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08 February 2018KUALA LUMPUR - Property Pricetag, data science startup specialising in harvesting and analysing data on the Malaysian property market, hosted a tournament for its very own card game...

08 February 2018KUALA LUMPUR - Property Pricetag, data science startup specialising in harvesting and analysing data on the Malaysian property market, hosted a tournament for its very own card game, ‘Tauke Tanah’. The aim of the game is to educate players on the ins and outs of owning a property in a fun and engaging context.CEO, Cha-Ly Koh, one of the game master for the night.Cha-Ly Koh, CEO, says, “We’re trying to get young people interested and educated in the property market. Most young adults are intimidated by the complexities of property ownership and the responsibilities attached to it. The game is designed to engage young people to these concepts in a fun way, thus empowering them to make better decisions when buying their own homes.”The card game simulates real world property ups and downs in a fun environment. Players buy and sell properties, influence the real estate market with event cards and ultimately win by accumulating the highest number of points. The gameplay highlights pitfalls in property ownerships such as JMB mismanagements and economic collapses to prepare players for worst-case scenarios they may have to face in real life. It also helps owners understand the positive effects of parks, good neighbours and good management to the value of your property.Big winner of the night, Mr Ching Wei Whong.The ‘Tauke Tanah’ card game tournament began with six tables, five players each. The top ten players out of twelve players (two from each table) with the highest end value points moved on to the final round. In the final round, there were two tables with 5 players each. The big winner for the night went to Mr Ching Wei Whong, who scored the highest points in the final round. He walked away with Sunway Lagoon Theme Park tickets and 2D1N stay at the Lost World of Tambun Hotel which are sponsored by Sunway Property.  Attendees on Wednesday night.Prizes for the Property Pricetag 'Wheel of Fortune'.Designs of some of the Tauke Tanah cards.Tauke Tanah card game tournament in progress.For more information about Tauke Tanah or Property Pricetag, feel free to contact Stephanie Chin at 018-228 0282 or [email protected] PROPERTY is a property data company that harvests, cleans and analyses large amounts of city data, through its proprietary algorithms to extract trends and patterns in the built environment. It offers this data to the general public, as well as public and private sectors, in hopes of creating a more efficient and transparent property market, improving city planning, andshaping a sustainable urban environment.

Should you live with your parents or fly solo?

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Moving back in with your parents used to be a sure sign that your life had gone horribly wrong. Nowadays, rising costs of living have made it necessary for parents and adult children to live under ...

Moving back in with your parents used to be a sure sign that your life had gone horribly wrong. Nowadays, rising costs of living have made it necessary for parents and adult children to live under the same roof. For some, it’s a great way to lick your wounds if you’re strapped for cash and emotional resources. However, if you’re more of an independent soul, this may seem little better than the jailhouse. This article may just help you decide which of these categories you belong to if you’re on the fence. We’re all about helping you make informed decisions here, so we’re going to give you a balanced look at the pros and cons of this common 21st century practice.ProsNo rentThe days of buying a house and a car by the time you’re 30 are long gone. Even the humblest of landed properties can set you back RM1 Million, at the least. Therefore, not having to pay any rent is a massive boon in this day and age. You’ll actually have the time and means to save up for your own place, with cash to spare for those AirAsia weekend deals and nights about the town.A better quality lifeRising costs affect more than just the cost of a home. The simple pleasures of life (think furniture that can actually support your weight and a functioning lightbulb) come with a hefty price tag, especially if utilities aren’t included. And if your landlord isn’t the sort to keep abreast of repairs on his property, so much the harder for you. Your parents (well, one would hope) would not want to you to be eking a living in impoverished conditions and would want to give you a comfortable standard of life. Another motivating factor? They’ll be living there too. If they help you, they help themselves. It’s a win-win situation overall.Sheer convenienceQuite aside from expensive living costs outside of the family home, it’s just so darned inconvenient having to adult. Cooking, cleaning and maintaining a home can be an overwhelming experience for someone living away from their parents for the first time. Having someone else take care of meals, laundry and other nitty-gritty details really eases the transition to adulthood. Not to mention it saves you time and effort you could be using to develop as a person or, you know, party.CompanionshipOne thing you’ll certainly never be in your parents’ house? Alone. Your parents will always be within proximity, should you need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. You’ll also have instant companions for any board game, movie night or group activity you should desire. However, this does bring us to the first con on our list.ConsYou are never aloneYes, one of the downsides of living with the parents is that they’re always there. They’ll always be around to ask you why you’re not home by 10, who you’ve been furtively texting for the past week and why you can’t just leave your room door open more. It’s always an adjustment period for any child and parent when they are once again living together as adults. The constant hand holding you may once have sought could come to be something you resent instead. As an adult, your relationship with your parents will undoubtedly have to change, but they may not be ready to realise that just yet. So as they shadow your every move and ask more intrusive questions that you’d like, you may just find yourself wishing for some sweet solitude.  Lack of freedomMost parents, no matter how laid-back otherwise, will have rules for living under their roof. Whether it comes in the form of a curfew or using the car only at certain hours, this is bound to curtail your freedom somewhat. You won’t have the mobility and control over your own schedule that you would have if you were living on your own.Regression to childhoodEven if you don’t resent your parents breathing down your shoulder, living at home with them could stunt your growth in many ways. Their rules will make it difficult for you to make independent decisions, an essential skill for any functioning adult. The free food, lodging and housekeeping could keep you complacent, which is not something you want to be if you want a life of your own. You may end up relying on their judgment and their provisions more often than you should, the way you did when you were a child. We needn’t tell you what a bad thing this could be for your love life.So what's the verdict?Source: TumblrYou must assess what’s important to you before making any drastic decisions. Do you find day-to-day rituals too much of a challenge? Are they getting in the way of you finding your feet at your own pace? This could be very much the case if you suffer from a mental health issue like depression or anxiety. If so, staying with your parents for the time being could provide you with just the support you need to get off the ground when you’re ready. Remember, the road to independence is often a circuitous one.But if you’ve never done well with rules, you might want to consider a place of your own. Overbearing parents who haven’t quite caught up with your adulthood can put a damper on your ability to grow into yourself. Anyone who wants to live life on their own terms probably would welcome the challenge of striking out on their own. The extra responsibilities will probably be more of an opportunity to exert full control over your life than a hindrance. Vive l’indépendance!


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In October, eight Chinese schools turned away a whopping 2,500 students after being totally unable to accommodate them. This should show you how much the country’s view of them has changed as a who...

In October, eight Chinese schools turned away a whopping 2,500 students after being totally unable to accommodate them. This should show you how much the country’s view of them has changed as a whole. Once viewed as institutions that discouraged unity among Malaysians, Chinese schools are now starting to be seen as a direct pathway to a future of Asian prosperity due to China’s growing importance as a trade partner in the region. Kiasu parents are snapping up properties near a Chinese school. If you’re lucky enough to afford one yourself, you might just have all your friends with children cashing in on favors to use your address. You would too, if you were them.1. It’s not just the Chinese Malaysians who go to Chinese school anymoreSource: Tan Sri Dr. Fong Chan Onn for Star2Try as you might, you just can’t deny the advantages you’ll gain from learning Mandarin. The lingua franca of the world’s fastest growing economy and largest population, it is no longer just appreciated by those of Chinese heritage. The South China Morning Post reported that between 2010 and 2014, enrollment of non-Chinese students in Chinese schools increased by 20.7%. In 2016, non-Chinese composed about 18% of the student body, as opposed to the 4% non-Malay enrollment in your average government school. The benefits of learning such an important language have allowed non-Chinese alumni to shine in their professional lives. Banker Anisah Mohd Ismaill told the Malay Mail Online cannot say enough about the business opportunities that have opened up to her, thanks to her fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese. Source: Star OnlineBut beyond the world of opportunities the language opens up, both Chinese and non-Chinese students are grateful for a first-class education that includes all races and creeds.2. You’ll probably beat everyone else on the long waitlistSource: The AtlanticWith Chinese schools, the competition begins even before you enrol. At the beginning of the year, the Straits Times reported that many Chinese schools faced the threat of closure. Mind you, this is not due to the fact that no one’s interested, but because too many people are. More than most schools are able to afford, in fact. The write-up, which called for more funds to be poured into Chinese schools, claimed that 45 different areas in the country desperately needed Chinese schools to cope with growing demand. In fact, ten new schools have been built in Johor and Selangor to accommodate this tidal wave of Sino-centric education. Source: Tan Sri Dr. Fong Chan Onn for Star2Your proximity to the school will give you a definite leg-up over your rivals. Most government schools, including public Chinese schools, require that your permanent address be within a certain radius of it in order for you to be admitted. Many parents are now suffering from this short leash they’re on, complaining that they can’t even send siblings to the same school as a result. In short, the closer you are to the Chinese school of your choice, the more leeway you’ll be granted. 3. The value of the neighbourhood soarsWith the increase in demand and radius requirements, it’s no wonder that neighbourhoods housing Chinese schools are well in-demand. Our data for Selangor shows that there is a clear premium on price per square foot on properties within a certain radius of the nearest Chinese school. Those within a 100 meter radius are priced 6.8% higher than the neighbourhood’s average while those within 500m were at a 2.3% premium. Incidentally, properties at a distance from their closest SJK(C) were priced 0.3% lower than the neighbourhood average. Source: Property Pricetag databaseSo if you live anywhere near a Chinese school at the moment, you’re probably sitting on some prime real estate.ConclusionAnyone with children can attest to the benefits of a quality educational facility in the neighbourhood. If they’re producing the same tangible results Chinese schools are yielding, so much the better. However, even if you don’t happen to be a parent, you too can benefit from living near any kind of learning institution. Whether they are Chinese schools, government schools or universities, schools afford their surroundings a youth and vibrancy they would not otherwise acquire. SIGN UP with, you can check the latest transacted prices or list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


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The idea of a city within a city can be an intriguing, maybe even controversial one. This is especially the case of this community is as affluent as Desa Park City. This township has risen up in un...

