on. Drawn to possibilities, they are prone to trying everything once and learning new skills along the way. Because they are so easily roused to action and people-focused, they must be careful not to get carried away and lost touch with what motivates them.Home typeSource: Star PropertyLike other extroverts, ENFP’s don’t mind being communal with their neighbours. We think they would do well in terraced houses, condos and townhouses. Friendly neighbourhoods and gated communities work best for this personality time. Making a case for landed properties is the land they come with. ENFP’s are leaders and doers by nature and gardens are a great avenue for roping the next door neighbours into convivial home-decorating group projects. We would also recommend properties with built-in shelves and other storage features. ENFP’s aren’t too fussed with the minutiae of daily living, so the more streamlined life is, the better. The Protector (INFJ)Source: LOTR WikiThis is the rarest of all personality types and we can see why. It’s not often you run into such nurturing individuals who anticipate the needs of others so well. INFJ’s are extremely observant of those around them and notice when you’re upset even before you do. Their warm, gentle dispositions make it easy to confide in them and their dependable, caring natures make them pillars of strength in tough times. As willing as they are to take care of others, they are reluctant to seek support in turn. They are extremely private about their own thoughts and desires and tend to harbour a perfectionist streak.Home typeSource: Star PropertyWe actually feel it’s best to leave INFJ’s to decide their property types on their own. This is a highly intuitive personality type, so one of the things that Protectors can always rely on is their own judgment. We’d only go so far as to suggest that they invest in properties with a significant degree of seclusion. Think landed properties. Whether it’s a semi-D or bungalow, the home should allow them to retain their much-valued privacy as well as carve a little space out for them and theirs. They would also benefit from a garden or balcony for plants, but not for the same reasons as an ENFP. They’re nurturers at heart, so cultivating their own nursery of decorative flora is an ideal way to cater to that side of them as well as inspire their natural artistic abilities.The Mastermind (INTJ)Source: tenor.comIf you want anything done, pay the INTJ a visit. Those who belong to this personality type are the ultimate strategists who think long-term and execute their plans to a T. INTJ’s are ambitious without being unrealistic. Unlike other idea-driven personality types, INTJ’s know exactly what they want and how they’re going to go about accomplishing it. As a result, they place justifiable confidence in their own judgment and value similar competence in other people. However, INTJ’s are not as good at communicating their ideas as they are at implementing them. Their motto should be, “Show, don’t tell”. Home typeSource: Fresh Palace on PinterestTo satisfy their organisational tendencies, INTJ’s need a home that they can plan to their heart’s content.  They are brimming with ideas for improving every area of their lives and home decorating is no exception. Therefore, a freehold property is a great option for them because they are given a blank space of their own to mold. If there is an existing property, they can renovate and demolish as much as they want. If there isn’t, they can construct the house of their dreams. Rational and creative in equal measure, they are sure to materialise a home that is both exquisite and impeccably thought-out.The Thinker (INTP)Source: AP PhotoLike INFP’s, INTP’s live in a world of their own making. But instead of zeroing in on a cause to champion, INTP’s prefer to ponder abstractions in a logical manner. They can get lost in analysing possibilities for the sheer fun of it and will pursue an idea to the very end if it catches their fancy. This makes them very focused individuals who are adept at tuning the world out to give something their full attention. INTP’s have trouble staying in the present and tend to think in the future. They are also independent souls who are constrained neither by hierarchy nor by deadlines. Home TypeSource: Serene VillasWe think that INTP’s will be happy just about anywhere if they have a retreat where they can master their thoughts. Whether it’s a bungalow, townhouse, linked property or even an apartment, the property needs to have rooms, nooks or crannies where they can be alone with their thoughts. A urban nature property like Serene Villas because it provides its residents with lots of green space to meander without sacrificing community.The Executive (ENTJ)Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesTraits: ENTJ’s are the most natural leaders of all the personality types. They see possibilities where others only see obstacles and will strike boldly where no man has gone. They have good reason to be fearless, for they have sharp, active minds that absorb complexities quickly and master new skills with ease. This makes them quite career-focused individuals. They are ever on the lookout for mental stimulation and enjoy challenging conversations. They are also great at influencing others and have no trouble asserting their needs. ENTJ’s are in danger of being dominant and intolerant of others’ perceived weaknesses, so they must make sure to rein themselves in. Home typeSource: Luxury InsiderENTJ’s are good with an environment they can micromanage to the last detail. We also feel this personality type would be inspired in a cutting-edge designer property with ample room for boardroom meetings and entertaining. Think a state-of-the-art penthouse featuring the latest in interior design and a large open-plan living area where you can both work and play. The bedroom will be artfully partitioned off by a wall because even CEO’s need their downtime. The Visionary (ENTP)Source: PPC WikiSimilar to INTP’s, ENTP’s are idea people. However, it turns out that extroversion makes quite a big difference and ENTP’s prefer to bounce their thoughts off others instead of just keeping them in. They also tend to think in terms of how they can better understand those around them rather than just delving into theory for the sake of it. This makes them adventurous, curious people who love learning about others. They are great at spreading enthusiasm wherever they go and make charming conversationalists who love a good debate. However, they aren’t as great at fleshing out details and would rather come up with ideas than see them through to the end. Home typeSource: Architizer for PinterestENTP’s are best off in condos or serviced residences. This is not because they don’t require a space to call their own, but because they are big-picture people who don’t always remember to take care of the particulars. So having front-desk staff on hand all day would be quite a bonus, in their book. Their love for ideas can come across in the interior design of their homes while management can take care of the details that bore them. They are also far more likely to come across a range of inspiring neighbours to converse and collaborate with in a high-rise.If you are none of these personalities, don't despair. We definitely won't be leaving you out of PART 2!


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Ever heard of Taylor’s College, Monash, Sunway Pyramid or Proton Holdings? If you’re an outsider, these are just some of the big-name schools, malls and industries that define Subang Jaya for you. ...

Ever heard of Taylor’s College, Monash, Sunway Pyramid or Proton Holdings? If you’re an outsider, these are just some of the big-name schools, malls and industries that define Subang Jaya for you. However, everyone knows that a city’s more than its statistics and this is especially true of Subang Jaya, which hides a rather quirky side beneath its successes. We’ve decided to show you its more human side with these five fun facts.     1. TAYLOR’S SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY USED TO BE A NIGHTCLUBSource: Kampung Boy, City GalTaylor's School of Hospitality used to be focused on a rather different sort of entetainment. We’ve heard from a reliable source that the school was once a nightclub called Bali at Leisure Commerce! While it was far from the higher education institution it is now, Bali was run by the same people who own the school today. It was actually doing very well in the 90’s, but was eventually closed so the owners could encourage those with more scholarly leanings. Well, it really hasn't strayed too far from its roots in some ways. It's just a fresh angle to the same business.      2. IT WAS ONCE A PLANTATIONSource: etgrisorse.comHow times have changed. Where Subang’s busiest cafes and malls are now standing, there was nothing but rows of oil palm trees stretching as far as the eye can see. Before 1976, the area was a merely a humble plantation called Seafield Estate governed by the Petaling Jaya Municipal Government (MPSJ). Believe it or not, it was once the perfect place to snag a new pet. State Assemblyman Hannah Yeoh used to retreat to the plantation with her father to catch small tiger fish in the wild. Source: tenor.coWe’re not sure what sparked the sudden interest in this no man’s land, but we suspect it may have something to do with the opening of Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in 1965. Whatever the reason, Sime Darby poured its resources into building it up from 1976 to 1988, concluding the project with the completion of Subang Jaya. Townships like USJ and Putra Heights followed later.     3.  IT’S INSPIRED A VIRAL RAP VIDEOSource: YouTube.comFew other Malaysian townships can boast their very own internet legend, but Subang Jaya has one in local hip-hop artist Joe Flizzow. This musical maverick has taken rap out of Compton and into the ‘burbs of Subang Jaya with a homage fittingly titled “Budak Subang Jaya” (he’s also in a Whatsapp group with the same name!). In the music video, he shows us the neighbourhood he grew up in instead of telling us about it in a 360 degree shot and well, it really works.His fellow Budak Subang Jaya will be able to shout out to familiar landmarks like Asia Cafe and Subang Ria Park. Newcomers will get such an immersive tour of the area that they may start to feel a little nostalgic themselves.     4. ASIA CAFE IS CLOSINGSource: thecoverage.mySpeaking of Asia Cafe, the iconic SS15 food court and student haunt will not be around for much longer. It will be demolished to make way for a home office project at the end of the year. The students and staff of Taylor’s University and Inti International School Subang are aghast, as they’ve frequented the food court since it opened in 2004. It’s easy to see why Asia Cafe is dear to their hearts, with its large range of dishes, wide-screen TV and flexible hours (7am-4am, guys!). Oh, and it’s also crawling with Pokemon, if you happen to be into Pokemon Go! That's right. Even anime critters will weep at the loss of this beloved interspecies hang-out spot.    5. YOU CAN FLY A PLANE IN SUBANG AIRPORT Source:, close enough, anyway. Although it’s no longer Malaysia’s premier airport, Subang Airport has been keeping up with the times. In addition to its transformation into ultra-modern Subang SkyPark, it now features a high-tech, realistic flight simulator called FlightSim KL. Equipped high-definition visuals, life-like sound effects and accurate replicas of Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 cockpits, it is supposed to be the closest you can get to being a pilot without ever lifting off the ground. It’s no wonder that it’s such a faithful imitation though, for similar technology is used to train pilots in real life. True to life, a professional pilot will be seated next to you throughout the experience, guiding you as you take-off, fly and land.Source: giphy.comIf your dream is to take to the skies, there really is no better way to take baby steps towards aviation school without sending your parents to an early grave.CONCLUSIONSubang Jaya is a town that likes to have fun in unconventional ways. It may have some of the country’s best universities, industries and malls to its name, but it reveals itself in ways that aren’t obvious at first glance. You have to take a closer look at its history and its people to get a taste of its true self and once you do, you won’t be able to unsee its quirks. This vibrant, communal township is a faithful reflection of the spirited Budak Subang Jaya who call it home.


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If you see what airport cities have become, you won’t want to leave. They are becoming more and more like actual cities, with so many entertainment, food and real estate options that you might forg...