The idea of a city within a city can be an intriguing, maybe even controversial one. This is especially the case of this community is as affluent as Desa Park City. This township has risen up in unassuming Kepong to be a winner of awards and one of the most desired bits of real estate in the Greater KL area. We could go on about its high-end properties and the luxury commodities on offer, but we thought we’d get into the unique tidbits about that show it’s well on its way to being an urban space in its own right.#6 Desa Park City was once a quarryWhile an abandoned quarry might feel like a dead end to most of us, developers Perdana ParkCity Sdn Bhd saw an untapped opportunity. Kepong’s most exclusive community was carved out of inhospitable terrain that included ravines, hillocks and secondary forest. The area was so rugged that developers ended up having to spend up to 35% more than the average price of a normal project just clearing the area.#5 It’s one of the rare walkable communities in KLSource: Desa Park CityThey call this a park city for good reason. In a city dominated by highways and diesel, Desa Park City took the pioneering step of creating a community that encourages pedestrians to come out and play. Everything in Desa Park is situated within a 15-minute walk from one another and instead of the usual 5-foot walkways, you’re offered a generous 9-foot wide jogging and footpaths through beautifully landscaped parkland. The aim was to produce a community where car use and pollution were kept down to a minimum. As an open community, Desa Park City also welcomes non-residents who want to stretch their legs, smell the roses, feed the fish, do yoga or simply feel lucky to be alive.#4 It’s got one of the only dog parks in the countrySource: Rojak DailyHere’s another glaring sign that Desa Park City is a community apart. In a Muslim country where walking your dog openly is a risk most would never venture, it offers a haven for pet owners forced to dodge speeding cars as they walk their pooches by a busy highway. Not only can you take your dogs out in the open, you can allow them to run off-leash and mingle with his fellow canines, providing you with the sort of adorable photo opportunities you never thought you’d get in Malaysia.#3 It has a RM 60 Million private clubSource: Desa Park CityAs open a community as Desa Park City aims to be for the most part, it does reserve certain privileges for its citizens. Among these is a recreation club worth a whopping RM 60 Million for the private use of those who live within the township. At the risk of making you salivate, we can’t neglect to mention the Olympic-length swimming pool, tennis courts and gym studio on offer there. Like any autonomous territory, Desa Park City has to take care of its own and that it does.#2 It has its own hospitalSource: Desa Park CityAny self-sustaining community needs to address the realities of daily living, no matter how unsightly they may be. Desa Park City provides its ailing populace with its very own state-of-the-arts medical facility, with a full range of inpatient, outpatient and 24-hour emergency services. Now who ever needed you again, outside world?#1 There is a hot air balloon festival thereSource: Vision KLDid we get you down by waxing lyrical about that club you can’t get into? Well, let’s make it up to you. Just this year, Desa Park City took over as host for the MyBalloonFiesta for three days. Hot air balloons from 18 participating countries were released into the skies over the township earlier in March. The community made an ideal backdrop for this resplendent display because of its flat, low-lying nature unobstructed by skyscrapers. Whether this will be a thing next year, nobody knows. But it’s certainly a sight worth envisioning.


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A lot of folks feel their life starts only after they hit a milestone. They spend their lives anticipating the moment they hit their weight loss goals, buy a new home or find their other halves. Bu...

A lot of folks feel their life starts only after they hit a milestone. They spend their lives anticipating the moment they hit their weight loss goals, buy a new home or find their other halves. But mental health professionals are warning against the dangers of reserving happiness for future moments, indicating that it creates a mindset of never being able to enjoy the life you have. There are many tenants who adopt a similar approach to making their rentals, refusing to make their dwelling feel like a home until they've taken out a housing loan. Like the psychology experts, we'd recommend you don't allow your temporary living situation to affect your quality of life. Start living now, decorate your home. Trust us, you won't have to make an enemy of your landlord in the process. #1 Negotiate every permanent change with your landlordOne of the last things you want to do is bypass your landlord if you’re going to significantly alter the look of his property. First of all, it will be a violation of your contract to leave the property as is. Secondly, you might end up damaging something in the process that you will may have to forfeit your deposit to repair. So if you really must paint the wall that exact shade of royal purple, be sure to check in with him and seal his approval in writing.  #2 Try not to make permanent changesSource: The Goodhart GroupHowever laidback your landlord may be, we’d definitely advise you to err on the side of caution when making any changes to the property’s appearance. As much as possible, try not to paint natural wood, plaster the walls with wallpaper or make any other changes that would be difficult and costly to undo. This goes for unintentional changes too, like bedbug infestations. Beware of buying used upholstery!#3 Don’t do anything your landlord will have to pay forWhatever you end up doing, never bill the landlord for fixtures that you want to install. Surely we don’t have to explain why this is bad? Just very clearly negotiate what changes you’re willing to make and foot the bill yourself. Landlords always love tenants who can take a bit of responsibility. Be that tenant.#4 Adjust lightingThis may seem like a very small change to make, but we promise it will make loads of difference. The way a room is lit entirely changes its mood and you’ll be surprised how you can transform a space simply by changing out the lightbulb. Switch out harsh fluorescent lighting for softer mood lighting or dress naked lightbulbs with artsy shades. You’ll be more than halfway to making your rental a proper home.#5 Don’t invest in pieces that are too expensive or heavyStill, it’s advisable not to get too comfortable. After all, it’s all too easy to become too tied down to a space and invest in furniture that is more permanent than your tenancy. It’s not the time to shell out for that Balinese teak furniture set that it took an entire army to transport to your living room. You’ll feel the pain of that decision when you have to vacate the premises.#6 Buy pieces that are flexible and portableWe’d suggest you stick to buying lightweight furniture that you can dismantle and transport at the drop of the hat. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Ikea quality just because it doesn’t break the bank. Getting good-quality secondhand furniture is a very feasible option for a crafty tenant on a budget.#7 But don’t sell yourself short, buy pieces you loveThey always say that the best time to be happy is now. The same goes for your living situation. You may be living in a temporary dwelling, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be home. A great way to personalise any space, even if you don’t actually own it, is to add artwork and knick-knacks that appeal to your own personal aesthetic. Have a poster you bought on your trip to Vietnam? Hang it up where people can see. Found some beautiful seashells at a craft market? Place them on your coffee table. Let the little (and portable!) details here speak for themselves.#8 In fact, now’s the time to experiment. Go crazy.Source: Henry Domke Fine ArtMaybe you can go a step further and get those cheap, disposable pieces you don’t like, but just have that certain something. If you’ve always wanted a tacky glow-in-the-dark Venus de Milo, now’s your chance to go out on a limb and order one off Lazada. After all, this living arrangement certainly isn’t forever. What better chapter of your life could there be for living in a wild fantasy realm of your own making? If anything, it will be a good way to learn what you don’t want the place you actually buy to look like.



Kuala Lumpur is much better known for its profusion of shopping malls than its idyllic natural beauty. Some developers tried to address this disparity by attaching green spaces to their bustling co...

Kuala Lumpur is much better known for its profusion of shopping malls than its idyllic natural beauty. Some developers tried to address this disparity by attaching green spaces to their bustling commercial projects. After finding and listing some shopping centres that attempt to engage with the great outdoors, we began to consider the net effect these projects might have on their neighbourhoods. According to our Secret Atlas, both shopping malls and parks increase the value of their neighbourhood by 3% respectively. Have you taken note of a significant rise in property prices? Or have things stayed much the same as they have over the years?#6 KLCCSource: kuala-lumpur.wsConnected to the Petronas Twin Towers and the Kuala Lumpur Philharmonic Orchestra, high-end KLCC is connected to some of Kuala Lumpur’s most iconic landmarks and brightest cultural offerings. It was also one of the first malls in the capital to attach an extensively landscaped park to its premises. To this day, these 50 acres of greenery provide a wading pool, children’s pool, playground and patterned walkways for urbanites in need of some respite.  #5 MyTOWN KLSource: Inside RetailMyTOWN KL may just be the only place in the city where you can shop to your heart’s content as well as do a spot of rollerblading after. MyTOWN’s landscaped space boasts an array of ramps and tracks specially for skateboarders and rollerbladers. It’s also a lively event space that plays host to a year’s worth of roadshows, concerts and festivals.#4 StarlingSource: Time OutDamansara Uptown’s Starling mall brands itself as a retail space that also offers some form of nourishment for your soul. In order to achieve this unusual combination of material and spiritual fulfillment, it offers shoppers a beautifully landscaped park with a pathway winding beneath the shade of trees and a brook. The mall’s aim is to unite the city with the soothing properties of nature and its organically inspired design certainly reflects its unity with its green space.#3 The Waterfront @ Desa ParkcitySource: Our Wonderful Simple LifeIf you see the word park in its name, you’ve already got a telling clue on what atmosphere you’re likely to find here. In addition to its proximity to the neighbourhood’s large Central Park, The Waterfront mall certainly affords a lot of peaceful aquatic views. In addition to seeing to your material needs, you’ll get to indulge in a host of outdoors activities in an expansive green space.#2 IOI City MallSource: IOI PropertiesIOI City Mall boasts plenty of diversions if retail therapy isn’t your way of unloading. It’s got an Olympic-size ice-skating rink as well as a 70,000 sq ft dystopia-themed adventure park. If you’d like a park of the more traditional variety, there is a golf course and ample green space that you can enjoy on the Symphony Walk, where the view is enhanced by lighting displays and musical fountains at certain times in the evening.  #1 Pavilion Bukit JalilSource: The StarPavilion has made its way to Bukit Jalil and as a result, you’ll get to enjoy the outdoors to an extent you never could in the city centre. The mall is located right across the massive Bukit Jalil Recreational Park and is connected to it by walkway, so you’re really just a few minutes walk away from fresh air and a picnic. In addition, the mall premises themselves landscaped and dotted with vegetation.To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


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Towards the close of the year, it makes sense for us to evaluate the state of our property market going into 2018. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, the outlook may seem dire. There’s a ...

Towards the close of the year, it makes sense for us to evaluate the state of our property market going into 2018. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, the outlook may seem dire. There’s a clear imbalance between what’s available and what consumers can afford and this disparity has had quite the negative impact on real estate. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all over for developers and buyers. It may just mean that you have to look in places that you never thought to before for next year, like the relatively virgin Sarawak market.#5 The Government Freeze on Certain PropertiesSource: Architizer for PinterestTo address a housing surplus in a market where buyers are unable to afford property, the government is placing an indefinite halt upon the production of new luxury properties. Right now, there is an excess of luxury condos and commercial projects like shopping malls and service apartments. Until demand begins to meet supply once more, the government will urge the development of affordable housing in the coming year. However, the ban doesn’t appear to be universal across the board. According to Works Minister Fadillah Yusof, projects will all be assessed on a case-by-case basis and the ban will only be applied in specific cases. His words seem to further muddy the waters for developers like Sime Darby, who are interested in further clarification on what this means for them going forward.#4 The Rise of Affordable Housing StockSource: Durian PropertyIf luxury and commercial properties will experience a freeze in the coming year, affordable housing will experience the opposite. Supply will be encouraged in the affordable housing segments such as RUMAWIP, PR1MA, Rumah Selangorku and PPA1M. With the wide array of options, it is easy to get confused on who qualifies for what, so check out our guide to affordable housing in this article. Private developers are also increasingly focused on this segment as buyers are qualifying less and less for tightening housing loans from banks. However, most of these " affordably-priced" commodities are categorised as service apartments to take advantage of the commercial-titled densities, which is also now restricted by the freeze. Therefore, expect private supply to move to other non-frozen states, if there are any.#3 Rentals as the new housing normWith consumers less qualified to take out loans to buy their own property, it makes total sense that 2018 will see a surge in rentals. Quite aside from dwindling finances and rising property prices, the government is now giving consumers new initiative to rent instead of buy. According to our Budget 2018, there will be increased focus on boosting the rental market. Among the measures implemented was a 50% tax exemption on rental income for residential properties up to RM 2,000.#2 RM 1 Million Noose Possibly Lifted in JohorSource: Rahim & CoBecause of the influx of foreigners into the peninsula’s southernmost state, Johor has been trying to subvert any kind of obstacle to overseas investment. So it has been petitioning for a review for the RM 1 Million restriction for foreigners who want to buy property that was put into effect in March 2014. The state is trying to redraft the limitations to find a workable formula for housing projects specifically for foreign buyers. So if you’re an expat who’d like to invest in Malaysia, watch this space.#1 The Grass May Be Greener Out East In BorneoSource: Gariey SiaWhile the property market is likely to languish here in the peninsula, Borneo may be experiencing the growth everyone wishes they could. Kota Padawan and its surrounding areas are said to be the fastest-growing areas in the state of Sarawak in terms of housing and landed properties. There are many reasons for this. Land is neither too cheap nor too expensive there and its location is neither close nor far from urban areas. Furthermore, because this is a relatively small market, developers will have less competition and will have to take fewer risks. As Goldilocks would say, it’s all just right.  