If you see what airport cities have become, you won’t want to leave. They are becoming more and more like actual cities, with so many entertainment, food and real estate options that you might forget you’re not in the capital. Here are five great reasons to move to one now.1. YOU’ll NEVER BE BETTER CONNECTEDIf you wanted to leave, you wouldn’t even have to get on a plane. Airport towns provide great transportation options to nearby cities and attractions. In other words, you might forget what homesickness ever was.Hong Kong International Airport’s SkyCity offers efficient air, highway, sea and rail access to Hong Kong and mainland China. Incheon Airport is working on a six-lane, six-mile expressway and bridge to its airport town, New Songdo City. Not to be left out, our very own KLIA boasts the KLIA Express, a high-speed train that spirits you directly to KL Sentral in just 33 minutes.2. IF YOU CAN'T FIND A JOB, YOU'RE NOT TRYINGThough it’s easy to leave, let’s assume you’re here to stay. You’ll probably need a job for that. Luckily for you, airport towns tend to be lively commercial and economic centres. Like coastal ports back in the day, airports attract a diverse group of products and people, many of whom are business travelers. You’ll find anything from the latest electronics to the world’s leading investment gurus, making airports perfect for trade.Source: images6.fanpop.comIn order to accommodate the constant exchange of goods and services, airports set up huge free-trade zones containing many aviation, logistics and commercial complexes. Right here in Malaysia, a regional distribution hub will be set up in KLIA Aeropolis by none other than Jack Ma of Alibaba Group. The project is expected to generate RM 7 billion worth of foreign and domestic investments, which translates into more jobs. No more excuses, job-hunters!3. YOU'LL GET TO BLAZE TRAILSIf you’re ambitious, there’s no better place for you than a city built from scratch. Young townships need to keep up with a growing population as well as attract newcomers. You won’t be able to keep up with the schools, homes, hospitals, eateries, shopping/entertainment centres and other businesses setting up shop in your neighbourhood. See for yourself the median price per sq ft within a 5km radius of Subang Airport from years 2012-2016, which is about when Firefly started flying exclusively from there.Around Subang International Airport, prices psf for high-rise and landed residential properties are rising. The best places for businesses are growing townships where real estate is increasing in value. Best of all, you can brainstorm without too many actual people around. Few others are likely to have heard of your new home and won’t be ready to move in. Yet. Such are the delightful paradoxes of aerotropolis life.4. YOU WON'T HAVE TO LIVE LIKE A BUMSource: sonjackcarl/TumblrMaybe you think there’s something we’re not telling you. You might be imagining run-down housing units and noise pollution from plane engines. It’s time you saw an airport town for yourself instead of just hearing us sing its praises.That’s Zuidas, an airport town mushrooming around Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. Aside from these swanky homes with a river view, Zuidas has a collection of distinctive neighbourhoods for you to choose from, just like any actual city.Incheon’s New Songbo looks more like a lush resort than anything you might imagine an airport city to be. 40% of Songbo’s 101 acres is parkland and you can enjoy it with walkways, bike paths, boutiques, cafes and restaurants everywhere. If you’re all work and no play, New Songbo’s schools are among the best in the region.But personally, we’d rather swing a club at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea or take in the view of the Yellow Sea. Still miss the cramped room in Brickfields that you’re sharing with three people you don’t know?5. YOU'LL HAVE MANY HAPPY RETURNSIt would certainly be great to be 7 mins from KLIA after a long flight home. But the returns we were thinking of are more monetary in nature. According to research by MIT, half of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States have their headquarters located within a ten-mile radius of an airport. Can anyone say Ka-ching?Source: tenor.coAdditionally, our data shows that within a 10 km radius of Subang Airport, population has swelled from from 760,000 to 1.1 million in 2000-2010. This puts it at a compound annual growth rate of 3.8%, which is noticeably higher than Selangor state’s 2.2%! This should tell you how beneficial the ebb and flow of air traffic is for commercial ventures and subsequently, investments. Airports never run out of travelers or trade, so you’ll have a reliable flow of income if you were to just give a little back out of your own pocket.CONCLUSIONAirport towns say a lot about how we are adapting to our brave new world. As we become more connected and global, it makes sense that our transportation hubs are also evolving to suit our needs. It’s still hard not to be impressed by the airports of today. Once depressing stopovers, they are now destinations in their own right. At the rate they are developing, the space ports of Star Wars seem less like science fiction and more like a possible next step.To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


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While Malaysia is the warm, friendly and (relatively) cheap expat haven it’s always been, settling down here for good can be a confusing process. Factor in the new rules for home ownership that div...

While Malaysia is the warm, friendly and (relatively) cheap expat haven it’s always been, settling down here for good can be a confusing process. Factor in the new rules for home ownership that diverge across the states and some expatriates might just decide to pack up and leave (or simply rent). A recent example would be Selangor’s real estate developments, which have raised the bar for foreign home ownership to prevent stronger currencies from pricing locals out of a home. But don’t give up on us yet! With Propertypricetag’s step-by-step guide for expats, you’ll be guaranteed to emerge from the maze of Malaysian real estate with your Minotaur’s head.1. KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONSSelangor’s minimum price for expats purchasing homes has gone up a steep slope. How steep is steep? Well, it depends on what zone of the state you’re in. In descriptively-named Zone 1 (Petaling, Gombak, Hulu Langat, Sepang, Klang) and Zone 2 (Kuala Selangor, Kuala Langat), you’re looking at RM2 million for residential and RM3 million for commercial lots. In Zone 3 (Hulu Selangor, Sabak Bernam), you can buy residential property for a million, which is on par with what you’d get it for in the rest of Malaysia. However, you’re still stuck the RM2 million price tag for commercial property. Feeling queasy already? Wait, there’s more. In all of Malaysia, you’ll also be restricted in the kind of property you can buy, as you won’t get a look into the following. Malay Reserve Land - Land that is exclusively for Bumiputeras (Malays and Orang Asli)Bumi Lots - Not to be confused with Malay Reserve Land, this refers to a specific quota on each property development that is to be reserved for Bumiputeras.Low to Medium Cost Housing - What these are is dependent on the definition of state authorities, but they are usually flats.Agricultural land - There are a few exceptions, but generally, these are off-limits. 2. KNOW THE EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULESMost systems have their loopholes and these real estate regulations are no exception. There is no doubt that the changes will have a negative impact on expatriates willing to invest in Selangor, but thankfully, there is the rest of Malaysia to consider. We’ve culled the data from HomeFinder and put together table of property price differences among Malaysia’s states, including Sabah and Sarawak.As you can see from our table, the minimum price is RM1 Million in most other states, most notably in our cosmopolitan capital Kuala Lumpur. You’ll be able to pick from a wide-ranging selection of desirable KL neighbourhoods such as KL Sentral, Bangsar, Ampang and Mont Kiara and pay only half the price that you would in Selangor. Penang, a cultural haven and favourite of retirees, also offers landed titles for RM1 million, although highly-coveted Penang Island also enforces the RM2 million minimum. If you want to sample the richness of Peranakan culture with a dose of Portuguese colonial influence, buy strata-titled property in beautiful Melaka for as low as RM500,000.Also, the type of visa you’re carrying can work in your favour. If you have a Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa, you truly will find it easier to make Malaysia your second home by virtue of the fact that you’re much less restricted. Aside from being permitted to stay in the country for 10 years and import a domestic helper, you may also purchase property for much lower prices than you would otherwise. How much lower will depend on the state you plan to purchase in and with more data from Property Life, we’ve prepared a table to illuminate the process.Readily-available financing and a free flow of capital sweeten the deal. Most Malaysian banks are very open to lending to non-Malaysians, with most expatriates entitled to a generous margin of finance of 70%. With an MM2H visa, you’ll get to enjoy an even larger MoF of up to 90%. Add that to the fact that you won’t be charged for transferring funds from overseas and you have more room to maneuvre than you thought.Source: in mind that the MM2H comes with its caveats. You will only be able to buy directly from a developer in Selangor and you can only own one property. And in Perlis, your minimum property price is actually higher at RM1 million, as opposed to RM500,000 for most other expatriates. 3. LEARN MALAYSIAN PROPERTY SPEAKMalaysian real estate is a world unto itself, complete with its own language. Many real estate terms here don’t mean what you might think they do. However, you can leave true fluency till later. The most crucial concept to familiarise yourself with is property titles. Like many other Commonwealth nations, Malaysia comes under the Torrens title system of land registration. What this means is that land ownership is conferred through the registration of a title instead of through deeds. So you’d best get to learning about the three titles used in Malaysia.Master title - The highest available title for a property developer, this gives him or her full control and rights over the land in question.Strata title - A title given to those who have ownership over a unit in a property. For instance, a condo owner would bear this title.Individual title - This is basically a strata title that is specific to landed properties like bungalows, and semi-detached homes. Anyone bearing this title owns a chunk of land that is usually below the property.Understanding these terms is integral to avoid stepping on toes as you go about purchasing your home away from home. As a foreigner, you’re not eligible to purchase landed property unless it comes with a Landed Strata title and is situated in a gated community. We’re afraid you’ll have to quash that dream of carving out your own little corner of paradise amidst virgin rainforest. But on the plus side, security is a highly-prized commodity here and it will never be an issue for you in a gated community. Also, even with these regulations in place, you still have a virtual buffet table of Malaysian property types to choose from. 15 different types, to be exact. 4. KNOW WHAT YOU WANTThis depends entirely on your willingness to shop secondhand. If only the newest on the market will do for you, you’re best off buying a launched property directly from a developer. These brand-new properties are often put on the market before they are complete, so you’ll typically pay for these by financing their construction in instalments. Just be sure to buy from a trustworthy developer who is part of an established trade body, which you can easily search for on KPKT’s website. Your worst nightmare in this scenario would be a half-finished house, a developer gone bankrupt or dare we say it, both. Source: you don’t mind your home with a bit of history, feel free to purchase a sub-sale property, which is a house being sold by its owner. This actually makes up the bulk of the property market in Malaysia and well, why shouldn’t it? There are plenty of perfectly respectable properties that won’t outlive their usefulness for a long while yet. One thing we’d advise you to do if you go down this route is to invest in an excellent property lawyer, as the SPA (Sales & Purchase Agreement) is not standardised like it would be with a developer. 5. TAKE OUT A LOANWe know we mentioned that MM2H visa holders enjoy special privileges, but we’d like to emphasise that banks will lend to just about any foreigner. In order to secure a loan, you’ll need to show proof of your income and a bank statement of a minimum of 3 months, a copy of your passport and a copy of your property booking and deposit receipt. After about three weeks, you’ll receive the results of your application and will be awarded an offer letter, a property lawyer and the disbursement of the loan to the seller after the land office’s consent is secured.As with any transaction, there are terms and conditions. The amount you’ll be lent by the bank will depend on a few outstanding factors.-The kind of property you bought and where it is-The valuation of the property-How old you are and how much you earn -Whether you have the MM2H visa or not-Where you’re from There is an entire universe of considerations to unearth regarding loans and we’ve barely scaled the tip of the iceberg. For a more in-depth guide to them, have a look at Expatriate Advisory’s overview on the topic. Conclusion:Selangor’s new regulations reflect a troubling trend of discouraging foreign investment that could well infect the rest of the country. Fortunately, there’s always a way to beat any system and this case is no exception. Knowing is half the battle here and we intend to arm you with as much information as you need to best the obstacles in your path. Sally forth and may the odds ever be in your favour. Who knows? After you’ve followed our tips and gained your Malaysian abode, you may be able to teach us a thing or two about our own real estate market.To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.

你应该投资学生出租的房屋还是办公室产业 呢?

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如果你刚进入投资领域,市场上有着这么多的房地产业选择,肯定是会让您眼花缭乱的。 一些投资者会投资可以出租给学生的产业(因为再穷也不能穷教育,对吧?),而其他的投资者会推荐可以为您提供 更高的租金,获颁多媒体超级走廊营运(MSC)地位的新商业分层办公室(而不是上面的店铺)。 您现在是不是看到头昏脑转了呢,先别昏倒!准备好您的拳击手套,让PropertyPricetag.com提供您这两种首选...

如果你刚进入投资领域,市场上有着这么多的房地产业选择,肯定是会让您眼花缭乱的。 一些投资者会投资可以出租给学生的产业(因为再穷也不能穷教育,对吧?),而其他的投资者会推荐可以为您提供 更高的租金,获颁多媒体超级走廊营运(MSC)地位的新商业分层办公室(而不是上面的店铺)。 您现在是不是看到头昏脑转了呢,先别昏倒!准备好您的拳击手套,让PropertyPricetag.com提供您这两种首选投资物业的5回合的对比信息,让您可以依据这两种首选投资物业的胜负决定您要购买的产业,并在房产业投资领域大展拳脚。第1回合:需要的初始现金对于任何形式的投资,投资壁垒都很重要。对于作为HDA住宅单元出售的学生宿舍,初始成本往往是最低的。 如果这是第一或第二手的住宅物业购买,头期可能只需10%,再加上一些法律费用和相关印花税。 其余款项可由银行提供资金,为第二次置业者提供高达90%的贷款。 如果欲购的产业是一个新的发展产业,许多发展商会提供较低的头期或免除法律费用,这进一步降低了这投资的入门壁垒。另一方面,商业房地产需要支付较高的头期,大约是15%至20%,因为银行一般只提供最多85%的贷款。 这使购买商业房地产所需的初始现金高得多。 这适用于分层办公室,因为它们并不列入HDA的管辖之下。 对于分层办公室,通常每单位价格高达50万令吉,这意味着头期最低为25,000令吉。示例1:五十万令吉投资 明细 武吉加里尔的学生出租的产业 满家乐的分层办公室 售价(令吉) 50万令吉 51万5千令吉 平方英尺 1,205令吉 710令吉 每平方尺(令吉) 414令吉 725令吉 每平方尺租金回报(令吉) 1.47令吉 3.17令吉 租金回报率(%) 4.5 4.1示例2:百万投资 明细 双威镇的学生出租的产业  孟沙南城的分层办公室 售价(令吉) 120万令吉 126万9千令吉 平方英尺 1,851令吉 1,379令吉 每平方尺(令吉) 648令吉 1,100令吉 每平方尺租金回报(令吉) 3.31令吉 4.3令吉 租金回报率(%) 4.3 5.6第一回合:学生出租的产业胜尽管以相同的价格出售,购买分层办公室所需的初始现金金额比起购买学生出租产业的金额相比高出一栽。第二回合:租金回报率所有投资均为得到租金回报。 显然,租金回报的对比是很重要的,而且当前期投资金额较高,我们也会期望会有更高的租金回报以弥补已经投入的投资金额。 在这里,我们做一个简单的租金回报率的对比图。示例1:五十万投资 明细 武吉加里尔的学生出租的产业 满家乐的分层办公室 售价(令吉) 47万5千令吉 51万5千令吉 初始现金(令吉) 7万4千474令吉 10万5千818令吉示例2:百万投资 明细 双威镇的学生出租的产业 孟沙南城的分层办公室 售价(令吉) 120万令吉 126万9千600令吉 初始现金(令吉) 18万5千338令吉 25万8千510令吉第二回合:平手出租的回报率是根据不同的租客年龄层和房产业的位置而有所不同,所以投资者需要经过慎重的考虑,考量不同的元素,而不是单一的考量建筑类型而已。第3回合:市场需求的持久性在学生的这一方根据高等教育部(MOHE)的统计显示,截至2017年7月,马来西亚共有701个公立和私立大学,私立学院和国际大学分校。 这些教育机构大多为学生提供住宿,但是提供的住宿并不足够,迫使学生需要租住这些教育机构附近的私人拥有产业。学费租住的缺点是学生一般都会有学期休息,这时他们就会搬出出租屋。房东在这学期休息期间通常需要调低租金以吸引租客,或直接根据9个月的年租金计算租金回报率再调整这些学生的租金。在办公室产业的这一方分层办公空间对准小型和中型企业,但是其实是面对着两大挑战的。 与专用办公室不同,由于规模较小,分层办事处吸引大型跨国公司的几率不大。 中小型企业一般由于成本的关系,也很可能不愿意在A级分层办公室出租。 这些分层办公室的租赁持久性可能短于学生的租赁持久性,这是因为若公司发展迅速,将会需要更大的空间增加员工。 再说,目前在吉隆坡的办公室产业已经过剩,分层办公室可能会在未来一段时间内面临更多的挑战。第三回合:学生出租产业胜出租给学生的产业并不会受到似如过山车的国家经济的影响,并且会由学生群体提供长期稳定的需求。 因此,对于那些不希望因投资物业没有需求并且空置而导致失眠的我们来说,投资学生出租产业的风险是比较低的。第四回合:资本增值评估最后,我们可以从大吉隆坡的秘密地图集【The Secret Atlas of Greater KL】看到,距离大学和学院五百米范围内的住宅类型产业往往受到负面影响,整体而言这些产业的价格相对于邻进的产业的价格要低2%,但是租金的金额是大致相同的。 这意味着出租学生住宿可能对租金收益有好处,但就资本增值而言就可能会落后于其他的住宅产业。学生出租产业和分层办公室对比,哪一个的资本增值会比较高呢? 以下是我们为您提供的数据:示例1:百万投资 明细 双威镇的学生出租的产业 孟沙南城的分层办公室 每平方尺售价(2013年)700令吉(2012年)896令吉 每平方尺售价(2016年)791令吉(2016年)989令吉 贬值率(%) 4 2示例2:我们在雪兰莪 Jalan Universiti 的同一地点收集到的数据 明细 Jalan Universiti 学生出租的产业 Jalan Universiti 的分层办公室 每平方尺售价(令吉)(1996年)203(2005年)311 每平方尺售价(令吉(2013年)459(2016年)614 贬值率(%) 4.92 6.38第四回合:平手虽然看起来,出租学生宿舍在资本增值方面有些吃亏,但是整体来说还是比分层办公室好得多。 这可能与公寓用于租赁或业主占用的灵活性有关,从而扩大了其分销市场。 然而,投资者也应该考量到学生频密地搬入和搬出学生住宿会造成的磨损,是需要预定一笔维修和维护的投资成本,这也是投资者需要列入考量的因素之一。第5回合:每月支出租赁市场的投资并不总是乐观的,而在经济低迷的时候,空置的产业可能会对您的经济状况造成压力,让您需要缩紧钱包过活。购买在HDA管辖下的出租学生产业,投资者可以提取其EPF账户2的款项,以部分款项支付属于第二间房产的月度贷款。这对于分层办公室来说是不被允许的。住宿型的房贷款也拥有比商业房地产更长的偿还期。对于一个相对年轻的投资者来说,住房贷款可以延长35年或更长时间,而商业层面办公室的最长的偿还期也只是25年。银行预计,经济不景气的时候,商业企业会最先受到影响,商业业主遇到无法偿还贷款的风险也较高。这意味着,对于同等价值的50万令吉的房产,学生出租产业需要您的支出2,129令吉,而商业名称的分层级办公室将需要您每月支出RM2,362令吉,比起学生出产业高出10%。除了每月缴还贷款之外,商业分层办公室的维修费,水电费,评估费和其他运行费用都高于出租学生产业。 这将使您至少每年多支出RM600令吉至RM2,000令吉的金额。以下是两个价格相似的学生出租产业和分层办公室各自的运营成本的例子:示例1:五十万投资 明细 武吉加里尔的学生出租的产业 满家乐的分层办公室 售价(令吉) 50万 51万5千令吉 平方英尺 120万5千令吉 71万 每月贷款金额(令吉) 2,129令吉 2,433令吉 每平方尺维护费(令吉) 0.16 0.42 每月总维护费(令吉) 200令吉 298令吉示例2:百万投资 明细 双威镇的学生出租的产业 孟沙南城的分层办公室 售价(令吉) 120万令吉 126万9千令吉 平方英尺 1,851令吉 1,379令吉 每月贷款金额(令吉) 5,111令吉 5,998令吉 每平方尺维护费(令吉) 0.35 0.50 每月总维护费(令吉) 648令吉 690令吉第五回合:学生出租产业胜对于相同的价格范围的产业,学生出租产业的维修和维护费以及每月需偿还的贷款金额相比之下是较低的,这让投资者就算在产业空置时间较长的情况下,面临亏损的风险也会比较低。结论:第一回合 - 学生出租产业投资成本较低第二回合- 两者都有相似的租金回报率。第三回合- 学生出租产业在市场需求方面受到关注。第四回合 - 两者的资本增值基础相似。第五回合 - 学生出租产业整体月度支出较低。其实最后这里并没有明确的赢家,因为购买每个产业都会有着不同程度的风险,并会影响您将获得的回报。 投资房产业在许多方面与投资单位信托,股票和其他金融产品相似。 在决定投资之前,了解您的个人风险偏好是非常重要的,例如每月偿还贷款的能力和有办法在租赁市场生存的能力。 如果您是第一次投资者,温馨提示您,若您投资分层办公室就犹如您在学习如何开车之前超速。 如果您对投资房地产的回报率感兴趣,您需确保您在全程投入这个领域之前做好充足的研究。参考文章: Malaysia has one of highest proportions of international students pursuing higher education, Turning the world towards Malaysian education, Demand for office space slows down, Office Market Situation, Student Rentals Shine Gloomy Market


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If you are in the market to invest in property, the variety of options out there could easily confuse you. Some would go for residential properties that can be used as student accommodations (since...

If you are in the market to invest in property, the variety of options out there could easily confuse you. Some would go for residential properties that can be used as student accommodations (since education is recession proof, right?) and others would recommend shiny new commercial strata offices (not the ones above shop lots) that comes packaged with MSC status and can offer you higher rental. Confused already? Don’t throw in the towel just yet! Get ready your boxing gloves and let give you the blow-by-blow of the two preferred investment properties.ROUND 1: ENTRY COSTSFor any form of investment, the investment barrier is important.For student accommodation that are sold as residential units under the HDA, the initial cost is often minimum. Down payment could be only 10% if this is the first or second residential property purchase as well as some legal fees and the related stamp duty. The rest can be financed by banks that offer up to 90% loan for second home buyers. If the development is a new development, many developers offer lower down payments or exemption from legal fees which further lowers this barrier to entry.Commercial property on the other hand requires a higher down payment of 15% to 20% as banks only offer a maximum of 85% loan. Making the initial cash required for the purchase much higher. This applies to strata offices because they are not covered under the HDA. For strata offices, which are often priced above RM500,000 per unit, this means a minimum of RM25,000 more in down payments.Example 1: Half A Million InvestmentExample 2: For the MillionairesROUND 1 WINNER:: STUDENT ACCOMMODATIONThe initial cash amount required to purchase strata offices price out many investors despite selling at the same price.ROUND 2: RENTAL RETURNSAll investments are banking on rental returns. Clearly, the comparison of rental returns would be important and with higher up front investment, we also expect higher returns to recuperate the opportunity costs of the cash invested. Here, we do a straightforward rental returns comparison of the properties.Example 1: Half A Million InvestmentExample 2: For the MillionairesROUND 2 TIED:: STUDENT ACCOMMODATIONS & STRATA OFFICESThe rental yield differs depending on the age and the location of these properties so pick and choose wisely instead of relying on specific building types.ROUND 3: SUSTAINABLE MARKET DEMANDON THE STUDENT CORNER…There are 701 public and private universities, colleges and international branch university campuses in Malaysia as of July 2017 according to the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). Most of these campuses provide accommodations for their students, however they are not sufficient and forces students to move out to private accommodations near an education facility. Student rental cycles are like clockwork, just like their school calendar. The downside of school term rentals are the long semester breaks when students move out but landlords often price down during these break periods and adjust rentals based on 9 month annual rentals when calculating returns.AND OVER AT STRATA OFFICE...Strata office spaces targets small medium enterprises that poses two challenges. Unlike purpose built offices, strata offices are less likely to attract large multinationals due to its smaller sizes. SMEs’ are usually cost conscious and might not be willing to splurge on the rental for Grade A strata offices. The rental cycle for these strata offices could be shorter than student rental as the company grows quickly and requires larger spaces for additional staff. Coupled with the current glut in offices in Greater Kuala Lumpur, strata offices might face further demand challenges in the coming period.WINNER:: STUDENT ACCOMMODATIONRather than being subjected to the roller coasters of the country’s economy, student rental offers a long term stable demand by recurrent pool of students. The risks of vacancies therefore lower for those of us who don’t like losing sleep over vacant investment properties.ROUND 4 : CAPITAL APPRECIATIONFinally, from The Secret Atlas of Greater KL, we see that residential buildings within 500m from Universities and Colleges tend to be negatively impacted, fairing 2% less in price psf than its neighborhood while enjoying the same asking rental. This means that student accommodation might be great for rental yields, but might lag behind capital appreciation of other residential apartments.But how does it compare to strata offices? Here are the numbers we found:Example 1: For the MillionairesImage source: 2: We examine another example in the same location in Jalan Universiti, SelangorROUND 4 TIED:: STUDENT ACCOMMODATION & STRATA OFFICEIt appears that despite being discounted from its neighborhood appreciations, certain student accommodations might still fair better than strata offices. This could be related to the flexibility of the apartments being used for rental or owner occupied, hence widening its sub-sale market. However, investors should ideally factor in the wear and tear from rotating students in student accommodation and the reinvestment cost to renovate and refurbish the units in the next cycle in its costs as well.ROUND 5: MONTHLY INVESTMENT EXPOSUREInvestments in rental markets are not always rosy and in a downturn, vacancies could be painful to your wallet and put a strain on you financially. For student accommodations purchased under the HDA, investors can withdraw their money for EPF Account 2 to partially pay for monthly loan repayment for this second home. This is not allowed for strata commercial titled properties. Home loans are also allowed longer repayment periods than commercial titled properties. For a relatively young investor, a home loan could stretch up to 35 years or more while the maximum under a commercial titled strata office could be 25 years. Banks foresee that in the event of economic downturn, businesses are the first to be affected, thus commercial property owners are at higher risk of not being able to service the loan. This means, for the same valued RM500,000 property, the student accommodation means a monthly commitment of RM2,129 while a commercial titled strata office would set you back RM2,362 a month, almost 10% more.In addition to the monthly repayments, the maintenance fees, utilities, assessments and other running costs of commercial strata offices are higher than student accommodations. This would set you back a minimum of RM600 to RM2,000 annually.Here’s an example of two similarly priced Student Accommodation and Strata Office in the market and their respective running costs:Example 1: Half A Million InvestmentExample 2: For the MillionairesWINNER:: STUDENT ACCOMMODATION For the same price ranged properties, monthly repayments and maintenance of student accommodations are lower putting investors at lower risks in case of prolonged vacancies.CONCLUSION:ROUND 1 - Student Accommodation investments have lower cost of entryROUND 2 - Both have similar rental yields.ROUND 3 - Student accommodation gains attention in market demand.ROUND 4 - Both fair on similiar ground for capital appreciation.ROUND 5 - Student accommodation has lower monthly commitment overall.There are no clear winners here as each option presents different levels of risks that affects the returns you will get. Investing in properties are similar in many ways to investments in unit trusts, shares and others financial product. It is very important to understand your personal risks appetite, such as ability for monthly repayments and ability to sit out stormy rental markets before deciding to invest. If you are a first time investor, investing in strata offices is comparable to speeding before learning how to drive. If you are still aiming high on those returns, make sure you do ample homework before diving in.References: Malaysia has one of highest proportions of international students pursuing higher education, Turning the world towards Malaysian education, Demand for office space slows down, Office Market Situation, Student Rentals Shine Gloomy MarketRead also: Are Klang Valley Malls Dying?To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