Here's an article for every time you've wanted to stick it to the man. Sometimes, it can seem like there is very little you can do in the face of government policy, but these instances show us that...

Here's an article for every time you've wanted to stick it to the man. Sometimes, it can seem like there is very little you can do in the face of government policy, but these instances show us that some people are ready to fight the big guys with the big guns. Here are 5 times spunky citizens fought the law, even if the law won.#7 A developer sues MBPJ over a valuation listSource: iPropertyWhen they opened their new residence in Section 14 in 2007, developers were aghast to find that MBPJ was using a previous valuation list for undeveloped land on their property. MBPJ had started issuing Notices of Amendment to the 2006 valuation list even before strata titles were awarded. Furthermore, the notices were given to the individual owners between Nov 25 to 27 in 2006, barely giving them enough time to write letters of objection before the Dec 5 due date. So they took council to court and stipulated that council needed to draw up a fresh valuation list for their brand-new property and advertise it to future residents. That way, it would be clear how they came up with the figures they did and it would allow the residents ample time to challenge them if they had the desire to.#6 A billboard operator threatens to sue MBPJ over a contract gone wrongSource: The Star OnlineA major billboard operator became extremely displeased with MBPJ after it didn't follow through with a contract worth RM 379 Million in 2007. After paying MBPJ a sum of money, the company expected to be allowed to privatise billboard operations in Petaling Jaya. Unfortunately, the contract documents were somehow leaked to the public, drawing great ire from residents. Worse still, MBPJ denied ever having intentions to privatise billboard operations in the area under its jurisdiction. Apparently, what really happened was that certain MBPJ members were conducting the deals behind closed doors, leaving no written documentation of their transactions. Enraged, the billboard operator threatened MBPJ with a lawsuit for damages  #5 Taman Desa residents sue DBKL over an oversized condoSource: Malay Mail OnlineThe mayor of Kuala Lumpur ran afoul of residents in Taman Desa when he granted permission for a new condominium three or four times higher than the area’s average. Quite aside from the obvious concerns over congestion, they were also disgruntled that the project was to be built on Tenaga Nasional land that was never meant for residential purposes. The final straw came when they discovered that DBKL had given planning permission online instead of as a direct response to multiple inquiries. In response, they filed a lawsuit on March 13 and are now waiting for a hearing date to be decided.#4 TTDI residents sue DBKL over the development of Taman Rimba KiaraSource: The Star OnlineTaman Tun Doktor Ismail (TTDI) residents had similar bones to pick with DBKL over a planned development in Taman Rimba Kiara. DBKL authorised developers to build eight blocks of high-end service apartments 42-54 feet high, low-cost housing, a flyover and a six-lane highway. Ever since the project went public, residents have raised hue and cry against it, going as far as to file a lawsuit against the mayor. However, their ire doesn’t seem to have phased DBKL, who gave the developer the go-ahead to build a showroom amidst the courtroom drama.  #3 Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal sued DBKL in the name of ArtSource: The Star OnlineIf there’s one way to get on the bad side of an artist, mess with his work. DBKL did exactly that in 2010 when it altered celebrated artist Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal’s ceramic glass sculpture Lunar Peaks (Puncak Pernama) to stainless steel without his consent. The material change directly violated the Copyright Act, which states that an artwork must be kept exactly as it was received. The sculptor used that as his basis to take DBKL on in court and was awarded RM 750,000 for his troubles. It was a rare victory for Malaysian cultural heritage, which is all too often shunted aside in the name of relentless progress. Unfortunately, Datuk Syed’s crusade ended up not being able to save the artwork, as DBKL proceeded with its demolition after his death. Its reasons? It wanted to improve a “lifeless” landscape.#2 Developers sued DBKL over a 101-year old templeSource: Says In 2013, the Sri Kaliamman Muniswarar Temple stood in the way of a walkway, a DBKL requirement for a 30-storey building developers were constructing next door. The developers offered to relocate the temple to Sepang, but its custodians turned down their offer on the basis that the existing building was a cultural cornerstone. After all, it had been around since 1911 and was the only temple in KL’s Golden Triangle. After a year’s worth of negotiations, the developers finally sued DBKL, who responded by putting an eviction notice on the temple. It was then subsequently demolished in part in September and in full later in November, a week after Deepavali.#1 Bandar Tun Razak residents sued DBKL over a football fieldSource: The Star OnlineYet again, DBKL clashed with locals over repurposing land it allegedly had no right to. In April 2016, it sold off a beloved football field in Bandar Tun Razak to developers. They intended to build a 41-storey apartment block upon the 2.098 ha field, which had been gazetted as reserve land. Furious locals were rebuffed by DBKL when they appealed the decision, so they lodged a complaint with MACC over city hall’s “misdeeds”. However, the project is still going strong despite the residents’ protests. DBKL has replaced the football field with a new one half its size and several times the price. Locals were less than satisfied with this substitute for the green space that served its neighbourhood for 40 years.


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Malaysians are a food-loving nation, so we definitely exalt our favourite restaurants to cult status. But nostalgia hits you no matter where you’re from and when it’s combined with good food, Malay...

Malaysians are a food-loving nation, so we definitely exalt our favourite restaurants to cult status. But nostalgia hits you no matter where you’re from and when it’s combined with good food, Malaysians can scarcely resist. We’ve picked five restaurants in the Greater KL area that have withstood the test of time, becoming recognised both for their delicious fare and the many memories we’ve made with them over the decades.  #1 Sek Yuen in PuduSource: iPickFor a restaurant that’s been around since pre-Merdeka days, Sek Yuen has remained remarkably consistent. Founded in 1948, it was known as a swanky choice for diners to host big events like weddings and graduations and the black and white photos on the wall are a showcase to its lengthy career. Although it’s no longer quite the prestigious establishment it once was, diners are still flocking in to savour the dishes it has always been known for: its famous cold appetiser and steamed village chicken. Even payment dates back to the days before independence. Instead of hearing the keys of a calculator, you’ll hear the clack of an abacus as the owner counts out what you owe.#2 Coliseum Cafe on Jalan Tunku Abdul RahmanSource: The Star OnlineIf you thought Sek Yuen was old and venerable, wait till you find out about Coliseum Cafe. Established in 1921, this nostalgic cafe is now close to a century old, dating back to the halcyon days of British colonialism. Started by enterprising Hainanese businessmen, Coliseum has played host to a great many chapters in our country’s history. European civil servants and plantation owners would hang up their hats, coats and even rifles here to relax and to strategise against Communist insurgents. Today, it still sees a large and varied crowd of tourists and locals come through its doors to enjoy the trappings of a bygone era.#3 Old China Cafe in ChinatownSource: Old China CafeSpeaking of historical cafes, it would only be right to include one that honours one of Malaysia’s foundational cultures: the Peranakan. Devoted to celebrating the Straits Chinese, Old China Cafe cites the early Chinese settlers of Kuala Lumpur as an influence. The building itself was an important one to this community, having been the guild hall for the Selangor and Federal Territory Laundry Association that moved into Chinatown in the 20’s. Amidst a decor that incorporates traditional feng shui principles, diners can savour Nyonya specialties like mee siam and ikan asam.#4 Chocha Foodstore on Petaling StreetSource: Eat Drink KLRazing down heritage buildings to make way for new developments seems to be a national pastime, one Chocha’s owner Shin Chang was determined to discourage. He set up a cafe in a former brothel on Merchant’s Lane, leaving many of the building’s original features in place and incorporating a beautiful, leafy courtyard. The result was a beautiful, Instagram-worthy spot that perfectly marries the best of old and new KL. The food is nothing to scoff at either. Chocha means “sit and eat” in Hakka and after you try its contemporary take on Chinese food, you’ll want to.#5 The Ship on Jalan Sultan IsmailSource: Time OutWhen Foo Hee Hoon started The Ship three generations ago, it was a tricky time to sell Western food to locals. The country was then newly independent and people were keen to shed remnants of the recent colonial past by returning to Asianness. However, whether it was with its nautical decor or the excellent steaks, The Ship managed to win itself those tough customers and is going strong to this day. As one of the world’s foodie cultures, we’re helpless against the pull of good eats, no matter where they happen to be from.To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


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Buying property is not simply about paying for what it’s worth and going your merry way. There are a whole host of additional documents and fees that need to be taken into account before a purchase...

Buying property is not simply about paying for what it’s worth and going your merry way. There are a whole host of additional documents and fees that need to be taken into account before a purchase is approved and among the most important of these is the stamp duty. This is part and parcel of ensuring that every property purchase you make is legitimate in the eyes of the law, so we’ve decided to familiarise you with this concept and to help you figure out just how much this will cost you.First, let’s get to know some termsEssentially, a stamp duty is a tax levied upon the documents involved in the purchase of a property, the Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) and Memorandum of Transfer (MOT). You’ll have to pay stamp duty on both of these, so it will be good to get acquainted with these terms.SPA - The SPA is a contract that binds both buyer and seller to the sale of a property. This document outlines the exact terms of a purchase like the agreed price, payment manner, property details, loans and other such arrangements. The stamp duty on the SPA is RM10.MOT - The Memorandum of Transfer is a document that is submitted to the Land Office to officiate the transfer of property from buyer to seller. The stamp duty you pay for the MOT depends on how much you purchased the property for.But wait, there’s more. If you’re taking out a loan to fund your purchase, you’ll also have to pay stamp duty on your loan agreement as well.How do we calculate stamp duty?The amount of stamp duty you have to pay will depend on the market value of the property or its actual selling price, whichever is higher. Next, you will need to use these percentage guidelines to calculate how much your total stamp duty will be for your MOT.- 1% of the first RM100,000- 2% of the next RM400,000- 3% of the amount left over after RM500,000 is subtracted from the total.To illustrate, we’ve prepared a table to show you what this would look like if you bought a property costing RM700,000Similarly, there are scales for tallying up exactly how much you’ll have to pay for stamp duty on your loan agreement and for the SPA and loan legal fees.SPA Legal Fees - The fees you’ll pay the solicitor who will prepare your SPA.Loan Legal Fees - The fees you’ll pay for legal counsel on a loanTo streamline the process, there are many online calculators you can make use of to divvy up just how much a home purchase, stamp duty and legal fees will add up to. Try Property Pricetag’s very own.What terms and conditions must be met?There are some time restrictions for when your documents should be stamped. If the SPA and loan agreement are executed in Malaysia, they must be stamped 30 days after their execution. If they are executed abroad, they must be stamped within 30 days after they are first received in the country.Your MOT must also be sent to the stamp office, where it is determined whether the stamp duty is eventually based off the property’s market price or its selling price. After this has been decided, you have 30 days to stamp your MOT. If you aren’t happy with the stamp office’s assessment, you have 30 days to protest it from the date of its execution. Regardless of the outcome of your objection, you’ll still have to pay the original stamp duty assigned to you and may only recover the excess paid if the Collector of Stamp Duties approves your petition.Are there penalties for not paying stamp duty?Yes, indeed there are. Should you neglect to submit your stamp duty payments in a timely manner, you’ll have to pay the following in addition to the sums you already owe:- RM25 or 5% of the duty if it’s stamped within 3 months after it should have been.- RM50 or 10% of the duty if it’s stamped between 3-6 months after it should have been.- RM100 or 20% of the duty if it’s stamped later than 6 months after it should have beenShould you not stamp your documents at all, you’ll have a tough time convincing the court to accept them as evidence. Remember to stamp and pay outstanding fees before ever letting these see the light of day.ConclusionWith this short, accessible guide, we hope that the perplexing world of stamp duty has been broken down for you into digestible pieces. Malaysian real estate and its numerous clauses can be a gauntlet for any beginner, so arming yourself with the right knowledge is the first step to taking it on.To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.



While the bad landlord has become a bit of a cartoon villain, we pay far less attention to the equally damaging bad tenant. Any kind of transaction goes both ways and a tenancy gone foul is not alw...

While the bad landlord has become a bit of a cartoon villain, we pay far less attention to the equally damaging bad tenant. Any kind of transaction goes both ways and a tenancy gone foul is not always the fault of a hardened slumlord. So we’ve decided to lend a little helping hand to the wronged propriety owner. Here’s how to spot and exterminate a rent-dodging roach before he sets up shop in your property.#1 THEY DON'T WANT TO COMPLETE A RENTAL APPLICATIONThis is one of the brightest of red flags. Any successful tenancy is dependent on all parties complying with the rules. If he doesn’t want to deal with a basic lease, this is a loud warning to stay away. Why would the tenant not want his information down unless he had something to hide? Our advice would be to kindly but firmly insist that every tenant goes through the same processes, regardless of who they are or what their circumstances may be. A standardised process for everyone is a good way to put everything on the table and weed out the bad apples..#2 THEY BRING A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE TO THE VIEWINGSource: Pop KeyYou were sure that you were renting to two people at most, so why are there five coming to view the apartment? You’ve got to be careful of tenants who aren’t upfront about exactly how many people are meant to live in the property. The more tenants there are, the harder it will be to keep tabs on damage done on the property. If you see more viewers than you anticipated, ask to be introduced to everyone and clarify exactly who intends to live there. If it’s anymore that the number of occupants your property can handle, we suggest you bail.#3 THEY'VE MOVED TOO MANY TIMESSource: GiphyIf your future tenant is almost never satisfied with his home, there’s very little chance he’s going to be happy with what you’re giving him. Either that or there’s something he’s doing to tick off a whole list of past landlords, one of whom may soon be you. So if you see him shifting houses more frequently than the average hermit crab, start asking questions. Same goes for if you notice multiple addresses under his name.#4 THEY'RE CHANGED JOBS TOO MANY TIMESIf your tenant is equally restless at his places of employment, this does not bode well for you. His lack of a secure means of income means that his ability to pay rent in a timely manner is iffy. Always be sure to question excessive job changes and ask how the tenant has other means of securing income. We suggest you don’t proceed if the tenant is in any way unclear about how they make ends meet.#5 THEY ARE IN A GREAT HURRY TO RENTSource: TenorIf the tenant cares less about the state of the home than the fact that it is a home, get your guard up. Anyone who is too keen to move in is trying to escape some baggage and it’s in your best interest to figure out what it is. So if any prospective tenant wants to rush the move-in date to next month, or God forbid, next week, don’t let their haste rush you into an agreement you’ll regret. Thanks to your willingness to accommodate, you may unwittingly become part of someone’s storied past.#6 THEY OFFER YOUR MONEY TO BYPASS PROCESSESSource: Turker NationAnyone who waves a lump sum in your face to skip the usual rental steps should set your alarm bells off. It never speaks well of someone when they think they can bribe you into giving them special treatment and you’ll feel the pain of this realisation later on. Even if the money is enough to cover a few months rent, you have to wonder what will happen after those few months are up. We’d urge you never to accept a lump sum instead of a lease, especially if it’s paid in cash.#7 ALL THE PAYMENTS ARE IN CASHSource: MyPFEven if it’s not a lump sum, never accept rent or a deposit in cash. You’ll never have a record of renting out or receiving payment and you’ll always be wondering why that is. Are they planning on vacating the premises at their convenience? Or perhaps passing the rental off to someone else midway? You’ll have no way of knowing and no way of proving that you had any prior agreement with this tenant at all.#8 THEY HAVE A POOR CREDIT SCOREWe know checking a tenant’s credit isn’t as widespread a practice here as it is in, say, America. But it’s certainly catching on and for very good reason. It’s a reliable way of making sure his finances are in order and that he doesn’t have any outstanding debt to his name. It’s also a good way of ensuring that anyone with no history of renting is an upstanding character. In order to understand what good credit score is and how to go about checking for it, check out this informative Star Online article.#9 THEY CAN'T AGREE WITH ANY OF YOUR TERMSIt’s one thing to have a few things to negotiate. But your future tenant should not be fighting you every step of the way either. It’s generally a bad sign for any partnership when the other person has a problem with the way you do things. It’s also indicative of a tenant who has trouble respecting the rules. We don’t think that we need to spell out why that is an issue.#10 THEY MAKE A BAD FIRST IMPRESSIONUltimately, the only people who will be present at your meeting are you and the prospective tenant. Therefore, we would urge you to trust your own judgment about anyone who comes to view your property. Does their shabby appearance suggest that all is not well with their finances? Do they come across as particularly high-handed or demanding? Do they seem not all there in person (read high or drunk)? At the end of the day, we think it’s a bad idea to rent to anyone you don’t like. Trust us, you’ll be dodging more than just the displeasure of their company.  To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


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Berminat dalam pelaburan hartanah? Dengan pelbagai pilihan di pasaran, anda mungkin yang berkeliru tentang pelaburan yang sesuai dengan kehendak masing-masing. Ramai yang menyarankan pejabat strata...