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Is this house Malaysian?In the spirit of Merdeka month, is highlighting some of the sure signs that a house is occupied by a Malaysian. Check out these amazing features that ma...

Is this house Malaysian?In the spirit of Merdeka month, is highlighting some of the sure signs that a house is occupied by a Malaysian. Check out these amazing features that make us one of the most diverse and colourful culture in the world. Happy National Day, everyone!SIGN 1: A KAMPUNG HOUSE ON STILTSYou know when you have entered a village or kampung when you notice houses on the left and right are fenceless and are sitting on stilts. It is common when you’re travelling in the west coast. The reason why these houses are on stilts are to stay away from flood during the monsoon seasons. Most of these houses are built with large windows for ventilation purposes (suits the tropical climate of Malaysia).You can tell it’s a Malaysian house by noticing the Malaysian National Flower, hibiscus plants outside these very authentic local house. Reference: Saving Kampung House (NST) SIGN 2: ALL MALAYSIANS NEED FOR LOVESign of happy occasion with maavilai thoranam and mangala thoranam (palm leaves pointing upwards). Hindus believe that mango leaves symbolises love and fertility. Mango leaves as usually tied together and hung above home entrances in accordance to a practice known as maavilai thoranam to ward off evil spirits or negative energy forces from entering the house. It is also believed that having the string of mango leaves outside the house will bring prosperity and auspicious blessing to the occupants in the house. Of course, the whole mango tree has many other benefits (like fruiting free mangoes). That, fellow Malaysians, is there’s almost ALWAYS a mango tree in an Indian house.References: Mango Leaves, Mango and it's Spiritual Significance, ThoranamSIGN 3: HOW HIGH CAN THEY GO?Source: tzeeeching.blogspot.comThese kiasu TV antennas is a sure sign you have arrived in the southern states of Malaysia. The reason? Malaysians are industrious when it comes to understanding their neighbours’ cultures. Hence, they need make it a point to receive as many Singaporean (and some say Indonesian) TV programmes and channels as they can with their sky high TV antennas.SIGN 4: A LITTLE PRAYER FOR YOU  Are little red “shrines” mushrooming in the yard of your neighbors? These These are small shrines or altars is commonly installed by the Malaysian Chinese community outside their homes. The practice includes the lighting of joss sticks as well as the offering of fruits, flowers, food and tea to ancestors and deities. While the design of the altars differ slightly depending on the deity, the common goal is to protect and bless the occupants of the house or community.References: Street Small Shrines Altars, Where Do I Place The AltarCONFIRM MALAYSIAN: THE PATRIOT100% Malaysian! Look at the number of flags on the car!In conjunction with the National Day month, we will see many houses decorated with the Malaysian flags (big and small). Check out this amazing patriot siap with Twin Towers in his yard! Our great country has grown by leaps and bounds (check out our KL Transformation article). Although we have differences, these home signs are reminders of our diverse culture. Reference: Malaysian Patriotic LabourerDo share if you have seen any other decorations to tell us it’s a typical Malaysian house. Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia!To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.

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Kerinchi 由麻雀变凤凰转变的故事俨然是城中话题,如今这里已是城中其中一个房地产热卖的地点。早在 2005 年,UOA 集团即已收购这片声名狼藉,随处都是违章建筑、非法摊贩和廉价屋的 60 亩土地 。从此,Kerinchi 渐渐脱胎换骨,其主要入口处有了个人造瀑布横空出世,马路和人行道拓宽了,巴士车站和轻快铁车站全面翻新,甚至多了一座焕然一新的美食及购物中心......这里形成了一个崭...

Kerinchi 由麻雀变凤凰转变的故事俨然是城中话题,如今这里已是城中其中一个房地产热卖的地点。早在 2005 年,UOA 集团即已收购这片声名狼藉,随处都是违章建筑、非法摊贩和廉价屋的 60 亩土地 。从此,Kerinchi 渐渐脱胎换骨,其主要入口处有了个人造瀑布横空出世,马路和人行道拓宽了,巴士车站和轻快铁车站全面翻新,甚至多了一座焕然一新的美食及购物中心......这里形成了一个崭新的综合“城市”开发计划,项目包括了摩登的办公楼,豪华共管公寓 以及零售和商业单位。这座新“城市”有了一个新名字 “Bangsar South” —— 因为她和极富美誉的Bangsar高档区域毗邻并享同一组邮递区号。 然而,她的崛起并不全然归功于一个精明的品牌重塑运动。反之,是她和吉隆坡市中心策略性的位置,令她展现独得天厚的潜力。今天,她仍然是许多新晋发展计划的温床,其中包括 Suez Domain Sdn Bhd 集所有高级共管公寓,办公大厦,零售中心集于一体的 KL Gateway,以及 Bon Estates 即将推出的崭新豪华公寓 — The Estate 。PropertyPricetag.com带你巡视 Bangsar South,发掘5个你可能不知道关于 Bangsar South 的事。1. 你仍可在城市中央占一席之地没有人不想在 Bangsar 優越的地理位置拥有一间房子;这里够氣派、超時髦,生活便利,唯一令人却步的是向天看涨的房价。幸好,跨过一座桥至 Bangsar South,你即可获得类似和相仿房子的替代选择,这些选项的可行性和可信度都高,最重要的是高贵而不贵(当然房价会因市场需求增加而逐渐看涨)。让我们来比较一下:在 Bangsar,一间 2809平方尺的 Araville 公寓售价为 260万令吉,即每平方尺 925令吉。而 Bangsar Peak 公寓则每平方尺叫价 1235令吉,一间2982 的单位必须以 369万令吉的房价售出。但在 Bangsar South,Park Residence 一间面积 1911 平方尺的非永久地契物业售价约为 150万令吉,意即每平方尺 803令吉,那是2014年的市价。 以新登场的 The Estate 为例,据闻一间面积宽达 2500平方尺的公寓,每平方尺的价格是 750令吉,房价为 170万令吉,而且是永久地契 。2. 生活机能超便利Bangsar South 公共交通四通八达,轻快站在步行距離之內.几步之遥就是轻快铁车站,不只一座,而是两座。两条轻快铁直达 KL Sentral ——这是通往巴生谷各定点的交通枢纽 , 也包括了双子塔。跨过人行天桥先来到 Kerinchi 站,步行大约12分钟便能到达 Universiti 站。(自从Suez Capital 新发展计划启动之后,后者已在 “Station Naming Rights” 测试计划下易名为 KL Gateway-Universiti。)这里的购物中心包括了——五层楼的 Nexus 和三层楼的 Sphere;不久之后,KL Gateway 将会多出一座面积达50万平方尺的大型购物商场。其他生活机能选项不一而足,餐馆、咖啡馆、商店、宴会厅等等,多元选择应有尽有,琳琅满目不胜枚举。位于 The Sphere 的 Aeon Big 更是采购日常用品的最佳场所,你再也不必为了买一罐火腿而去 Mid Valley Megamall 人挤人。3. 秘密通道带你直达 SPRINT 大道Bangsar South 紧靠三条主要大道,即联邦大道、SPRINT 大道以及 New Pantai 高速大道。如今,还多出一条直通 SPRINT 的秘密捷径。这也许不算什么秘密,不过这条道路的确很新,如果不是因为 Waze,我们不可能发现这一条令人喜出望外的小路。 这条长达800公尺新道路由 DBKL 及区内数个发展商集资完成,它从已扩充的 Jalan Kerinchi Kiri 连接到 SPRINT 大道上的 Kerinchi Link,甚至连接到联邦大道。 所以,你可以选择避开 Jalan Kerinchi 和 Jalan Pantai Baru 路口,绕道而行。4. 这里办公大楼群聚 — 目前至少已有24栋 …UOA 的发展计划中有一半是商业区,光是受 MSC 认证的 Bangsar South City 便矗立了 22栋 Horizon 精品办公大楼和 21座 Vertical 精品办公大楼(另外两栋已在施工中,尚有两座正在筹建)。至于KL Gateway,也将迎来另外两栋A级企业办公大楼。乍听之下,高楼大厦仿佛很多,但实际上已比原先计划减少许多。原本的计划是打算在 Horizon 兴建 39栋办公大楼,然而发展商最后决定以少换大——兴建更少的大型建筑来换取更宽广的户外大自然绿意,从而吸引规模更大的集团和跨国公司进驻。Dagang Net、F-Secure、Takaful Ikhlas Berhad、MEPS、Melilea International、British Telecoms、 SWIFT 以及总部设在阿联酋的 Al Bath Group 仅仅是部份在此驻扎的大公司。在可以预见的将来,这里持续成长的上班族将跃升 2至 3万名,其中相当大的比例会是外籍人士。5. 大片森林做后盾Bangsar South 的邻居其实是一片巨大的绿肺 —— 占地 200 英亩的 Bukit Gasing 森林保护区。清新宜人、心旷神怡。当你一时厌倦钢筋水泥,转个身即可接收大自然为你准备好的另一道丰盛飨宴。沐浴在步道小径上,穿越丛林享受一趟洗涤人心的晨间散步。Bangsar South 及其周边地区日益受欢迎,难免衍生出随之而来一些令人担忧的问题,例如会不会导致更多的环境破坏甚至森林保护区受侵占的范围会不会扩大。虽然我们乐见改变和重建,但也不忘祈求今后这里一切的发展项目,都能在环保永续的前提下进行。马上登入便可在 免费查看最新成交价或买卖房屋。 关注我们的 Facebook 便能掌握大马产业市场最新走向和深度报道。


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Mobile devices are so easily accessible nowadays. When they were first introduced, smart mobile devices were used by important business people. However, we now see toddlers and adolescents tapping ...