Berminat dalam pelaburan hartanah? Dengan pelbagai pilihan di pasaran, anda mungkin yang berkeliru tentang pelaburan yang sesuai dengan kehendak masing-masing. Ramai yang menyarankan pejabat strata status MSC, yang mungkin boleh menawarkan sewa yang lebih tinggi. Ada juga yang rekomen pelaburan kediaman yang sesuai sebagai penginapan pelajar.  Keliru dah? Pertimbangkanlah analisis berikut sebelum membuat pelaburan anda.PUSINGAN PERTAMA: KOS PENDAHULUANKos tunai merupakan halangan pertama yang menentukan kemampuan pelabur.Penginapan pelajar yang dijual sebagai unit kediaman di bawah HDA (Housing Development Act) biasanya memerlukan kos pendahuluan yang rendah. Bayaran pendahuluan adalah hanya 10% bagi pembelian pertama atau kedua. Bakinya boleh dibiayai oleh pihak bank, yang menawarkan pinjaman hingga 90%. Sekiranya pembangunan perumahan itu merupakan pembangunan baru, kebanyakan pemaju akan menawarkan bayaran lebih rendah atau menanggung bayaran guaman. Ini sememangnya mengurangkan bebanan pembeli.Bagi pelaburan hartanah jenis komersial pula, pelabur perlu menyediakan bayaran pendahuluan yang lebih tinggi, iaitu antara 15% hingga 20% kos hartanah. Ini kerana pihak bank hanya menawarkan pinjaman sebanyak 85% untuk hartanah jenis komersial. Untuk pejabat strata yang berharga melebihi RM500,000 seunit, bayaran pendahuluan adalah sekurang-kurangnya RM25,000.Contoh 1 :Contoh 2 :PEMENANG ANALISIS :  PENGINAPAN PELAJARBayaran pendahuluan untuk membeli pejabat strata adalah lebih tinggi, walaupun ianya dijual pada harga yang sama berbanding dengan penginapan pelajar.PUSINGAN KEDUA: PULANGAN SEWAPulangan jangka masa pendek dalam pelaburan hartanah bergantung kepada kadar pulangan sewa. Justeru, bandingan kadar sewa adalah faktor yang penting untuk imbangan jenis pelaburan yang mampan dengan kemampuan pelabur. Jadual berikut merupakan bandingan  kadar pulangan sewa antara hartanah penginapan pelajar dan pejabat strata.Contoh 1 :Contoh 2 :PEMENANG PUSINGAN : SERI (TIADA PEMENANG)Kadar pulangan sewa bergantung kepada usia dan lokasi sesebuah hartanah. Para pembeli hendaklah waspada semasa melabur, dan tidak terlampau fokus dengan jenis hartanah sahaja.PUSINGAN KETIGA: PERMINTAAN PASARANDARI SUDUT PENGINAPAN PELAJARMengikut Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi (KPT) pada Julai 2017, terdapat 701 universiti awam dan swasta, kolej dan kampus universiti cawangan antarabangsa di Malaysia. Kebanyakan kampus ini menyediakan penginapan untuk pelajar. Namun begitu, penyediaan asrama sering tidak mencukupi dan pelajar terpaksa mencari penginapan swasta di kawasan berhampiran.Penyewaan penginapan pelajar selalunya mengikut sesi sekolah.Salah satu kelemahan pelaburan penginapan pelajar adalah musim cuti panjang di mana pelabur akan kehilangan rezeki sewa. Walau bagaimanapun, pemilik rumah yang bijak biasanya akan merendahkan sewa ketika cuti atau membuat anggaran pendapatan tahunan berdasarkan pulangan sewa untuk 9 bulan sahaja.DARI SUDUT PEJABAT STRATAPejabat strata lazimnya mensasarkan penyewa dari syarikat kecil dan sederhana kerana saiz dan ruangnya yang lebih kecil. Akan tetapi, syarikat Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana (SME) biasanya ingin berjimat dan tidak cenderung untuk membayar sewaan tinggi bagi pejabat strata Gred A. Selain itu, tempoh penyewaan pejabat strata mungkin lebih pendek apabila syarikat berkembang dengan pesat dan memerlukan ruang yang lebih besar untuk menampung keperluan kakitangan. Berbanding dengan penginapan pelajar, kebiasaannya kediaman disewa oleh kumpulan pelajar secara berulang.PEMENANG PUSINGAN : PELABURAN PENGINAPAN PELAJARPasaran sewaan strata pejabat sering bergantung pada sentimen dan keadaan semasa ekonomi negara. Sebaliknya, pasaran sewaan penginapan pelajar bergantung hanya dengan pendaftaran pelajar yang boleh menawarkan pulangan yang lebih mantap dan mampan.PUSINGAN KE-EMPAT: PENINGKATAN NILAI HARTANAHBerdasarkan buku The Secret Atlas of Greater KL, nilai bangunan kediaman yang terletak dalam lingkungan 500 meter dari Universiti dan Kolej adalah 2% lebih rendah berbanding rumah berdekatan, walaupun kadar sewanya adalah sama. Dengan kata lain, penginapan pelajar menikmati kadar pulangan yang baik, tetapi nilainya mungkin tidak melonjak tinggi berbanding dengan rumah-rumah berdekatan.Tetapi bagaimana ia dibandingkan dengan pejabat strata?Contoh 1 :Sumber Gambar : 2 : Kajian contoh lain di lokasi yang sama di Jalan Universiti, SelangorPEMENANG : SERI (TIADA PEMENANG)Walaupun nilai penginapan pelajar tidak melonjak berbanding dengan hartanah berdekatan, sesetengah unit penginapan pelajar dijual pada harga lebih tinggi berbanding dengan pejabat strata. Ini mungkin kerana pasaran hartanah pangsapuri lebih besar berbanding dengan pejabat strata. Namun begitu, sebagai pelabur, anda perlulah mengambil kira kos penyelenggaraan penginapan ketika menyewa dan juga kos membaik pulih penginapan pelajar yang sewajarnya.PUSINGAN KE-LIMA: BEBANAN KOS BULANANPulangan sewa bulanan tidaklah selalunya dijanjikan. Jikalau hartanah anda tidak dapat disewa (atau penduduk tidak menunaikan sewa), anda berisiko menghadapi masalah kewangan.Bagi penginapan pelajar yang dibeli di bawah HDA, pelabur boleh membayar sebahagian pinjaman bayaran balik bulanan melalui Akaun 2 KWSP. Pilihan ini tidak terbuka untuk hartanah jenis komersial. Tempoh pembayaran balik pinjaman penginapan pelajar juga lebih lama berbanding hartanah jenis komersial. Untuk pelabur yang masih muda, tempoh pinjaman pangsapuri boleh dilanjutkan sehingga 35 tahun atau lebih, manakala tempoh maksimum untuk pejabat strata bertaraf komersial hanyalah 25 tahun. Pihak bank menjangka bahawa kemelesetan ekonomi akan menjejaskan perniagaan, dan risiko kemungkaran ansuran lebih tinggi bagi hartanah jenis komersial berbanding hartanah jenis kediaman. Sebagai contoh, ansuran satu unit penginapan pelajar berharga RM500,000 adalah hanya RM2,129 sebulan, manakala ansuran sebuah unit pejabat strata adalah RM2,362 sebulan. Dengan kata lain, pelabur hartanah pejabat strata menampung bebanan ansuran 10% lebih tinggi daripada hartanah jenis kediaman.Selain itu, yuran penyelenggaraan, kos utiliti, cukai pintu dan perbelanjaan lain adalah lebih tinggi untuk pejabat strata berbanding dengan penginapan pelajar.Di sini, kami menunjukkan dua contoh untuk sebagai rujukan.CONTOH 1:CONTOH 2:PEMENANG PUSINGAN :  PELABURAN PENGINAPAN PELAJARUntuk pelaburan hartanah bernilai setanding, ansuran bulanan dan kos penyelenggaraan penginapan pelajar adalah lebih rendah. Oleh yang demikian, risiko pelaburan jenis penginapan pelajar lebih rendah untuk pihak pelabur.KESIMPULAN:PUSINGAN PERTAMA - Kos pendahuluan untuk melabur dalam penginapan pelajar adalah lebih rendahPUSINGAN KEDUA - Kedua-dua jenis pelaburan menpunyai kadar pulangan sewa yang setandingPUSINGAN KETIGA - Penginapan pelajar mempunyai pasaran yang lebih mampan.PUSINGAN KEEMPAT - Nilai kedua-dua jenis hartanah meningkat seiring.PUSINGAN KELIMA - Kos keseluruhan bulanan untuk penginapan pelajar adalah lebih rendah.Berdasarkan analisis kami, kedua-dua jenis hartanah ini mempunyai risiko yang berbeza, dan keputusan perbandingan ini tidaklah muktamad. Pelaburan hartanah berupa sama dengan pelaburan dalam unit amanah, saham dan lain-lain produk kewangan. Sebagai pelabur, anda seharusnya sentiasa waspada terhadap risiko anda seperti kemampuan untuk menanggung kos bulanan jika penyewa tidak membayar sewa.Rujukan: Malaysia has one of highest proportions of international students pursuing higher education, Turning the world towards Malaysian education, Demand for office space slows down, Office Market Situation, Student Rentals Shine Gloomy MarketBaca juga: Adakah pusat beli-belah di Klang Valley Semakin Merundum?Ingin tahu lebih? Ketahui faktor-faktor lain yang mempengaruhi harga hartanah melalaui The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur! Beli satu salinan sekarang di RM118 (dengan penghantaran percuma).DAFTAR dengan sekarang untuk menjalankan penyelidikan terperinci tentang kegiatan hartanah di kawasan anda. Semak maklumat secara PERCUMA atau kunjungi video 360° kami yang menarik. Ikuti laman Facebook kami untuk maklumat pasaran hartanah terkini di Malaysia.


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Sleepy Sungai Buloh seems to be caught between worlds. On the one hand, it’s home to one of the main stations on the Sungai Buloh Kajang MRT line and a host of gated communities. As each year passe...

Sleepy Sungai Buloh seems to be caught between worlds. On the one hand, it’s home to one of the main stations on the Sungai Buloh Kajang MRT line and a host of gated communities. As each year passes, it gets steadily more developed. On the other hand, it’s also a richly biodiverse area with an equally vibrant history to its name, a fact that is fast-changing in the face of rapid development. So we thought we’d illuminate Sungai Buloh’s fascinating past for those of you who thought it was nothing but jungle. There’s far more to it than meets the eye.#5 It was once a settlement for lepersSource: Star PropertyWould you believe that Sungai Buloh played host to a milestone for human rights in this country? In the 1920’s, progressive colonial authorities purposed to change the way lepers lived once and for all. Conditions at the existing medical facilities were so dismaying that Dr. Ernest Travers proposed a revolutionary new idea: a town exclusively for lepers. Chief Secretary Sir George Maxwell implemented his plans in 1926 and built a settlement romantically dubbed “The Valley of Hope”.Source: Valley of HopeOnce the world’s second biggest leprosy colony, the Valley of Hope housed as many as 2,000 residents at its height. It had its own school, police force, places of worship and other trappings you’d find in any other town. It was also one of the few places where people of all creeds and colours came together, with Europeans, Chinese, Malays and Indians all bound together by their common affliction. Conditions were so livable that long after treatment became available, many residents chose to remain. There are just around 200 of these surviving colonists today who are adamant about carrying out the rest of their lives on what was once their refuge from an uncaring world.#4 It had its own banknotesSource: Malaysian BanknotesBecause the Sungai Buloh settlement was so self-sustaining and autonomous, creating its own currency was a logical step. Based on the Straits Settlements dollar, two versions of the banknotes were issued in 1935 and 1936. The first was just a five-cent banknote featuring Chinese, English and Tamil on one side. The second iteration had a kingfisher sitting on a rock printed on both sides. These Sungai Buloh banknotes are extremely rare today and would make valuable collector’s items.#3 It was the site of one of the country’s most tragic explosionsAny place with a good amount of history is bound to have its tragedies. Sungai Buloh’s happened to involve normally celebratory items, fireworks. On May 7 1991, the Bright Sparklers Factory burst into flame, shooting its explosive quarry into the sky. A chemical leak set off the bazookas in storage, causing them to rip away much of the factory and a good portion of the surrounding area. Unfortunately, the disaster was bound to have its casualties. 26 people were killed, 103 injured and property worth RM 1 Million damaged beyond repair. Today, the abandoned factory site remains eerily hushed, a haunting reminder of Malaysia’s very own small-scale Chernobyl (without the radiation, of course. So you won't need a hazmat suit if you drop by).  #2 It is a haven for plant nurseriesSource: Thrifty TravellerThe Sungai Buloh leprosarium was modeled after the 19th century idea of a garden city. So it’s no surprise that its denizens began to turn to cultivation as a means of income. They started growing plants to sell to the outside world, thus establishing themselves as the nation’s foremost horticultural centre. To this day, you’ll find nurseries offering plants, ornamental fish and many other adornments for all your gardening needs#1 You could once see tapirs crossing the streetSource: Animal SpotThough Sungai Buloh is becoming steadily more developed, there was a reason the British chose it as the site for their edenic utopia. The area has always been home to verdant jungle, making it an ideal location for Selangor’s only surviving secondary forest reserve. It was so heavily forested that residents actually used to see tapirs on Jalan Persiaran Mokhtar Dahari! Sadly, only 140ha of its original 1,600 ha remain today.To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.



The most hellish rental situations often originate with the landlord. As the owner of the property, he is the author of your living experience. So it’s incredibly important that you choose wisely b...

The most hellish rental situations often originate with the landlord. As the owner of the property, he is the author of your living experience. So it’s incredibly important that you choose wisely before going into a lease. Actually, make sure there even is a lease to begin with. Yes, that’s just one of the outlandish possibilities in a landlord-tenant transaction gone wrong. So before you enter into a situation you’ll regret, we thought we’d give you 10 bright red flags you should be paying attention to.1. The lease is unclear or nonexistentWhen there’s no solid record of your transaction, watch out. This is a strong indicator that your landlord isn’t keen on playing by the rules. With no terms and conditions down in writing, he’s free to do whatever he pleases and claim he never had a deal with you when you try to take him to task. A similar red flag is a lease that you can’t understand. This creates plenty of loopholes for a sly slumlord to behave badly and then blame you for “not reading the lease properly”.2. He won’t answer questionsSource: Gif ImageYou need to walk into every transaction with your eyes open and if he won’t give you all the information, this is impossible. You might find yourself saddled with rusty water, rat infestations and many other nuisances that you never signed up for, simply because you didn’t have all the information. Also, doesn’t a lack of transparency mean he has something to hide?3. He wants cash paymentsLike the first point, this directly ties in with him not wanting a record of your transaction. If you give him cash without any kind of documentation, he is free not to live up to his end of the bargain. He can disappear with your money and you won’t have any legal recourse to do a thing about it. May as well throw all that cash into a hurricane.4. The things you hear online are not goodSource: Kayla VelasquezWe’d encourage you to subject any potential landlord to a simple Google search. You’ll be amazed at what you can find. A criminal record? An entire thread complaining about the bedbugs and leaky ceilings on his property? Basically, the internet may answer all the questions he tried to dodge when you met him in person.5. The rental isn’t up to scratchPay close attention to the property itself when you see it in the flesh. The age and condition of the unit should say everything about the kind of proprietor your particular landlord is and what any future dealings with him will be like. If you smell a rat (literally or not), run like hell.6. A massive/missing depositIf your landlord is asking for a chunk of money upfront, we’d advise you to get your guard up. He hasn’t even delivered anything yet, so why are you paying him so much? We’re not talking about the deposit to secure your place. We’re talking about a deposit far higher than the usual two month’s rent. Maybe he’s had bad experiences with tenants in the past, but his draconian personality could be causing them to leave without notice. Don’t risk finding out the hard way. We’d also suggest that you take pictures of the property as soon as you get the key. Should he renege on your deposit, you will have the proof in your hands that you’ve left the property exactly as it was given to you.7. He talks smack about previous/current tenantsSource: Wiffle GifRelated to the previous point, if he’s got too much beef with the people on his property, you should probably start backing away slowly. There are always a few bad eggs, but if his interactions with his tenants are consistently negative, it says far more about him than it does about them. Just think about it, you’re soon going to be one of them. If he talks about them, he’ll talk about you.8. The tenants talk smack about himAs with everything, it goes both ways. If you’re hearing far too many sordid stories from the tenants, then we’d suggest you don’t go through with signing the lease (if there even is one!). Chances are, they’re all true and they’ll give you a good idea of what your living experience with your landlord is likely to be.9. You don’t actually know who owns the buildingHaving a dishonest landlord is a definite no-no, but what if you don’t even know who he is? The person you meet with and pay rent to could literally be anyone and you would be none the wiser. This is why we suggest asking the person who introduces himself as the landlord to provide proof of ownership. One example would be a records of a land tax that he is consistently paying or a utilities bill. A bill would also be a good means of assessing if he is the type to pay his bills on time or foist them upon you!10. The deal’s too good to be trueSource: Laughing GifSpeaking of scams, you want to get your spidey senses up when it seems to be all sunshine and roses as well. If you’re being sold unimaginable perks and a lower-than-average price, watch out. You could either be dealing with a desperate man or an outright liar.To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.



If you own any kind of strata development, whether it’s a condo or a landed property, you won’t escape the monthly maintenance fees and sinking funds required for upkeep. But what are maintenance f...

If you own any kind of strata development, whether it’s a condo or a landed property, you won’t escape the monthly maintenance fees and sinking funds required for upkeep. But what are maintenance fees? These are sums you pay to maintain the common spaces you share with your neighbours, like the swimming pool, gym and carpark. On the other hand, sinking funds are used for major asset upgrades, such as repainting of the building or lift refurbishment.Here are 4 factors that would affect your monthly maintenance fees and how to avoid it.#1 HOW MANY PEOPLE LIVE IN THE DEVELOPMENTImage credit: Michael WolfDid you know your maintenance fee and sinking fund are collectively paid by the residents? Buildings with fewer units may have higher maintenance fees because there are less residents to split the costs of upkeep. For example, Condo D’Pines has 532 units with a maintenance fee of RM0.24 per square feet, as opposed to Condo D’Suria, which has 252 units at RM0.35 per square feet.As for sinking funds, the math is the same. More residents means each person pays less. The sinking fund is a reserve fund for major repair jobs like painting, lift refurbishment, roof tile replacement, gym equipment replacement and others.So while low-density residents offer more space for families, too few neighbours might mean you’ll be shouldering a much higher maintenance fund.#2 WHO YOUR NEIGHBOURS ARESource: GiphyNo one would say no to good and responsible neighbours. However, not everyone gets what they wish for. Some owners and tenants might default their share of the monthly charges, claiming that they don’t even live in their properties or use the common facilities.Watch out for sales packages that offer ‘guaranteed rental returns’ and other deals that seem too good to be true. These typically target low-entry property investors and are less likely to benefit own-stay owners. While these packages are great for aspiring property tycoons, they could become more trouble than they’re worth when investors delay or even default on maintenance payments. Homeowners are less likely to leave you in the lurch, having forked out substantial down payments for their own homes. So how does one spot a development that targets homeowners? The built-up sizes for family units usually range from 1,000 sf onwards, while studios or smaller units target investors with lower absolute prices.#3 THE HEALTH OF YOUR JMB ACCOUNTWhen you first purchase a house, you might enjoy low monthly maintenance fees for the first 3 years. However, once they are no longer covered by the developer, any revision in the fees that could prove detrimental to your wallet. Why?According to Richard Chan, a committee member of the Building Managers Association of Malaysia, it is rare that JMBs or MCs are able to collect funds from 80% of the building residents. He also added that there are cases where the management corporation owed as much RM200,000 for utilities because home owners refused to pay their monthly fees. If strata developments are unable to meet their financial obligations, JMBs can revise the maintenance payments by passing a resolution during the Annual General Meeting or an Emergency General Meeting (make a note to yourself: don’t skip these).To avoid this drastic measure, residents need to pay attention to where all that money is going.How much is going into the common maintenance of the building? How much are the contracts? How much is saved for a rainy day? Are the accounts being audited by trusted parties?As an owner who pays the monthly fees on time, you are entitled to have a say in the expenditure of the funds. You can also suggest things like using cost-saving, low maintenance LED lighting, installation of CCTVs and access card points to lessen the need for security and keep the maintenance fee low. For new developments, look into the design of the common areas and parking with plenty of natural lighting and ventilation, a sure way to avoid costly electrical bills.Sources: Lower Levels In High Rise Living, Find Out More Beyond Paying, Monthly Fees Keep Skyrocketing#4 IN THE DEVELOPER DO YOU TRUST?Notice how some “new” developments look more rundown than their aged counterparts? Blame poor workmanship and quality of the materials used in their construction. Always look at developers’ track records with previous projects to see if they can deliver on their promises.Tip: Check the developer’s sub-sale transaction prices to see how well their projects are holding their value.Have you heard of a green building certification? It’s common to find developments with a Green Building Index (GBI) or GreenRE certification. These certified developments are built to save both energy and water. Using eco-friendly products like LED lighting and rainwater harvesting systems can save the cost of utility bills.Reference: New Condo Upset Over DefectsWatch out! Maintenance fees can be a thorn in your side for as long as you own the property. So if you are in search of a new place to call home (or even a place to invest in), keep these pointers in mind so you don’t end up paying more than what you bargained for in the long run!To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.



It’s easy to feel like you need a Google Translate to navigate real estate in Malaysia. You’ll encounter a whole host of terms that will make you feel like you’ve applied for citizenship in a forei...

It’s easy to feel like you need a Google Translate to navigate real estate in Malaysia. You’ll encounter a whole host of terms that will make you feel like you’ve applied for citizenship in a foreign land instead of just for a loan for a house. As with any language, there certain concepts that are more crucial than others and in this case, one of these is titles. If you guessed that they have something to do with the owner of the property, you’re not far off the mark.Source: TumblrA title is a legal document that provides proof of ownership over a property. It includes the owner’s name, the limits of his domain and its dimensions and area. However, not all titles are made equal. What’s the diff?Individual titlesSource: Moviestore Collection/Rex UsaThis is the most traditional form of home ownership and possibly the most familiar to the general public. An individual title is granted to the proprietor of the entire estate, including the house and the land on which it stands. Because the person who carries this title has full lease over the property, he has leave to make whatever changes he likes upon it, provided he complies with existing municipal safety legislations and building codes. To sell this property, there are a few documents the owner needs to have on hand. Form 14A in the Malaysian National Land Code is one of them. To legally charge the property to a financier, the owner will have to use Form 16A instead. The land office will need to be involved in both the transfer and the charge of the property, as that’s who the instruments for registration must be presented to.Strata titlesSource: Star PropertyLanded strata titles are awarded to those who own a single unit in a terrace or townhouse lot or a gated community. The common areas and facilities are owned by the Management Corporation, which is comprised of unit owners within the entire development. The degree of ownership each member of the management corporation is entitled to comes down to their share value, which is determined by the built-up area of their unit.Pros and consSource: Quick MemeFor those who enjoy being the masters of their own universe, the individual title is an ideal one to hold. You can landscape, renovate and style your property exactly to your specifications and no one else will have a say in it. But being the sole owner of a home and the land it sits on does come with its caveats. Taking care of an entire estate on your own can exhausting and expensive. Also, your control is limited to the confines of your domain. If someone happens to park in front of your gate and block your way out, you’re out of luck.Source: GiphyWith strata titles, you have much less autonomy. Your housing unit will have to look much like the others within the area and you will have to comply with other management requirements. On the plus side, you’ll have far more control over your neighbourhood. As part of the Management Corporation, you’ll have a say in what rules get passed, which means you’ll get to tell that pesky driveway blocker to get off your side of the street. You’ll also be able to distribute the expenses and energy of caring for the entire neighbourhood among the other residents. The added security of living in a symbiotic community cannot be overlooked these days, when a lack of safety actually devalues a neighbourhood’s worth.ConclusionThe landed property title that’s best for you may not be the one you think it is. The full autonomy of an individual title may seem tempting, but it’s important to be honest with yourself about how much admin duty you can handle. On the other hand, the restrictions of a strata title may initially seem limiting, but you do get a surprising degree of freedom as a part of the management corporation. It’s ultimately up to you to decide what you can live with, but we’d urge you to keep an open mind and give each option due consideration.To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


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What does heritage mean to you? To some, it may be memories and to others, interpersonal ties. But to most, a universal symbol of legacy would be an heirloom. As far as Property Pricetag is concern...