Mobile devices are so easily accessible nowadays. When they were first introduced, smart mobile devices were used by important business people. However, we now see toddlers and adolescents tapping and swiping away for hours without blinking. Parents! Are we breeding a new zombie apocalypse?!How to NOT raise a zombie kid? Check out our 5 ideas on how to fully leverage on your neighbourhood to nurture them back to humanity.#1 GET THEM SOME FUN IN THE SUNDespite our year round sunshine, you’d be surprised to learn that Malaysian teens have vitamin D deficiency! (Cue Dracula theme song). According to the Malaysian Health and Adolescents Longitudinal Research Team, vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in up to 78% of Malaysian adolescents. Vitamin D is crucial in calcium absorption and bone development. This is crucial in preventing childhood obesity, stress and reduce in learning ability.How to get them to slap on some sunscreen and go outside? Start with the facilities right at home in the your condo. All condos have a pool these days so dipping in is the easiest and most cooling way to get some sun. We heard that Sunway Serene right here in Klang Valley offers 200 over metres of lazy river cruising. So we are thinking…If you need something fancier to motivate your kids, some developers offer some crazier outdoor ideas now such as full-on water-park slide or even a lazy river in your condo. That would SURELY beat the iPad (we think).Don’t live in a condo? No worries. Get the kids out to parks such as the KLCC, Lake Gardens and even ones in PJ that offers both greenery and lakes. Some offers their own water play areas and best of all it’s free. If you are one of the more lucky ones who live near lake, you can get your kids to even try this! (See below) Image source: smartianz.comOr just jog… probably just jog around the lake. #2 MAKE THEM GROW THEIR FOODWith the high cost of urban living, the government has encouraged Malaysians to try growing our own vegetables in gardens, backyard or balconies of our apartments. Why? Because Malaysians waste about 15,000 tonnes food a day. That’s the average weight of 2,700 Borneo Pygmy elephants!By teaching our young children to grow their own food through urban farming, children can learn the efforts to produce the food they eat and increase their appreciation for food. For younger children, planting educates them of the different types of vegetables and fruits. (One of our millennial staff can’t tell the difference between a brinjal and a bittergourd.) Most importantly, it teaches them patience and perseverance  as they wait for the plant to bear produce and offers a sense of accomplishment when they enjoy the fruit of the harvest. Did you know that farming in apartments are now more common than you think? Many condos now feature their own herb gardens where the plants would have full access to the sun. Our advice for you is to consider properties that will have a herb or vegetable garden for the community within the development to give you a head start. #3 JOIN THE OLYMPICS RIGHT AT HOMEIn the Asian Journal of Psychiatry in 2011, approximately 1.6% of Malaysian children demonstrate some form of attention disorder especially Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In other words, they can’t sit still (except when they are on their iPads).So how to keep them busy and expend some of those energy? Get them moving of course! Developments nowadays have evolved beyond the usual playgrounds and pools. Larger developments even offer full range of facilities including Olympic sized pools, basketball courts, badminton courts, tennis courts and the list goes on. This means that the kids in the condominium can organise their own Olympics, competing between blocks and floors, without even leaving the guardhouse. If your kids are serious about this sports career path, check out SkyArena by SkyWorld which even offers a 9.4 acres sport complex. #4 GET THEM HUMAN FRIENDSWhile sports has its obvious health benefits, the most important pro of getting them to “play” is the social and human interaction they get from making friends, often lifelong friends. Playtime in the community playground or swimming lessons together foster strong relationships that cannot be substituted with a tablet. In the book The Condo Kids, the author highlighted that her neighbours even organised “cooking lessons in the condo’s restaurant and the children gather to make greeting cards to bring to patients at nursing homes and hospitals.”Upcoming developments such as The Estate has a large dedicated play area for the junior residents to interact in. Getting them some human friends is beneficial and also prevents them from needing imaginary friends to keep them company…Source: FINALLY, BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEESource: today.comFinally, change starts with you. According to these reports, Malaysian adults spent about 10 hours while the average two-year-old child spends six hours on their electronic devices. Because parents are children’s first role models, we will raise zombie kids if we act like zombies ourselves. This might seem amusing...but only until it happens to your kids! So what can we do with our kids (without an iPad)? Plenty. If you can’t handle picnics, camping trips, fishing, jungle trekking or even star-gazing, just a silly conversation over a simple walk around the lake is plenty a good start already. Spend some time with your kids since they are the reason why you emptied your accounts for that fancy condo in the first place. Good luck to the next generation (of hopefully non-zombies)! #happyending SIGN UP with, you can check the latest transacted prices or list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.Cover image source:


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Kadang-kala, sesuatu kebaikan mungkin adalah keburukan kepada orang lain.Tetapi apakah yang menjadikan sesebuah rumah tidak berpotensi untuk dijual? Atau mungkin tidak berbaloi untuk dibeli?Kami me...

Kadang-kala, sesuatu kebaikan mungkin adalah keburukan kepada orang lain.Tetapi apakah yang menjadikan sesebuah rumah tidak berpotensi untuk dijual? Atau mungkin tidak berbaloi untuk dibeli?Kami menyenaraikan 5 contoh perkara yang perlu anda elakkan ketika membeli rumah.# 1 Rawatan Air SisaLoji rawatan air di Batu FeringghiWalaupun kita telah maju jika dibandingkan dengan zaman penggunaan tangki septik, namun loji rawatan air boleh menjadi masalah utama bagi kebanyakan pembeli rumah. Loji rawatan air yang terbuka menyebabkan pembebasan bau yang tidak diingini ke udara. Walaupun rumah itu terletak agak jauh, namun tiupan angin masih lagi akan “membawa” bau yang tidak menyenangkan itu. Namun, Malaysia kini sedang memulakan penggunaan rawatan pembetungan yang berpusat dan "tertutup". Walau bagaimanapun, sehingga saat ini, anda mungkin masih akan mengelak dari pembeli rumah atau tinggal berdekatan loji rawatan air.#2 Tanah Perkuburan atau Kuil/TokongSumber gambar : www.scmp.comUpacara Ching Ming…..setiap hari?? Ramai pembeli mengelak untuk membeli rumah yang berhampiran kubur. Hal ini kerana, aspek viewing amat penting bagi sesetengah individu dan masih ramai antara mereka yang mempercayai cerita atau kepercayaan yang dimomokkan mengenai kubur. Dalam analisis kami baru-baru ini, kami mendapati rakyat Malaysia masih percaya kepada tahyul ini. Mengejutan lagi, rumah yang berjarak 500 meter dari tanah perkuburan mencatatkan 8% lebih murah daripada harga pasaran.Sumber gambar : tanah perkuburan menjadi tempat crematorium (tempat membakar mayat) dan columbarium (tempat simpan abu mayat). Debu dan asap dari crematorium yang dibawa angin secara semula jadinya akan bertiup ke arah kawasan perumahan, sudah tentu ini bukan lah perkara baik untuk feng shui anda.#3 Penyelenggaraan Yang TerukSumber gambar : buletinonline.netAnda rasa penyelenggaraan yang teruk hanya memberi kesan kepada kondominium? Cuba fikir semula. Penyelenggaraan yang teruk memberi kesan bukan sahaja kepada kondominium tetapi ia juga berlaku kepada semua kawasan perumahan, termasuklah rumah landed. Taman permainan yang rosak, kolam kotor, sampah yang dibuang merata, rumput panjang adalah antara perkara yang memberikan first impression yang buruk terhadap pembeli. Kawasan kejiranan yang terpelihara akan membentuk komuniti yang lebih kuat dan lebih baik, perkara ini amat penting kerana ianya mampu mewujudkan suasana harmoni dan bersih dalam membentuk sesebuah kawasan perumahan.Bagi kondominium, kemudahan yang tidak dijaga dengan baik seperti kolam renang, gimnasium, koridor dan sebagainya adalah tanda bahawa pengurusan penyelenggaraan anda mungkin mempunyai masalah. Disebabkan pembelian kondominium mungkin meletakkan seseorang itu dalam jumlah loan yang besar, pembelian kondo yang mempunyai masalah penyelenggaraan yang teruk perlulah dielakkan agar tidak merugikan anda dikemudian hari. Baca: 3 Perkara Yang Perlu Anda Tahu Sebelum Membeli Rumah Sub-sale/Lelong#4 Sekolah, Hospital Dan Tempat-tempat TumpuanBoleh kita katakan hampir semua rakyat Malaysia mempunyai kereta, mungkin lebih dari satu kereta. Namun attitude segelintir mereka yang meletakkan kereta sesuka hati, kadang-kala menyusahkan pengguna yang lain. Rumah-rumah berhampiran sekolah, hospital dan lain-lain antara perkara yang perlu dielakkan oleh pembeli.Rumah berhampiran sekolah? Pada waktu puncak pintu masuk atau jalan masuk ke rumah anda kebiasaannya akan dihalang oleh ibu bapa / pemandu yang pentingkan diri sendiri berikut mereka masing-masing berebut mengambil anak pulang dari sekolah. Rumah berhampiran hospital? Percayalah anda tidak akan jumpa tempat letak kereta semasa waktu melawat. Mereka lebih memilih meletak kereta di tepi-tepi kawasan perumahan berbanding membayar RM2 untuk tempat letak kereta berbayar.Dalam buku The Secret Atlas of Greater KL, kami mendapati bahawa harga hartanah yang berjarak 500 meter dari kawasan berikut di Malaysia secara amnya mencatatkan harga transaksi yang lebih rendah daripada yang lain. Walaupun pembelian di kawasan ini masih perlu dielakkan, namun kami sangat berharap agar masalah parking dan tabiat pemandu di Malaysia akan bertambah baik dari masa ke masa.# 5 Kopitiam dan Pasar MalamRakyat Malaysia sangat suka makan, begitu juga dengan tikus dan binatang perosak. Sesetengah perosak membawa penyakit berjangkit seperti demam typhoid dan leptospirosis, yang boleh membawa maut.Penjaja dan pasar malam di Malaysia mempunyai pelupusan makanan yang agak kurang baik. Kebiasaan mereka akan membuang sisa makanan di longkang yang berdekatan. Secara tidak langsung, air longkang ini akan mengalir ke parit-parit kecil yang dihubungkan dengan ke kawasan perumahan. Hal ini bukan sahaja mengotorkan dan menyebabkan longkang tersumbat malah akan menarik perhatian lebih banyak haiwan perosak. Disebabkan Malaysia masih belum dapat mengawal masalah pembiakkan makhluk perosak ini, ianya terus membiak dan membiak. Anda rasa di mana tikus dan binatang perosak ini akan tinggal? Mungkin di longkang berhampiran rumah anda atau mungkin juga dalam rumah anda sendiri! Selain itu, tabiat makcik Char Kuey Teow yang suka membuang sisa di longkang menjadikan rumah yang berhampiran kopitiam tersebut mungkin akan memberi kesan yang kurang menyenangkan dan tentunya menyebabkan kawasan persekitaran rumah anda kurang bersih.Ingin tahu lebih? Ketahui faktor-faktor lain yang mempengaruhi harga hartanah melalaui The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur! Beli satu salinan sekarang di RM118 (dengan penghantaran percuma).DAFTAR dengan sekarang untuk menjalankan penyelidikan terperinci tentang kegiatan hartanah di kawasan anda. Semak maklumat secara PERCUMA atau kunjungi video 360° kami yang menarik. Ikuti laman Facebook kami untuk maklumat pasaran hartanah terkini di Malaysia.