What does heritage mean to you? To some, it may be memories and to others, interpersonal ties. But to most, a universal symbol of legacy would be an heirloom. As far as Property Pricetag is concerned, a building is one of the most visible examples of a heirloom we have. Even as they remain in use today, they serve as enduring monuments to generations before us. We’ve decided to look at the structures still standing in Klang Valley that can help us piece together the puzzle of its rich cultural past.1. Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal GallerySource: Visit SelangorBirthed by Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, this museum was once aptly dubbed “Muzium Kenangan” or Museum of Memories. The building itself is as historical as the exhibits it houses, its story starting long before its opening in 1988. It began life as a land administration office for the British, but then took on a more ominous purpose as headquarters for the Japanese during WW2. It continued to serve in a governmental capacity up until the Eleventh Yang di-Pertuan Agong decided to take advantage of its more cultural offerings. These days, it houses objects of equivalent historical value, artifacts spanning the entire lineage of Selangor sultanate since 1799.  2. Kuan Yin TempleSource: The StarFew buildings in the Greater KL area can claim to be older than a hundred years, so the Kuan Yin Temple carries a rare sort of pedigree. Built in 1892, it’s also the oldest temple in Malaysia. How narrowly it avoided having its long life cut short. Ravaged extensively by termites, it was scheduled for a rendezvous with the wrecking ball. That is, until Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah realised what a loss its demolition would be and declared it a state heritage site. And so it remains in Klang town, serving worshipers of the Goddess of Mercy to this day3. Our Lady of Lourdes ChurchSource: WikipediaIf you’re from Lourdes, France, OLL in Klang may remind you of home. That would be exactly as its architect, Father Souhait, intended. In 1923, he was charged to take care of the flock in Klang and its surrounding districts and was dismayed to discover they had no place to worship. He looked to the French city for inspiration, borrowing its Gothic style for his own parish in the tropics. We can’t report any miraculous visions of the Virgin yet, but her likeness is ever-present throughout the church, particularly on her Annual Feast Day.4. Little IndiaSource: Ng Su Ann/Timeout“Little” India is actually the largest of its kind in Malaysia. Imagine a thoroughfare densely packed with as much cultural bounty as you can fit per square foot and you’ll have a pretty good picture of what awaits here. Spices, sweets and saris in a full spectrum of shapes and sizes make this spot something of a mecca for shopaholics. When you tire of retail therapy, there are eateries aplenty to rest your weary togs. All in all, this vibrant street is a fitting reflection of the country’s third largest racial group.  5. Klang Fire StationSource: Tourism SelangorIt’s nice when our guardian angels stick around to protect us and Klang Fire Station’s been alive and kicking since the 1890’s. It’s hardly stayed static over the years, having undergone the necessary renovations and adjustments to keep it intact. However, while it remains a fully-functioning fire station, it retains all of its original genteel Victorian elegance to this day. Now that, kids, is how to look good while taking names.6. Sri Nagara Thendayupani templeSource: Wai Kin/PanoramioSo where do all the Hindus in Malaysia’s largest Little India worship? At the oldest Hindu temple in Klang, naturally. Managed by the Nattukotai Chettiar community, the 150-year old temple’s main deity is Sree Raja Rajeswary. Aside from being a place of devotion, Sri Nagara Thendayupani is an important repository of Indian heritage, playing host to a great many cultural practices. These range from festive affairs like weddings to more everyday novelties like a palm-reading session with the resident fortune-teller.  7. Raja Mahadi FortSource: Tourism SelangorYou can’t have history without a bit of conflict. Similarly, you can’t go to war without a fort. Raja Mahadi and Raja Abdullah were in the midst of a skirmish and the former had needs to barricade his rival out of his portion of Klang. So Raja Mahadi built his eponymous citadel upon a lofty vantage point to spy on the ships sailing through Pangkalan Batu. Later on, the Sultan of Selangor sent an agent, Tengku Kudin, to oust Raja Mahadi from his home turf for failing to pay his taxes. After holding out for six months, Raja Mahadi surrendered and the fort has been retired from martial duty ever since. Be sure not to miss the grave of a warrior killed with a silver bullet.8. Klang Railway StationSource: Wikimedia CommonsMuch like the Fire Station, the Klang Railway Station is a living homage to Klang’s rich past. The busiest rail nexus in the area, this station began as a replacement for the remote Bukit Kuda station in 1890. It became such a success that a full six miles of extensions were added to it, stretching its railway all the way to Port Swettenham (Port Klang today) by 1901.9. Klang Convent SchoolSource: SunwayFounded by the same missionaries behind Our Lady of Lourdes Church, this traditional convent school had only 19 students to its name in 1924. However, demand eventually called for more supply and the school’s iconic main building was constructed from 1926-1928.  10. Alam Shah PalaceSource: Wikimedia CommonsThe Royal Malay-style Alam Shah Palace is actually the third iteration of a royal palace to be built on this site. Originally, it was Mahkota Puri Palace, built to replace Alaeddin Palace in 1903. When Tengku Alam Shah ascended to the throne in 1938, Mahkota Puri was again destroyed to make way for the palace that stands today. However, no matter how many times royal architects have hit the Restart button, the palace’s oldest legends die hard. It is said that if you should enter the palace with unclean intentions, you will be cast out by the unseen battalion that has guarded Selangor’s sultanate since its beginnings.To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.


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As different as we all may seem, we all need a roof over our heads. We're here to make sure you don't end up sheltering under the wrong tree, a mistake as deadly as having kids with the wrong perso...

As different as we all may seem, we all need a roof over our heads. We're here to make sure you don't end up sheltering under the wrong tree, a mistake as deadly as having kids with the wrong person. If you didn't see the right dream home for your personality type in our last article, never fear. We haven't forgotten you. This time, we bring you PART 2 of our rundown on ideal abodes for each Myers-Brigg personality type.The Dutiful (ISTJ)Source: NerdistHarmony is this personality type’s byword. ISTJ’s love preserving the order of the universe and can be sticklers for rules. They have an iron-clad sense of honour and will see any task they are given to the very end. This trait makes them excellent friends who truly understand what it means to be loyal and to keep your word. Unfortunately, this can also make them rigid and unable to handle the slightest bit of chaos in their perfectly-organised world.Home type: Luxury condoSource: JMB MalaysiaThat is why they would be very comfortable living in condos, serviced residences or anywhere where living is defined by a specific set of rules. The additional security in these living compounds also allows ISTJ’s to keep their tidy retreats safe from outside interference or danger. This doesn’t mean it has to be boring. A condo with a wide array of facilities will provide ISTJ’s with plenty of options without making it necessary to sacrifice the systemised environments they thrive in. PS, you should probably elect them to guard your JMB funds.The Nurturer (ISFJ)Source: AP PhotoNurturers make the world go round. Don’t believe us? Have you heard of Mother Theresa? You won’t find a more giving, altruistic personality type around. ISFJ’s have a powerful compulsion to take care of others, using their high emotional intelligence to take note of minute personal details and hidden emotions. They are acutely aware of other people and strive to improve the lives of those around them. However, don’t expect them to revolutionise the world in the process. ISFJ’s are firm believers in tradition who prefer to bring about change through tried and true channels. They are just as sensitive to their own emotions as they are to others, but are far less likely to express themselves.Home type: Small BungalowLocated in Cameron HighlandsOne-storey bungalows are an excellent choice for a generous personality type that sometimes gives too much of itself. After giving so much of themselves, introverted nurturers urgently need to take time to recharge. Though they are only single storey, these bungalows’ typically spacious layout allows ISFJ’s to take the time for themselves that they so often neglect. With enough space to adorn to their specifications, perhaps ISFJ’s could discover and express themselves as they transform their houses into homes.The Guardian (ESTJ)Source: GiphyThis highly-organised personality type makes for a great companion in the battle trenches, should it ever get to that. Proud citizens of the here and now, ESTJ’s are great at staying present and dealing with the situation at hand instead of losing themselves to hypotheticals. Their focus on the tangible world around them makes them excellent organisers and leaders who give every endeavour their all. Guardians are also motivated by their strong principles and by concrete facts and logic.Home type: TownhouseSource: Sunway PropertyThe ultimate joiners, ESTJ’s love to host and be part of a party. We’d recommend townhouses or superlink properties for them because they are both communal and airy, making them ideal venues for entertaining guests. Getting one with lots of rooms would be a bonus for those who don’t want the fun to end after dark. If the townhouse happens to be one with a bit of pedigree, so much the better. While ESTJ’s very much enjoy living in the present, they are lovers of tradition who won’t pass up a bit of history.The Caregiver (ESFJ)Source: GiphyESFJ’s love other people and want nothing more than to bring out the best in their peers or at least bring a smile to their face. They are staunchly orthodox, preferring security and stability over what-if’s and hypotheticals. This makes them dependable friends and workers who know exactly what needs to be done to finish a job. They tend to be people-pleasers who need affirmation to function and they can be stuck in their ways.Home type: Semi-DSource: New Launch Property @ PinterestTerraces or semi-D’s are great landed property choices for caregivers, who love opening their homes to friends and neighbours. Other than the fact that these homes make excellent places to host gatherings, they also give ESFJ’s a space of their own to organise to their heart’s content. However, landed properties also have the benefit-in-disguise of not being an entirely controlled environment, providing Caregivers with an opportunity to become comfortable with the natural chaos of living.  The Artisan (ISTP)Source: GiphyContrary to what you might assume, ISTP’s reasoning capabilities are among their strongest traits. Never ones to pass up a puzzle, they live to figure out and tinker with the world around them, making them excellent with technical pursuits. They tend not to make decisions by consensus, preferring to draw their own conclusions and act independently. However, far be it from them to be boring, unimaginative squares. Artisans tend to be cheery folk who leap before they look, making them great adventure buddies for those who aren’t too rigid about schedules.Home type: Freehold landSource: World Landscape ArchitectWe feel that buying freehold land, with or without a house attached, is a brilliant idea for Artisans. While it may not be possible for most of us to be both planners and free spirits, ISTJ’s embody these seemingly contradictory traits with great panache. You can be sure that any house an ISTJ builds will make perfect sense while managing to be a carefree haven where spontaneity is encouraged. We can imagine the Artisans crafting their own handmade furniture, drawing out a stunningly efficient layout on the drafting board and imbuing every corner with their personal touch. In this domicile, self-expression will never die.The Artist (ISFP)Source: GiphyISFP’s are conduits of sensation. There is not a sight, sound or smell that gets past this innately attuned personality type. Their sensitivity to their environment makes them masters of aesthetics who take a hands-on approach to express themselves rather than use words.They are also deeply caring individuals with an inclination to serve and an appreciation for nature’s subtle pleasures.Home type: Estate bungalowSource: Responsible TravelIn lieu of a cottage in the countryside, we’d recommend a small bungalow on a sizable bit of land away from the hustle and bustle of urban centres. ISFP’s are an easily stimulated lot and noise pollution is an absolute no-no if they are to live peacefully. Being close to nature will be a boon for artists, who will find much to inspire them in the wilds and in the gardens they could cultivate on their own plot.The Promoter (ESTP)  Source: GettyIf an ESTP had something to sell you, you’d most definitely buy it. The Promoters are confident, persuasive types who live for the thrill of the pitch. Spontaneity is their guiding principle and they are far more likely to obey their own intuition than anyone else’s dictates. Natural connoisseurs, they are refined hedonists who command all the attention at any gatherings. They tend to be practical and action-oriented, but their fun-loving natures ensure that no one who ever works with them is ever alienated.Home type: Any large homeSource: Bungalow RenovationA big home suits the Promoter’s big personality. Superlink terraces, large semi-D’s or bungalows will all fit the bill. ESTP’s are not sticklers for rules, by any means, so having a living space where they may exercise free reign would be the ideal. However, we’d recommend that ESTP’s not put too much space between themselves and their neighbours. Their strongest skills happen to be interpersonal, so it would be a shame if they were too far away from a friendly community they could entertain or rope into home-decorating projects.The Performer (ESFP)Source: Hello MagazineNew friends and experiences are the spice of life for performers, who thrive off the attention of an audience. But don’t mistake them for high-maintenance divas. ESFP’s are actually easy-going sorts who excel at dispelling conflict and creating a joyous working environment for all. They’re not going to be the masterminds behind projects, as they don’t tend to be detail-oriented strategists. They’d rather just find creative ways to improvise as they go along and enjoy themselves while they’re at it.Home type: Swanky penthouseSource: Luxury InsiderA spacious, striking penthouse in a busy metropolitan area will suit the ESFP’s flair for drama and love of stimulation. Gazing out at a buzzing streetscape would be an invigorating experience for performers and a central location would allow them to maintain an equally hectic social life.