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图片来源 在我们最近的出版的《吉隆坡秘密地图集》(The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur) 书中,我们观察了全市各地的幼儿园的集中情况。事实证明,我们的研究结果显示早期的郊区社区,如武吉加星和邦沙(如今是许多祖父祖母居住的地区)的幼儿园比例相对郊外地区更多。这是怎么回事?为什么大龄人物多的地方却有更多幼儿园这个现象?我...

图片来源 在我们最近的出版的《吉隆坡秘密地图集》(The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur) 书中,我们观察了全市各地的幼儿园的集中情况。事实证明,我们的研究结果显示早期的郊区社区,如武吉加星和邦沙(如今是许多祖父祖母居住的地区)的幼儿园比例相对郊外地区更多。这是怎么回事?为什么大龄人物多的地方却有更多幼儿园这个现象?我们的假设之一是,马来西亚人坚持保守亚洲家庭价值观念,导致年轻家庭选择居住在他们长大的地方,以便更接近他们的家人。仍然,我们需要更多数据来支持这个假设。但同时,我们确实发现了一些其他令人信服的理由来考虑代际同居(说明有自己家庭的你还是跟你的父母一起居住)。这里有五个原因可以让你考虑居住在你的岳母附近。#5 想要生个宝宝吗?你可能做好准备诞生孩子可是一想到经济上的额外负担就头痛了…巴生谷的托儿中心每月平均收费为1千令吉,而聘请外籍女佣的代理费高达RM10,000到13,000令吉!这些花费导致许多新婚夫妇延迟婴儿生育,直到找出一个解决方式...除非…他们在附近可以找到保姆!想想看,如果爷爷奶奶就住在附近,您的育儿费用不但减少许多(他们肯定会体谅你们经济上的负担)而且更重要的是,你可以放心将宝宝给他们照顾。有很多祖父母也会想要与子孙相处的时间更多,所以这样的安排不就完美了吗?加上如今有这么多令人担忧的婴儿虐待报告(像这种案件),祖父母的爱护是不能用金钱衡量的。当然,还有另一个好处就是当你需要加班时就不用赶回去接你的小朋友回去。现在可以松一口气了吧~阅读:吉隆坡照顾中心的平均费用,雇佣女佣费用#4 不会失去你的隐私与家长一起生活的好处包括日常家常饭,可是缺乏隐私的在同一个屋檐下生活是有点令人生畏的。所以,你应该要怎样保持关系紧密但同时又不太过接近?随着现在的房地产市场,在首选社区的房地产价格上涨,想要在您的岳母(或父母)家附近购买另一间排屋也许不是一个可行的选择。高层生活可能更实惠,也可以减轻您的开销。您可以选择居住在同一个公寓中不同的楼层或楼栋,同时享受您的独立性和大家庭邻近度。你甚至可以说服你的兄弟姐妹在附近找到单位。代际同居生活被认为是非常重要的,新加坡政府甚至提出了近距离住房补助金,帮助大家庭彼此靠近生活(政府赞助的呃!)。他们还为首次想要与父母居住的第一次买家分配30%的新公共单位供应,并为二次购买者提供高达15%的供应。你知道多世代的生活在美国甚至还有趋势吗?看看这个美国女婿如何成全他的岳母想要更接近孙子的梦想。参考资料:帮助大家庭住在更接近的计划#3 保护您的房地产价值物业的价值与您所提供的关心和关注密切相关。居民必须经常向其管理委员会提供意见(或投诉),以启动改进。我们的文章《购买二手屋必须检查的三件事》其中强调了不关注JMB活动对你地产的风险。但是全职工作的你,除了要养一个年轻的家庭之外,谁有时间参加那些啰嗦的股东周年大会,并向你的公寓经理员投诉关于一些死亡的植物?答案是…你的父母。你的父母是不是很擅长也最喜欢喝茶谈天没有秘密会错过早晨热身的阿姨或kopitiam叔叔。他们的自然能力收集所有最新的八卦新闻将让您用餐时间填满知识和最新咨询。超高效率的!由于您投资在相同的资产,你的父母可以在股东周年大会及其他物业管理问题上表达您的意愿。除了物业管理,你父母的人际关系将帮助培养一个更团结的社区来养大小宝宝。一个更安全,更好的社区从你和你的邻居开始,更何况有谁比你的父母更适合成为你的公关代表?#2 最怕听到的…老化!老化是一个即将到来的社会挑战。虽然我们现在可能会担心婴儿护理,但老人护理在未来可能是具有挑战性的。我们的数据显示,在大吉隆坡经营的幼稚园相比老人院的数目是多10倍。这表明,老人院仍然是马来西亚人不太受欢迎的生活选择,因为老年人更喜欢住在家里。但是,独立住宿的老年父母并不是理想情况的。例如,在新加坡 2011年至2016年期间,多达50名新加坡老人在家中跌倒,并在公寓几天后才被发现死亡(阅读这里)。虽然现在有“智能家监控”等各种为老化现象设计的科技可以用来关注单独在家里的老年人,但是没有什么比起定时探望他们更好。远离你的父母或者岳父岳母将会更加难关心及关注他们,因此从今天开始一个长期规划可以使你的生活在未来更容易。#1 他们有什么风雨没见识过搬家是一项相当容易的任务,但开始组织一个家庭并不简单。我们的父母不就是最好的导师吗?父母和岳父岳母是传授家庭价值观的最好老师,如欣赏和尊重老人,以及对幼童的耐心,培养责任感和同情心。祖父母是孩子们的第一个真正的世界英雄,他们与他们在童年时代的回忆将持续一生。有一句话说,“家有老人就像一个活着的金宝”。我们举脚赞同!选择在父母或岳父岳母附近居住的所有原因之中,最重要的原因绝对是因为他们是家人。俗话说:血浓于水;家人总比外人亲… 年轻人,在迁移到一个新地区或买新房之前要慎重考虑才做决定!参考:世代之间的关系马上登入便可在 免费查看最新成交价或买卖房屋。关注我们的Facebook便能掌握大马产业市场最新走向和深度报道。 


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Dalam buku The Secret Atlas of Greater KL, kami telah mengkaji tentang kepesatan kewujudan tadika di pelbagai kawasan seluruh bandar. Seperti yang dinyatakan dalam penemuan kami, ternyata kawasan k...

Dalam buku The Secret Atlas of Greater KL, kami telah mengkaji tentang kepesatan kewujudan tadika di pelbagai kawasan seluruh bandar. Seperti yang dinyatakan dalam penemuan kami, ternyata kawasan kejiranan awal seperti Bukit Gasing dan Bangsar (kebanyakan “orang lama” tinggal) mempunyai kadar kewujudan tadika yang lebih besar berbanding dengan kejiranan yang lain.Salah satu hipotesis yang kami dapat adalah rakyat Malaysia masih menerapkan nilai kekeluargaan yang kuat, menyebabkan kebanyakkan mereka memilih untuk tinggal di tempat mereka membesar bertujuan agar mereka dapat berdekatan dengan keluarga mereka.Betul ke?Semasa kami mengumpul data untuk memperkukuhkan lagi hipotesis kami, kami mendapati ada beberapa faktor menarik yang mungkin membuatkan anda tertarik untuk menetap bersama generasi “orang lama” ini. Berikut adalah 5 faktor mengapa anda mungkin boleh pertimbangkan untuk tinggal di kawasan berhampiran ibu mertua anda.#5 RANCANGAN BERANAKAnda dah ready nak mempunyai anak tetapi tidak mampu menanggung kos penjagaan mereka?Dengan kos pusat penjagaan harian yang menelan belanja purata RM1,000 sebulan (di Lembah Klang) dan harga pembantu rumah melalui agensi antara RM10,000 hingga RM13,000, ramai pasangan baru secara literalnya merancang atau memperlambatkan untuk memiliki anak atas sebab hal-hal sebegini….Kecuali………mereka mempunyai pengasuh yang tinggal berhampiran!Penjagaan dan asuhan oleh datuk dan nenek bukan sahaja akan meminimumkan kos penjagaan anak tetapi sedikit sebanyak mampu mengurangkan kebimbangan kita terhadap hal anak-anak. Pelbagai kes dilaporkan seperti penjaga mendera, memukul, merogol dan pelbagai lagi (seperti kes yang dilaporkan di Petaling Jaya). Selain itu, ada juga kes berkaitan penjaga mendera sehingga menyebabkan kematian. Hal ini sedikit sebanyak memberi kesan yang buruk dan sangat menakutkan kepada kita terutamanya anak-anak. Justeru, asuhan dan penjagaan anak-anak daripada datuk dan nenek adalah jauh lebih baik dan selamat.Selain itu, anda juga akan lebih banyak waktu istirehat, Bagi mereka yang berkerja, pilihan tinggal berdekatan rumah mertua sangat tepat. Ketika anda kepenatan pulang dari kerja, setidak-tidaknya beban anda sudah diringankan. Hal ini kerana, kebiasaannya anak-anak sudah siap diuruskan oleh datuk dan nenek mereka. Jadi anda hanya perlu membuat apa yang patut sebagai tambahan. Sudah tentu, anda jugak tidak perlu membayar lebih jika terpaksa overtime atau balik lewat…Rujukan: Dilema Ibu Bapa, Kos Pengambilan Pembantu Rumah#4 MENGERATKAN HUBUNGAN TANPA MENJEJASKAN PRIVASI ANDAWalaupun hidup sebumbung dengan ibu bapa memberi banyak manfaat, seperti makanan selalunya sudah siap tersedia, anak-anak terjaga dan sebagainya, hidup di bawah bumbung yang sama akan membuatkan privasi anda agak terhad. (Salah seorang penulis kami masih terkena perintah berkurung... #tabahlah haha).Rapat tapi tidak sebumbung?Dengan harga rumah landed yang semakin meningkat, pembeliannya mungkin bukan pilihan yang baik. Namun, rumah jenis highrise mungkin lebih murah berbanding rumah landed. Anda boleh memilih untuk tinggal di blok yang sama, atau di tingkat yang berbeza dengan rumah ibu mertua anda. Sekaligus anda dapat mengeratkan hubungan anda dengan mereka. Pilihan ini bertujuan agar anda dapat berada dekat disamping mereka tanpa menjejaskan privasi anda.Kehidupan yang terdiri daripada pelbagai lapisan generasi telah dianggap sangat penting oleh kerajaan Singapura bahkan kerajaan mereka menyediakan Proximity Housing Grant dimana pasangan yang memohon pembelian rumah berhampiran ibu bapa mereka akan diberikan subsidi, (Wahh, kerajaan sponsor lagi tau!). Hal ini bertujan untuk membantu sesebuah keluarga agar lebih dekat dengan satu sama lain. Mereka juga memperuntukkan 30 peratus flat awam untuk pembeli kali pertama yang ingin tinggal bersama atau dekat ibu bapa mereka, dan sehingga 15 peratus untuk pembeli kali kedua.Tahukah anda kehidupan pelbagai lapisan generasi ini juga sedang berkembang di Amerika Syarikat? Lihatlah apa yang lelaki ini lakukan untuk ibu mertuanya yang tidak mahu berjauhan dekat dengan cucunya di Portland, Oregon.Rujukan: Grant to help extended families live close together#3 MELINDUNGI NILAI HARTANAH ANDANilai hartanah berkait rapat dengan penjagaan dan perhatian yang anda berikan. Penduduk harus memberi maklum balas yang berterusan (atau aduan) kepada jawatankuasa pengurusan mereka untuk penambahbaikan. Dalam artikel kami iaitu 3 Perkara Yang Perlu Anda Tahu Sebelum Membeli Hartanah Sub-sale/Lelong, kami ada menyatakan akibat yang mungkin berlaku jika anda memandang remeh terhadap Badan Pengurusan Bersama (JMB) anda.Namun, bagi yang bekerja sepenuh masa, anda mungkin agak sibuk dan tiada masa untuk hal ini, apatah lagi untuk meluangkan masa menghadiri mesyuarat agung tahunan penempatan anda. Jadi siapa yang akan mengadu tentang kebersihan, kerosakkan dan tumbuhan mati?Jawapannya ialah….ibu bapa kamu.Sumber Gambar: karyabestari.comKebiasaannya, tidak ada hal kejiranan yang akan terlepas dari menjadi buah mulut makcik-makcik aerobik hingga lah pakcik-pakcik kopitiam. Bukanlah menuduh mereka kepoh atau sibuk menjaga tepi kain orang lain, tetapi budaya ini sinonim dengan norma kehidupan masyarakat kita. “Bakat” mereka bergosip tentang berita-berita terkini selalunya terbawa-bawa hingga meja makan, secara tidak langsung anda turut mengetahui apa yang terjadi dan penambahbaikkan di penempatan anda. Disebabkan anda melabur dalam aset yang sama, ibu bapa anda dapat mewakili suara anda dalam mesyuarat agung tahunan dan isu pengurusan harta benda yang lain.Di samping pengurusan hartanah, hubungan kejiranan akrab yang ditunjukkan ibu bapa anda juga akan membantu untuk anda membina komuniti yang lebih kuat dalam membesarkan anak-anak. Komuniti yang lebih selamat dan lebih baik bermula dengan anda dan jiran anda, dan siapa lagi yang lebih baik menjadi wakil PR anda kalau bukan ibu bapa anda kan?#2 PENJAGAAN IBU BAPAPeningkatan umur adalah satu cabaran sosial yang akan kita semua lalui mahupun sekarang ataupun nanti. Kita mungkin bimbang tentang penjagaan anak-anak, namun perlu diakui penjagaan warga tua kurang dititikberatkan.Data kami menunjukkan bahawa rumah warga emas yang beroperasi 10 kali ganda lebih kurang daripada tadika di bandar Kuala Lumpur. Ini menunjukkan bahawa rumah orang tua bukan pilihan bagi rakyat Malaysia kerana warga tua kebiasaannya lebih suka tinggal di rumah.Bagi kehidupan di bandar utama, warga tua tinggal sendiri di rumah mungkin tidak begitu sesuai. Sebagai contoh, di Singapura, antara tahun 2011 dan 2016, sebanyak 50 warga tua direkodkan terjatuh di rumah mereka dan didapati meninggal kemudian harinya. Terdapat pelbagai teknologi, seperti "pemantauan pintar", yang boleh digunakan untuk mengawasi orang tua di rumah, tetapi ianya hanyalah sekadar memantau. Adalah lebih elok jika kita sendiri yang memantau dan menjaga mereka. Bukan orang lain pun, ibu bapa anda juga kan? Jadi apa salahnya, mereka yang membesarkan anda, jangan anggap ini satu bebanan.Konklusinya tinggal berjauhan dari ibu bapa atau mertua anda akan menyukarkan anda untuk memantau dan menjaga mereka, dengan itu, rancanglah untuk jangka masa panjang agar hidup anda lebih mudah di masa depan.Rujukan: Integrated approach to ageing in place, Bahaya Warga Emas Jatuh#1 CONTOH YANG TERBAIKBerpindah rumah mungkin tugas yang agak mudah, tetapi membina keluarga bukanlah sesuatu perkara yang mudah. Hal ini tidak boleh dipandang remeh kerana keharmonian rumahtangga amat penting bagi membentuk sebuah keluarga bahagia. Jadi, siapakah rujukan terbaik kalau bukan ibu bapa anda sendiri?Ibu bapa dan mertua adalah contoh yang terbaik dalam memupuk nilai-nilai kekeluargaan seperti menghargai dan menghormati orang tua, menerapkan sifat kesabaran, tanggungjawab dan kasih sayang terhadap anak-anak dan sebagainya. Datuk dan nenek juga adalah hero pertama kanak-kanak. Apabila mereka kerap bersama, kenangan manis cucu bersama datuk dan nenek mereka pastinya akan kekal terpahat seumur hidup mereka.Pepatah Cina mengatakan, "Orang tua di rumah adalah seperti khazanah emas". Kami bersetuju dengan pepatah ini kerana khazanah emas merupakan sesuatu yang sangat bernilai dan perlu dijaga. Begitu jugalah perumpamaannya dengan ibu bapa dan mertua kita.Jadi, antara semua faktor untuk tinggal berhampiran ibu bapa atau mertua anda, faktor terakhir dan paling penting adalah kerana mereka adalah keluarga, dan mereka tahu apa yang mereka lakukan.Rujukan: Bond between generations, Ibu Bapa Contoh Anak-anak dalam KeluargaIngin tahu lebih? Ketahui faktor-faktor lain yang mempengaruhi harga hartanah melalaui The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur! Beli satu salinan sekarang di RM118 (dengan penghantaran percuma).DAFTAR dengan sekarang untuk menjalankan penyelidikan terperinci tentang kegiatan hartanah di kawasan anda. Semak maklumat secara PERCUMA atau kunjungi video 360° kami yang menarik. Ikuti laman Facebook kami untuk maklumat pasaran hartanah terkini di Malaysia.