Neighbourhoods and homes lie atop countless layers of history, not all of which is sunshine and roses. In light of Halloween being just around the corner, Property Pricetag has decided to delve int...

Neighbourhoods and homes lie atop countless layers of history, not all of which is sunshine and roses. In light of Halloween being just around the corner, Property Pricetag has decided to delve into their dark pasts and have come of with some sinister stories of dastardly deeds.Disclaimer: We are NOT responsible for any skeletons you may dig up in your community’s closet.1. Mona Fandey Witchcraft Murder in RaubSource: Azim The TravelerOne of the oldest towns in Pahang state, sleepy Raub was founded as a gold mining town towards the close of the 19th century. These days, it’s better known for waterfalls, jungle, fresh river fish and a gruesome new chapter to its long history: the Mona Fandey ritual murder, one of the most bizarre crime stories on Malaysian soil.Source: @iAppleMustache / TwitterWith knife-like cheekbones and a court jester smile, Mona Fandey looked every inch the deranged murderess she was. She made no effort to appear contrite when she was found guilty of the horrific butchering of Mazlan Idris, a state assemblyman of Batu Talam. The local politician had sought supernatural help from the former pop star, who now was offering her services as a witch doctor or bomoh. On July 18, 1993, he’d met her in her home in Raub for some cleansing rituals. Mona Fandey told Mazlan to lie down on her floor, close his eyes and envision money “falling from the sky”. What fell instead were three strokes of an axe wielded by her assistant, Juraimi Hassan. After killing him, she, Juraimi and her husband Mohamad Nor Affandi Abdul Rahman went on a wild shopping spree, Fandey even managing to treat herself to a facelift. This probably explains her strong resemblance to an evil clown.Source: GiphyWhen police responded to a missing person’s report and raided her home, they discovered Mazlan buried in her store room and placed the devilish trio under arrest. After a long, dramatic trial, all three were sentenced to the hangman’s noose on November 21, 2001. None of them appeared to feel any remorse on the day of their reckoning. Instead, as a closing act, Fandey left us all with some chilling last words: “Aku takkan mati” or “I won’t die”.2. The offing of a debt collector in Taman OUGSource: The StarTaman OUG’s a fairly typical KL neighbourhood. Located off busy Jalan Klang Lama and close to Taman Desa, it’s within easy proximity to Mid Valley, Gardens and the rest of the city, provided there’s no congestion on the way. However, it does provide pretty well for itself with its own night market and neighbourhood malls like Plaza OUG. On July 22, 2016, the usual hum of activity was disrupted by the last thing anyone would have expected to hear; gunshots. When the smoke cleared, it was apparent that the bullets had been true to their aim, ending the life of real estate agent, Datin Renyce Wong Siew Ling.Source: The StarWong was out with her daughter in her car when two assailants on a motorbike shot through her windows, claiming her life and grievously injuring her child. The bullet shells were found to be from a Glock 19 pistol and they matched those found at three other shootings in Perak. These telling clues to two hitmen and the man who hired them, Chin Kok Leung, a businessman in serious debt to Wong. Apparently, she had lent him RM 13 Mil to invest in a ceramics business. No one knows where she may have gotten the financing to do this, but it is strongly suspected that her husband was involved in a Ponzi scheme. Unfortunately, the enterprise ended up going nowhere. She hired a private investigator to tail him, making the dangerous move to corner a desperate man. Chin paid the hitmen RM 60,000 to rid him of his debtor once and for all.3. The Mysterious Murder of Datuk Norjan Khan in Kota KinabaluKota Kinabalu has become a rising Malaysian tourist hotspot and it’s easy to see why. It’s got the multicultural charms of larger cities mixed with a laid-back attitude and paradisiacal natural landscapes. It is in this idyllic part of our country that Datuk Norjan Khan Bahadar met her end under some rather unusual circumstances.Source: Asia Web DirectThe last day of Norjan’s life couldn’t have been more ordinary. On 11 February 2004, the personable politician enjoyed an amiable chat with friends in the coffeehouse in the lobby of the Shangri-la in Bandaran Berjaya. She decided to call it a night and return to her room at 11pm. It was the last time anyone saw her alive. When cleaning staff entered her room with a master key the next morning, they found her lifeless body. At first, burglary was suspected, but it was quickly ruled out as a motive after they found all her belongings intact. Further investigation yielded a potential suspect in Azman Khan, a young Indonesian waiter who’d gone up to deliver milk to her room. He was accused of having relations with Norjan and killing her in a jealous rage after finding her with another man. He vehemently denied these charges and he was released when the court failed to prove his ties with Norjan. The case became ever more complicated when a Pakistani businessman stepped forward. Amir Khan claimed than Norjan was having money troubles. It was difficult to take his statement at face value when his DNA traces were all over the room. Unable to pin the murder on a single individual, the frustrated authorities had to place this one on the shelf, where it remains to this day.4. Kim Jong-Nam’s Assassination started on Jalan Klang LamaSource: Google ScreenshotSometimes, the world’s strangest crimes have the most unlikely beginnings. The most recent example to happen on our home soil is Kim Jong-Nam’s assassination. While this peculiar episode had undeniable repercussions worldwide, it all started on the Verve Suites on Jalan Klang Lama. The oldest road in Klang Valley, OKR is now better-known for delicious eateries than top-secret operations. Perhaps this why the killers chose this as their manufacturing spot for the deadly poison that ended Kim’s life.  Source: AFPOn February 13 this year, the estranged elder half-brother of Kim Jong-Il, North Korea’s current ruler, was waiting for a flight home to Macau when two strange women approached him and swabbed his face with a soaked cotton pad. He went to complain about their odd behaviour to airport staff but promptly collapsed mid-sentence. He was dead within 20 minutes. In his bloodstream, forensics specialists found copious amounts of VX nerve agent, a substance so deadly the UN has branded it a weapon of mass destruction.Source: TenorHis brazen assassins were suspiciously easy to find and bring into custody. Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Huong insisted that they were innocent of any intent to murder. After all, they’d been told they were merely playing pranks on strangers for a hidden camera! They claimed two Chinese men had hired them as participants on Chinese reality tv shows. Of course, when police came for the “Chinese” producers, they found that they were in reality North Korean agents who had already fled the country. All they left in their wake were two ladies to take the fall for the regime.5. Norita Samsuddin’s Untimely End in Sri HartamasSri Hartamas is quite the melting pot. Thanks to the presence of Garden International School, one of Malaysia’s most renowned international institutions, it’s home to a large number of expats and moneyed households. At the same time, maybe thanks to its students, it’s got plenty of bars, clubs and other nighttime venues. With some of KL’s richest people letting off steam in after dark, anything goes. Perhaps that’s why Norita Samsuddin’s encounters with her lover went so horribly wrong.Source: UtusanNorita’s looks drew offers from modeling agencies, but she wanted to build a more stable career as a marketing executive. However, she was nowhere near as risk-averse in her personal life. She'd been meeting with a man, Hanif Basree, for liaisons every week in her home in the Puncak Premium Galleria Condominiums. On December the 5th, 2003, she was found dead. At first, suspicion fell on Hanif, who was promptly arrested. However, while the DNA samples showed that he had indeed been at the apartment, there were traces of an another man present as well. It seems someone else had visited Norita just after he left. Furthermore, one of her roommates claimed to have seen a man fleeing the scene the night she was killed, a man with bad body odour. Comparatively, Hanif smelled fresh as a daisy. Due to lack of evidence, he was eventually acquitted.6. Xu Jian Huang’s drowning off Jalan AmpangSource: Wikimedia CommonsThough it’s been eclipsed in popularity by the likes of Bangsar, Mont Kiara and Hartamas,  Ampang still holds a certain draw for those with a higher income bracket. Close to the draws of the city centre, the many embassies clustered in this posh residential enclave make for a very international, educated community. However, Chinese student Xu Jian Huang’s time in this expat haven ended up costing him his life.Source: LinkedIn14-year old Xu Jian Huang was a student at Mutiara International Grammar School. Sent to Malaysia for better opportunities, he’d been living with his uncle, businessman and Datuk Seri Koh since his arrival in April 2002. It seemed nothing could be going better until September 24th 2014, when he said something very worrying on the phone to his father: “Papa, I’m very frightened. They’re going to beat me”. Two days later, he was found drowned in his uncle’s swimming pool. His uncle was immediately arrested with two of his bodyguards and stripped of his titles. All three suspects were charged with murder but were eventually acquitted of their charges. When prosecution appealed his acquittal, the former Datuk Seri mysteriously disappeared. He was supposed to have been hospitalised in China, but there was no record of him checking into a hospital and there was no known medical certificate issued for him. In the absence of this highly suspect character, there was no point in appealing the acquittal verdict and the hearing was canceled.7. Rashidi Ismail’s Butchering of His Family in Historical GemenchehSource: WikipediaRural Gemencheh in Negeri Sembilan is best known for being the battleground of a skirmish between Australian and Japanese soldiers in WW2. Joining its violent past is a recent episode that would chill the blood of even the most battle-hardened veteran: Rashidi Ismail’s senseless slaughter of his grandparents, father and sister on January 5th 2010.Source: Kosmo!Killing your family is a pretty inauspicious way to start the year, but for Rashidi Ismail, the writing was already on the wall. Literally. Rashidi claimed to have seen a divine message spelled out for him on the walls of his house, urging him to do the deed. Armed with a parang, he set about carrying out his grim mission to the letter. Perhaps because he offered this supernatural vision as a motive for his crimes, the High Court determined that he was not guilty and was instead of unsound mind. A closer look into his past revealed that he was an intelligent individual who had been suffering from untreated schizophrenia. He was sent to Kajang Prison, where he remains to this day.  8. The deal gone deadly for Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya in BantingSource: WikipediaRashid Sidek is Banting’s most famous son, but the rest of its homegrown produce is nothing to sniff at. The seat of Kuala Langat known for its betel leaves, poultry and palm plantations and its proximity to the Morib beaches and Payah Indah Wetlands. Its remoteness from urban centres made it a great meeting place for Sosilawati Lawiya and her three aides to make a land deal on August 30, 2010. Unfortunately, the four ended up drawing the short end of the stick.Source: The Malay MailThe ex-wife of rock star Nash was coming into her own as a cosmetics mogul. She was going to meet with her lawyer N. Pathmanabhan to negotiate the sale of her land and was accompanied by her driver, other lawyer and bank officer. One would think that in the company of three men, she would have few safety concerns. Alas, it was not so, as Pathmanabhan had come prepared. He and two farm hands slaughtered the four, cremated them and scattered their ashes in a river near Tanjung Sepat. During the trial, one of Pathmanabhan’s accomplices admitted that he only participated in the murder to avoid having his life ended by his boss. Regardless of the metaphorical gun held to his head, he was doomed to the same fate as his boss and the other killers at the gallows.To purchase or to find out more about The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur, click here.SIGN UP with to check the latest transacted prices and to list your property for FREE today. You can also follow our Facebook page for more insights and updates on the property market in Malaysia.