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Image credit:  In our recent book The Secret Atlas of Greater KL, we took a look at the concentration of kindergartens in the the various neighborhoods across the city. Turns out...

Image credit:  In our recent book The Secret Atlas of Greater KL, we took a look at the concentration of kindergartens in the the various neighborhoods across the city. Turns out, our findings show that early suburban neighborhoods such as Bukit Gasing and Bangsar (where most grandparents now live) have a larger proportion of kindergartens compared with neighborhoods in the fringes.One of our hypotheses was that Malaysians still hold strong Asian family values, resulting in young families choosing to settle where they grew up, to be closer to their extended families.Really?Well, while we need more data to support our hypothesis, we did find some other pretty compelling reasons for you to consider intergenerational cohabitation. Here are 5 reasons why you might consider living NEAR your mother-in-law.#5 MAKING BABIES POSSIBLEReady to have a baby but can’t afford childcare?With day care centres in Klang Valley costing an average of RM1,000 a month and domestic maids costing anywhere between RM10,000 to RM13,000 in agency fees alone, many newlyweds are literally delaying baby-making until they figure out this million dollar question …Unless … they have willing babysitters living close by!Grandparents on baby duty will not only minimise childcare cost but offer valuable peace of mind. With so many scary reports of abuse by caregivers (like this case reported in Bangi), the loving care of grandparents is priceless.Of course, there is also that added benefit of date late work nights or shifts …Reference: Average Cost for Childcare Centres In KL, Cost of Hiring a Maid#4 GETTING CLOSE WITHOUT LOSING YOUR PRIVACYWhile living with one’s parents has its benefits, such as daily home-cooked meals, the thought of living under the same roof with little to no privacy is somewhat daunting. (One of our writers still has a curfew … #sad).How does one stay close but not SO close?With the way landed property prices are rising in the older neighbourhoods these days, buying another terrace home near your mother-in-law might not be a viable option. Highrise living may be more affordable. You can choose to live in the same block, or a different floor, to enjoy both your independence and proximity to family. You can even convince your siblings to get units nearby.Multi-generational living has been deemed so important that the Singapore Government even came up with a Proximity Housing Grant to help extended families live closer to one another (Wah, government sponsored leh!). They also allocate 30 percent of new public-flat supply for first-time buyers who want to reside with or near their parents, and and up to 15 percent of supply for second-time buyers.Did you know that multi-generational living is even trending in the US? Take a look at what this guy did for his mother-in-law who wanted to be closer to her grandson in Portland, Oregon.Reference: Grant to help extended families live close together#3 PROTECTING YOUR PROPERTY VALUEA property’s value is closely tied to the care and attention you give it. Residents have to provide constant feedback (or complaints) to their management committees to initiate improvements. Our 3 Must Checks Before You Buy a Sub-sale Property article highlights the impending dangers of not paying attention to your JMB.But with everyone working full-time, on top of raising a young family, who has the time to attend those long-winded AGMs and complain to your building manager about the dead plants?The answer is … your parents.Over tea and coffeeNo neighbourhood secret is safe from the morning exercise aunties or kopitiam uncles. Their natural ability to collect all the latest gossip news will keep you updated over the dinner table in a jiffy. Efficient. Because you are invested in the same assets, your parents can represent your voice in AGMs and other property management issues. Doubly efficient.In addition to property management, your parents’ public relation skills will help you build a stronger community to raise your young ones. A safer, better community starts with you and your neighbours, and who better to be your PR rep than your parents. #2 THE A-WORDAgeing is a looming social challenge that will dawn on all of us soon. While we might worry about baby care now, elderly care could prove to be challenging in the future.Our data shows that there are 10 times fewer senior citizen homes than kindergartens operating in Greater KL. This indicates that old folks homes are still a rather unpopular living option for Malaysians as older folks still prefer to stay at home.But parents staying independently at home might not always be ideal. In Singapore, for example, between 2011 and 2016, as many as 50 elderly Singaporeans fell in their homes and were found dead DAYS later in their apartments (read here). There are various ageing-in-place technologies, such as “smart-home-monitoring”, that can be used to keep an eye on elderly folks at home, but nothing beats being able to drop by in person on a regular basis.Staying further away from your parents or in-laws will make caring for them harder, and hence long-term planning starting today could make your life much easier in the future.Reference: Integrated approach to ageing in place#1 BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOINGMoving into a property is a fairly easy task, but starting a family is no easy feat. Who better to learn this from than your own parents?Parents and in-laws are the best teachers to impart family values, such as appreciating and respecting the elderly, as well as patience, responsibility and compassion to young children. Grandparents are kids’ first real world heroes, and their memories with them in their childhood will last them a lifetime.There is a Chinese saying that goes, “An elderly person at home is like a living golden treasure”. We agree.So, of all the reasons to live near your parents or in laws, the last and most important reason is definitely because they are family, and they know what they are doing.Reference: Bond between generationsWant more insights? Find out what other factors affect property prices in The Secret Atlas of Greater KL! Buy a copy now at RM118 (with free shipping).SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


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说起安邦 (Ampang),你可能会想起1993年的淡江高峰塔 (Highland Towers) 意外,或2008年在国际山庄 (Bukit Antarabangsa) 的土崩事件。又或者,会想起当地闻名的酿豆腐。 在此叙述安邦一些较少为人知的故事。1. 马来联邦的首都你是否有留意到 Jalan Ampang 一带有许多殖民时期的大宅?1880年,马...

说起安邦 (Ampang),你可能会想起1993年的淡江高峰塔 (Highland Towers) 意外,或2008年在国际山庄 (Bukit Antarabangsa) 的土崩事件。又或者,会想起当地闻名的酿豆腐。 在此叙述安邦一些较少为人知的故事。1. 马来联邦的首都你是否有留意到 Jalan Ampang 一带有许多殖民时期的大宅?1880年,马来联邦的首位总驻扎官,瑞天咸(Sir Frank Swettenham)将马来联邦的首都从巴生调到安邦,因此许多来自各国的外交官和大使都以安邦为家。为了安顿这些大号人物,瑞天咸将安邦的房屋都改装成欧式砖屋--讽刺的是,这些房子都没能侥幸避开1881年的一场大火。1882年,安邦再次焕新,由甲必丹叶亚来和瑞天咸联手打造城一个大都市。2. 马来亚铁路史瑞天咸于1901年创办马来联邦铁路,后来于1948年更名为马来亚铁路,最后在1962年重塑为大家熟悉的马来亚铁路公司(KTM)。马来联邦铁路在1914年开了新的安邦线,共有4站,分别在沙叻秀(Salak South),安邦,Pudu Ulu 和 Ampang Junction Factory。当时候,铁路的主要功能是运输安邦出产的锡矿。1946年,第二世界大战后,马来亚的铁路大都没什么毁损,但是一直到国家开始繁荣了才被再次采用。如今,安邦线的其中两站已被纳入轻快铁(LRT)的安邦线,分别名为安邦站(原名不变)和陈秀连站(之前的 Pudu Ulu 站)。而其它两站,已被撤下了。在1996年和1998年,安邦线和格兰那再也线分别开始运作,连接市区和郊区。预计于2022年完工的新铁路计划MRT也将使安邦郊区一带的交通更便利。3. 丛林奇谈雪兰莪州遗产公园有108,000公顷宽,而安邦森林保留区占其中一角。这个保留区就在市区边缘,是一些少有胡姬品种和棕榈树的栖息地。既然是保留区,任何发展项目、农业种植和砍伐活动是不被允准的。早期的发展工作已经侵入动物的家园,因此偶尔看见一些猴子、野猪或受保护的苏门羚在住宅地区穿梭并不稀奇。此外,安邦也是国家动物园的所在地。离动物园不远处就是水晶山 (Bukit Tabur),能通入世界第一大的石英岩山脊– Klang Gates 石英岩山脊。这儿的地形似龙脊,是蒂迪旺沙山脉的一部分。安邦的名字,Ampang 取自于国语的“水坝”,ampangan。位于 Bukit Indah 的安邦蓄水池 (Ampang Impounding Reservoir) 建于1888年,在1892年竣工,是第一个为吉隆坡提供水源的蓄水池。之后,安邦森林保留区在1999年被政府宣布为森林集水区。安邦森林保留区和 Ulu Gombak 森林保留区有许多河流,它们提供雪州、吉隆坡和布特拉再也逾90%的水源。4. 发展的代价由于靠近市中心,安邦不断有新项目和发展计划,尤其是新大道工程。现有的安邦-吉隆坡大道(AKLEH),具争议性的巴生东部大道(EKVE)和刚提议的新街場─淡江高架大道(SUKE)将穿过安邦,并侵入森林保留区。巴生东部大道的第一阶段工程在众议纷纷的情况下开工,而第二阶段因自然生态环境因素而尚未被批。虽然安邦的森林已被政府列为保留区,但是开发商依然坚持申请开放森林的一些地区来建筑大道的支柱。许多非政府组织和团体都为此极力反对。5. 国际化特色安邦的殖民时期特色让它有更有国际风味,尤其是 Jalan Ampang 和 Jalan U-Thant 一带。那儿的房屋多数是低密度和低层建筑,是许多外籍人士如马来西亚第二家园计划参与者偏爱的家园。安邦在《吉隆坡2020年组织计划》下将踏上国际舞台。品质优良的房屋将吸引本地和外国人士移居到这儿,而当地昼夜不断的商业活动也会大理展现来自世界各地的文化与美食。想要住靠近市中心,却不想朝日面对人群吗?安邦、优景高原和敦阿杜拉萨花园都是优质的住宅区,有来自世界各地的邻居和国际学校供你的孩子就学。马上登入便可在 免费查看最新成交价或买卖房屋。关注我们的Facebook便能掌握大马产业市场最新走向和深度报道。  


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Apabila menyebut tentang Ampang, anda mungkin teringat tentang tragedi Highland Towers (1993) atau kejadian tanah runtuh Bukit Antarabangsa (2008) atau mungkin Yong Tau Foo yang terkenal di situ.Pr...

Apabila menyebut tentang Ampang, anda mungkin teringat tentang tragedi Highland Towers (1993) atau kejadian tanah runtuh Bukit Antarabangsa (2008) atau mungkin Yong Tau Foo yang terkenal di akan merungkai lebih mendalam lagi tentang beberapa fakta yang mungkin belum pernah anda dengar atau kurang diketahui ramai.#1 PUSAT NEGERI PERSEKUTUAN BERSEKUTUPerasan tak banyak rumah kolonial di Jalan Ampang?Ampang menjadi kawasan perumahan duta-duta asing dan pesuruhjaya tinggi selepas Jeneral Residen pertama, Sir Frank Swettenham memindah ibu negara Persekutuan Tanah Melayu dari Klang ke Kuala Lumpur pada tahun 1880. Selepas berlakunya kebakaran besar pada tahun 1881 yang hampir memusnahkan sebahagian besar Kuala Lumpur, Sir Frank telah menaik taraf semua rumah-rumah di Ampang dengan membina rumah yang diperbuat dari batu-bata dan jubin untuk menarik dan menempatkan semua "kawan" beliau. Ampang telah dinaik taraf lagi pada tahun 1882 apabila Kapitan Yap Ah Loy dan Sir Frank bekerjasama untuk membangunkan pusat bandar utama.Bok House merupakan salah satu rumah kolonial yang terkenal pada masa itu. Rumah itu direka oleh Swan dan Maclaren pada tahun 1926, untuk seorang jutawan Cina, ia kemudiannya ditukar menjadi sebuah restoran mewah Perancis, yang diberi nama Le Coq d'Or. Malangnya, rumah itu tidak diwartakan sebagai bangunan warisan, jadi rumah tersebut telah dirobohkan pada tahun 2012 untuk memberi laluan kepada pembangunan baru.#2 RANGKAIAN PERHUBUNGAN MELALUI KERETA APISir Frank Swettenham kemudiannya mengasaskan Keretapi Negeri Melayu Bersekutu pada tahun 1901, yang kemudiannya dikenali sebagai Keretapi Malaya pada tahun 1948, dan ditukar nama kepada Keretapi Tanah Melayu pada tahun 1962. Keretapi NMB membuka cawangan di Ampang pada tahun 1914, dengan 4 stesen iaitu stesen Keretapi Salak Selatan, stesen Ampang, Pudu Ulu Halt dan Ampang Junction Factory Halt. Kereta api itu kemudian digunakan untuk mengangkut bijih timah dari bandar pelombongan Ampang. Selepas Perang Dunia Kedua (pada tahun 1946), sebahagian besar daripada landasan kereta api di Tanah Melayu mengalami kerosakan akibat pengeboman dan ianya tidak digunakan sehingga pembangunan perbandaran moden.Kini dua stesen cawangan Ampang telah diambil alih oleh LRT Aliran Ampang, iaitu Stesen Ampang (yang kini dikenali Ampang Station LRT) dan Pudu Ulu Halt (kini dikenali sebagai Chan Sow Lin). Manakala dua lagi stesen yang lain telah dibubar. Dari tahun 1996 dan 1998, LRT Aliran Ampang dan Kelana Jaya Line, masing-masing telah memulakan operasi mereka untuk menghubungkan kawasan pinggir bandar ke pusat bandar. Penduduk yang tinggal di luar pusat bandar pula boleh menggunakan perkhidmatan MRT yang akan datang. Projek ini yang akan melalui kawasan Ampang membuatkan perjalanan anda lebih pendek dan mudah. Sistem ini dijangka siap sepenuhnya pada 2022.#3 HUTAN SIMPAN AMPANGHutan Simpan Ampang adalah sebahagian daripada 108,000 hektar Taman Warisan Negeri Selangor, yang terletak di pinggiran luar pusat bandar. Hutan simpan ini merupakan antara hutan yang paling indah di dunia kerana hutan ini merupakan habitat kepada pokok sawit dan beberapa jenis orkid yang jarang ditemui spesiesnya. Ia merupakan kawasan yang dilindungi di mana tidak ada pembangunan, pertanian atau pembalakan dibenarkan di situ.Permatang Kuartza Klang Gates bagaikan tulang belakang nagaPembangunan sebelum ini telah menceroboh habitat semula jadi hidupan liar di kawasan tersebut. Oleh itu, tidak hairan lah jika terdapat monyet, kambing liar, dan babi hutan mencari makanan dan berkeliaran di kediaman berhampiran kawasan itu. Hidupan liar ini juga ditemui di Zoo Negara (Zoo Negara), yang terletak di Ampang. manakala sedikit ke hadapan dari zoo terletaknya Bukit Tabur - pintu masuk ke Permatang Kuartza Klang Gates, permatang kuartza yang terbesar di dunia. Ia bagaikan tulang belakang seekor naga dan menjadi sebahagian daripada Banjaran Titiwangsa.Menariknya lagi, Ampang mendapat nama dari perkataan Melayu iaitu "Ampangan", yang bermaksud empangan. Pembinaan Kolam Takungan Ampang, Bukit Indah bermula pada tahun 1888 dan empangan itu siap dibina pada tahun 1892. Ia merupakan kolam takungan yang pertama membekalkan air untuk Hutan Simpan Kuala Lumpur. Hutan Simpan Ampang telah diwartakan sebagai hutan tadahan air pada tahun 1999. Hutan Simpan Ampang dan Hutan Simpan Ulu Gombak, merupakan punca air pengaliran kebanyakan sungai yang juga membekalkan lebih daripada 90% daripada bekalan air untuk Selangor, Kuala Lumpur dan Putrajaya. Dengan peningkatan permintaan terhadap sumber air dan ketirisan dalam pengagihan, jadi amatlah penting untuk kita melindungi sungai dan mencegah punca air ini dari tercemar dan menjadi kering.#4 APA HARGA PEMBANGUNAN?Dengan kedudukan yang berhampiran dengan pusat bandar, Ampang telah menjadi tumpuan perkembangan masa kini. Antaranya Lebuhraya Bertingkat Ampang–Kuala Lumpur (AKLEH), East Klang Valley Expressway (EKVE) dan juga cadangan projek Sungai Besi -Ulu Klang Elevated Expressway (SUKE) yang telah dan akan dibina kawasan Ampang bertujuan untuk memendekkan dan memudahkan perjalanan. Namun, pembinaan Fasa 1 EKVE telah mendapat kontroversi dan kritikan hebat, manakala Fasa 2 tidak diluluskan (lagi) disebabkan oleh kebimbangan alam sekitar. Walaupun pada hakikatnya Rizab Hutan telah diwartakan, namun pemaju telah meminta untuk mewartakan semula sebahagian daripadanya bagi meletakkan tiang pembinaan lebuh raya bertingkat tersebut. Sememangnya, NGO dan pelbagai kumpulan lain telah memprotes dan membantah sekeras-kerasnya terhadap isu ini.#5 SENSASI GLOBALDengan warisan kolonial, Ampang terus megah di persada antarabangsa, terutamanya di sekitar kawasan Jalan Ampang - Jalan U-Thant, yang kedua-duanya mempunyai ketumpatan yang rendah dan kawasan perumahan rendah. Ianya menarik ramai ekspatriat dan warga asing, untuk menjadikan tempat ini sebagai pilihan kawasan perumahan. Kebanyakan mereka melalui program Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H).Ampang pasti akan berubah menjadi "zon antarabangsa" di bawah Pelan Struktur Kuala Lumpur 2020. Kawasan perumahan yang berkualiti tinggi akan dibangunkan untuk menarik penduduk tempatan dan warga asing untuk tinggal berhampiran pusat bandar, dengan menampilkan aktiviti komersial sepanjang hari dan sepanjang malam, kepelbagaian budaya serta masakan dan makanan antarabangsaJika anda ingin mencari hartanah yang dekat dengan pusat bandar tetapi tidak mahu sesak? Anda mungkin boleh mencari hartanah di Ampang, Ukay Heights dan Taman Tun Abdul Razak kerana kawasan ini adalah kawasan kediaman diplomatik dan sekolah antarabangsa. Jadi anda boleh duduk dalam suasana tenang.DAFTAR dengan sekarang untuk menjalankan penyelidikan terperinci tentang kegiatan hartanah di kawasan anda. Semak maklumat secara PERCUMA atau kunjungi video 360° kami yang menarik. Ikuti laman Facebook kami untuk maklumat pasaran hartanah terkini di Malaysia.